The 10 Best Patio Tables of 2021

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The hot season offers the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time relaxing on the patio. Whether you enjoy some cocktails with your friends or want to organize a family reunion outdoors, you will definitely need a sturdy table that fits the style of your patio. While many people don’t give a lot of importance when purchasing patio furniture, it’s highly recommended to choose quality pieces if you want to create the best atmosphere for the area. Your own patio needs a chic table that helps to keep the conversation going.

Instead of sticking to a streamlined aesthetic you might choose a more creative design for your patio table to stand out against the other furniture you own. A bit of variation is definitely welcomed for any patio. Another consideration when deciding on a new patio table is whether it can offer the right support for your needs. In case you wish to host a large dinner party, we recommend selecting a big table built with heavy-duty materials. Don’t forget about portability and convenient storage as some tables can be quickly folded away when not needed to keep the patio looking clean. Take your pick from the following patio tables that have been selected due to their superior qualities for the money.

Best Folding Patio Table

1. Adams Manufacturing Quik-Fold Patio Table

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Inexpensive and attractive, the Quik-Fold patio table from Adams Manufacturing is an ideal solution to consider. It’s available in a wide range of vibrant colors and can hold a maximum of 25 pounds. One of the best advantages of this model is the portability as the lightweight table can be folded for compact storage. This unit can create a stylish pairing together with other patio pieces such as chairs or chaise lounges.

When it comes to materials used, the first impression is quite positive. The table is crafted using a tough resin which has been engineered to never peel or rust. If you’re worried about color fading, it’s good to know that the manufacturer added an UV-inhibitor to ensure colors retain their vibrancy even in full sun. While this is primarily designed as a patio table, you can also use it for other purposes thanks to its amazing portability. It can make a great side table to take during camping or other outdoor activities.

Best Patio Cooler Table

2. Keter Rattan Patio Cooler Table

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If you’re looking for a different kind of patio table, check out this model from Keter with a built-in cooler. Aside from being a stylish rattan patio table, this unit also serves another purpose as it can keep your drinks cool for longer. This is definitely a welcomed addition for any barbecue party or outdoor event on the patio. It’s a well-made mix of a cocktail table with an integrated cooler.

The tabletop is extendable to reveal the hidden cooler inside the table’s main body. Having a chilled drink at hand is quite convenient especially when you consider the 7.93-gallon capacity that allows you to keep a large stash of cold beers ready. The polypropylene resin has some decent durability features while the rattan finish maintains an attractive design. There’s a drain plug to make sure you won’t have difficulties with the cleanup.

3. 2x4basics Custom AnySize Table

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There aren’t lots of patio table options out there as practical and customizable as the 2x4basics Custom AnySize which is more of a pre-made kit without lumber that enables you to craft a piece of furniture to more precise specifications. It’s incredibly easy to assemble and personalize to have the ideal table that suits the look of your patio. Aside from a side table, you can also create other pieces like a picnic bench or footrest.

One of the best features of this product is that you will only have to make straight cuts. This is for the basic table, but you can also go for a rounded model if you prefer as the manufacturer provides adequate templates to download. Assembling your own customized table is a breeze thanks to the fact that all the hardware is provided in the package. Get other AnySize products to create matching sets of furniture whether for patio or other needs.

Best Rectangular Patio Table

4. Lifetime Fold-In-Half Banquet Table

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Those looking for a larger table should check out the Lifetime Fold-In-Half banquet table which is ideal for hosting important events in the backyard or on the patio. Despite the 96″ x 30″ dimensions, this table is fairly easy to handle as its surface is crafted out of polyethylene which finds a good balance between low weight and durable construction. The corners, in particular, are highly resistant to impacts.

The top of the table isn’t susceptible to the damaging effect of UV rays given how it’s been reinforced. The frame of the table is built using a strong steel alloy which means you can use the product both indoors and outdoors without problems. Storing this banquet table is simple considering how you just need to fold it in half. The floor is protected by reliable foot caps and the total seating capacity of this model is 8 people.

