Elegant Bedroom With Pink Walls Black Bench and Pink Curtains

The 8 Best Curtain Colors for Pink Walls

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Pink is popularly used to decorate the walls of baby girls’ bedrooms but it’s also a reliable paint choice for adult spaces if you want to embrace modern design trends. Hot pink can provide a bold retro vibe while pale pink tones bring a delicate feminine charm to the space. If you’ve decided to adopt this color to refresh the style of the walls, you might struggle with some color-matching decisions when it comes to other elements of the room such as curtains. Some shades work better with your pink walls than others. Check out the best curtain color options to consider for a stylish pink color scheme.

1. Blush Pink

Bedroom With Pink Walls and Pink Curtains

Using a similar tone of pink as the walls could be a simple solution to create a harmonious color scheme. If the walls are painted in a more vibrant pink tone, consider opting for a slightly paler shade like blush. The yellow-orange undertones of this pink shade will match the aesthetic vibe of the walls very well. The curtains will appear more luminous and somewhat glamorous when natural light fills the room. It results in a uniform bedroom look based on an eye-catching pink color palette.

2. Olive Green

Bedroom With Pink Walls and Green Curtains

If you’re looking for a stylish way to complement the softness of pink paint on your walls, consider using green curtains. It might sound a little challenging to pair these two colors together but it’s simply a matter of choosing the most suitable shade. The fresh energy of green can potentially clash with pink’s intensity. That’s why it’s recommended to use a darker tone like olive green whose muted elegance pairs beautifully with the delicate appeal of pink. There will be some notable contrast created by this color mix. Make sure you include other green elements in the space to form a cohesive look.

3. Lavender Purple

Bedroom With Pink Walls and Purple Curtains

Looking to design a stylish bedroom for a teen girl? Pink walls can be accented beautifully using purple curtains. Bright violet can work in some rooms but you should use a lighter purple tone to maintain a serene atmosphere in the bedroom. A soft lavender purple can look amazing against pale pastel pink walls. Considering how purple is close to pink on the color wheel, these two shades can work together without overwhelming the eye. The purple curtains frame the windows in the room with distinguished elegance.

4. Chocolate Brown

Bedroom With Pink Walls and Brown Curtains

Although it might seem unexpected, earthy brown tones can be combined effectively with pink. Using a dark shade like chocolate brown for the curtains can add a rich contrast if the walls are painted in a delicate shade of hot pink. This brown tone isn’t normally a neutral choice but the fresh pink color scheme gives it a decidedly neutral quality. Brown becomes a reliable color to reduce the intense visual impact of pink walls. It’s a recommended curtain shade for both adult spaces or kid-friendly rooms.

5. White

Bedroom With Pink Walls and White Curtains

If you don’t want to bother with careful color combinations, it’s best to stick to a classic neutral choice such as white. Curtains dressed up in white can contribute to the soothing effect of pink walls, especially if they’re really pale. The gentle contrast helps to emphasize the presence of the windows in the room. White as a curtain color is a safe choice if you like the idea of a light and airy atmosphere. For a brighter visual effect, you can choose a sheer texture for the white curtains to let more natural light inside.

6. Beige

Nursery With Pink Walls and Beige Curtains

Beige is another great neutral pick for the curtains if you want to balance out the bold appeal of pink walls. A delicate wheat shade works like a charm in this transitional nursery that incorporates some bohemian design touches. The elegant beige curtains bring a sense of calming warmth to the space. The neutral tone is mixed harmoniously with the wood floor style to maintain overall visual balance considering the vividness of pink..

7. Gray

Kids Room With Pink Walls and Gray Curtains

There are ways to make kid-friendly spaces feel fun yet sophisticated at the same time. Gray curtains can introduce a sense of maturity to a children’s bedroom. Conversely, this neutral color works nicely to balance out the feminine appeal of pink walls in an adult space. You can use the cool aesthetic of gray curtains to modernize the style of pale pink walls and elevate the design of a living room. Gray elements work best with pink walls in a more restrained color palette.

8. Orange

Bedroom With Pink Walls and Orange Curtains

Orange paired with pink can result in a fun color palette full of vibrant energy. These two colors are not usually combined together in the world of interior design because they can be a little tiring to the eyes. If your aim is to design a more eclectic living space, it’s possible to complement the beauty of patterned pink walls with orange curtains. Make sure you create a cohesive look with other gold accents or an elegant chandelier to obtain a sleek maximalist effect.


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