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Solved: Where to Put a Desk in a Bedroom?

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Not everyone has the extra room required to create a dedicated home office. If you’re looking to make the switch to remote work, you’ve probably run into the issue of creating the necessary workspace to accommodate the transition. The bedroom is a good candidate for many homeowners because it’s often generously sized and easier to transform into a multifunctional space. Adapting the layout of the bedroom to incorporate a working desk seems like a solid decision for your productivity. However, you need to deal with the challenge of deciding on the best location for your new workspace.

Take a look at these layout ideas to figure out where to put a desk in the bedroom.

1. By a Window

Bedroom With Desk by the Window

Setting up your little home office by the bedroom window seems like a sound idea. It makes perfect sense when taking into account the need to receive a solid dose of natural light. Although not all bedrooms may be equipped with a spacious bay window to accommodate a comfortable working desk, it still remains an excellent layout solution. Good lighting is a must-have to increase your productivity and reach your work goals.

2. Next to the Bed

Bedroom With Desk Next to the Bed

Having the desk right next to the bed could be an inspiring choice. This is a convenient position because the desk can pull double duty and function as a nightstand when you’re not working. Quick access can also be considered an advantage of this location. Some people might see this layout as an upgrade in productivity because you can easily get out of bed and start working on your projects at the desk.

3. In an Alcove

Bedroom With Desk in an Alcove

Some bedrooms are designed with small alcoves that can serve as ideal spaces to set up a working desk. The best part is that you don’t need a lot of space to create a functional workspace. Even a tiny alcove works like a charm to designate an area that’s separate from the rest of the bedroom. Another advantage is that you can keep the desk hidden from view and avoid cluttering up the room.

4. Opposite the Bed

Bedroom With Desk in Front of it

Are you lucky enough to have a more spacious bedroom compared to the average? In that case, it’s recommended to position the desk opposite your bed. It’s a convenient location that allows you to enjoy more decor opportunities compared to other layouts. Having the workspace in this area represents a versatile solution that can make you more productive. It could be a good idea to set up some floating shelves if you don’t want to sacrifice too much floor space.

5. In a Corner

Bedroom With Desk in a Small Corner

Have an empty corner in the bedroom? Placing a desk here would be an ingenious solution to maximize space. The corner may not provide a lot of space but you can still squeeze a small desk into it if you choose a suitable design. A more space-efficient style is a floating desk that has some notable advantages compared to standard units. You can take advantage of an extra area underneath to place the stool when the desk is not in use.

6. Hideaway in the Closet

Bedroom With Desk in a Hidden Closet

If you don’t enjoy the idea of keeping the desk in full view, you might consider hiding it away with the help of a closet. The desk can be easily integrated to turn the closet into a compact mini-office designed to only be set up as needed. After you’re done working for the day, simply close the doors and tuck the desk inside the closet. By not being out in the open, the desk won’t be a constant reminder of work-related tasks allowing you to unwind without any stress.

7. Anywhere You Like

Bedroom With Portable Desk Next To the Bed

Choose a movable desk if you prefer some greater flexibility when it comes to placing your small home office in the bedroom. A foldable workstation is the way to go if you lack the necessary space for the other layout configurations. The fact that you can take the desk out of the way after finishing work makes this solution more practical than others. However, there are some disadvantages to this idea. Not having a fixed location for the desk might reduce work motivation and cause procrastination.

Take a look at this portable folding desk that allows for flexible placement in the bedroom.

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