Best Patio Side Table

5. Adams Manufacturing Quik-Fold Rounded Patio Table

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The Adams Manufacturing Quik-Fold rounded patio table has a very stylish design that’s also surprisingly durable. This is because the manufacturer incorporates a strong type of resin material that won’t peel or rot. As opposed to the regular Quik-Fold table that’s been previously reviewed, this model is rated for 40 pounds of weight. Its design is also more attractive considering the rounded corners.

Whether you’re throwing a small party on the patio or need a handy side table for your deck, this model can definitely meet your demands. The overall construction quality will probably surprise you as this product is made in the USA. This is probably the reason it’s more expensive compared to other patio tables. A nice feature that makes this table a practical patio furniture solution is the built-in hole to add your patio umbrella.

6. Lifetime Fold-In-Half Square Patio Table

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Versatile and compact, the Lifetime Fold-In-Half square patio table provides a great set of features for the money. It’s a fairly simple square table, but you can easily notice some durability details that make it a dependable and reliable piece of furniture. The top of the table offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun and can also handle some staining. It’s definitely much easier to clean compared to others.

When it comes to the construction of the steel frame, the table seems like it’s built to last thanks to powder-coating with anti-rust properties. The corners have been reinforced to allow the table to take some impact abuse. A built-in handle helps with the portability while the table is relatively lightweight that it will be easy to move it from the patio to another area. In conclusion, if you’re searching for a sturdy and user-friendly patio table, this foldable unit from Lifetime fits the bill.

Best Round Patio Table

7. Coral Coast 20-inch Patio Side Table

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One very elegant patio table comes from Coral Coast. Their 20-inch model is made of aluminum with a powder-coat finish for extra resistance against the elements. This sleek side table has a glass top which gives off a modern vibe. There’s a minimal amount of assembly required and you don’t really have to worry about maintaining it in top shape given how you just need to regularly clean the top.

A surprising advantage of this patio table is that the material doesn’t get exceedingly hot in full sunlight. This means you can successfully use this as a side table for the pool. The stylish design of this table is even more noticeable in real life compared to the pictures. You will also be able to enjoy a nice texture to the touch thanks to the powder coating. Coral Coast has found a great balance between weight and robustness making a patio table that’s heavy enough to depend on it while maintaining decent portability.

Best Wooden Patio Table

8. Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Patio Table

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If you’re a fan of the natural wood look, you will probably appreciate the style of this Lakeland Mills patio table. It makes use of high-quality cedar for both the legs and spreaders. The price is kept in a more reasonable range through the manufacturer’s decision to opt for a pine top instead of using cedar for this part as well. While the cedar legs and spreaders enjoy a great resistance to insects and rot, the same can’t be said about the pine top.

As this is real wood, you will need to be extra careful about staining as the table lacks any protective coating aside from the natural benefits of cedar. Putting this table together takes about 20 minutes and the end result is incredibly stylish. While it’s recommended as a patio table, this Lakeland Mills model is also very fitting to be used indoors. Great value for the money.

9. Better Homes and Gardens Azalea Ridge Patio Table

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Boasting a chic design that fits well with any patio décor, the Better Homes and Gardens Azalea Ridge features a steel frame with rust resistance making it a great outdoor table. The wicker elements make use of reddish and brown shades of color and this adds a stylish effect to your backyard. The top material is glass which contributes to the overall pleasant visual impression.

This is a solid year-round patio table which promises to retain its beautiful appearance regardless of weather conditions. Assembling this table is an easy task as everything needed to put it together is provided in the package. The finished table measures 20″ and will look stunning if you choose matching patio furniture pieces from the Azalea Ridge collection. This is definitely a must-have table to decorate your patio and enhance its functionality.

10. Crosley Furniture Gracie Retro Patio Table

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Giving off some strong retro vibes, the Crosley Furniture Gracie table could be an excellent addition to any patio. The timeless round design is available in a nice assortment of colors such as turquoise and cherry red which fit ideally with retro décor. Incorporating a splash of vivid color has quite a nostalgic effect that many people would appreciate to spice up the look of their patio.

While the looks are clearly the main attraction for this patio table, the construction is also quite sturdy. There’s a powder coating applied to enhance the overall durability and offer protection against the damaging effect of UV light. The assembling instructions are easy to follow and the supplied hardware is of surprisingly great quality for the cost. In fact, everything about this patio table indicates an unexpectedly high level of quality considering the price.