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11 Gorgeous Concrete Patios

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If you have a concrete patio, there are lots of solutions to elevate its look. You don’t necessarily have to completely redesign the patio because concrete is a very practical, low-maintenance material. Some people think that you have to make some aesthetic compromises when you’re choosing a concrete patio but that’s not really true. The industrial finish of concrete patios can be suitable for many modern redesigns and innovative visual concepts.

Check out the following concrete patio ideas if you’re running low on inspiration. Traditional concrete patios are surprisingly versatile and the following design solutions should be proof of that. Without further ado, here are our favorite concrete patio looks for a stunning backyard.

1. Compact Concrete Patio

Having a small patio area makes things more difficult but you can still create a stylish look with a bit of extra effort. The right furnishings can make a solid difference when it comes to the visual appeal of the patio. If you don’t have a lot of available space on your concrete patio, it’s recommended to opt for sleek pieces that match the same compact look.

A good solution to try is mirroring the geometry of the concrete floor to the furnishings you’re using on the patio. For example, the clean lines of the outdoor sofa and table here make a stunning impression if you’re aiming for a modern concrete patio. The addition of a small firepit is inspired because it makes the area cozier.

2. Barbecue Area

Concrete patios are very useful when it comes to creating an outdoor dining area. You can keep things simple with a barbecue grill and simple seating solutions. If you have more space available, it’s also possible to turn the patio into a lavish dining area complete with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. It’s all about matching your particular preferences as well as sticking to a firm budget.

3. Pool Zone

A modern pool seems like an ideal match for creating a truly gorgeous concrete patio. The blend of straight lines from the pool and pavers will evoke a classy urban vibe. The comfortable modular sofa stands out in this modern setting while the surrounding greenery prevents the area from appearing too cold and artificial. It’s a great green backdrop considering the overall gray look of the patio.

4. Concrete & Wood

Adding a good contrasting material to your concrete patio can easily upgrade the overall look of the backyard. Concrete floors and furnishings seem solid and dependable. This is a great material to use in outdoor settings where durability matters a lot. If you use too much concrete, however, it results in a harsh industrial-style patio that doesn’t feel particularly inviting.

The solution is to tone down the roughness of concrete with a warmer material such as natural wood. A harmonious blend of these two materials creates a unique visual effect as concrete and wood appear to complement each other very well. Try adding modern benches that use both materials and consider integrating them in a balanced way on the patio.

5. Creative Patterns

If regular concrete pavers look too bland for your tastes, you can make a more stylish visual impression with the help of the right patterns. Decorative cement tiles are highly recommended for adding a vintage vibe to your patio. This is a particularly great idea for urban areas where you can create your own backyard sanctuary isolated from the busy city life. A rustic dining table with plenty of greenery can enliven any concrete patio as well.

6. Retaining Wall

Enhancing the sense of depth, retaining walls are worth considering for a more attractive concrete patio. It’s a practical solution for delimiting different areas of your backyard or to show off your collection of decorative plants. Stone or brick walls can make a more cohesive appearance for your concrete patio and contribute to the solid feel of the material. Retaining walls can look stunning together with other patio features such as a wooden gazebo.

7. Mixed Textures

Most traditional concrete patio designs seem to be severely lacking in terms of texture. If that modern smooth appearance doesn’t match your taste, you could try mixing it up with a different texture. Square concrete pavers work well in this case because you can incorporate them into custom patio designs more effectively.

Try setting up the patio pavers in geometric patterns with some gaps filled with gravel for a contrasting textural effect. The best part is that this kind of concrete patio idea can be quite inexpensive. The gravel also gives you further decorative opportunities by including some low-growing foliage or patio trees.

8. Water Feature

Not everyone has the available space or a big enough budget for an outdoor pool. It’s not exactly an alternative but a water feature can be a welcomed addition to any concrete patio. This is particularly recommended if the patio is close to a garden. Water fountains or other eyecatching features need to be integrated into the patio at the construction stage. That could be a disadvantage for some homeowners but if you’re planning from scratch it’s worth considering a serene water feature. Even a free-standing fountain will add a renewed sense of tranquility to the patio.

9. Oriental Vibes

An oriental-style garden has great potential when it comes to improving your sense of relaxation. Bringing some of those vibes on the patio can be a solid idea to try. Concrete’s roughness and clean lines are actually beneficial for incorporating certain elements such as bamboo. The visual result speaks for itself. The beauty of tall grasses will add a nice contribution to the meditative feeling of the area. Other nice accents for an oriental theme on the patio include small Japanese maples or water features.

10. Transitional Space

Concrete patios can be given the specific purpose of making a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. This design idea works like a charm for creating a modern look without sacrificing functionality. It’s very practical to be able to extend your living space outdoors through the patio that serves as an elegant transitional space. The work required for this kind of project will be substantial when taking into account particularities such as extending the roof or redesigning a separate framework.

11. Matching wall

If you plan on going all out on that modern concrete patio vibe, why not use the same materials for the surroundings? Opting for matching walls could be a smart design decision to create a sense of urban reinforcement suitable for anyone who appreciates brutalist design. The space is ready for adding your favorite collection of patio furnishings as it serves as a solid neutral backdrop.

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