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20 Carport Ideas That Will Impress You

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Carports are useful structures that can provide decent protection from rain, snow, and hail. Although a carport isn’t as reliable as a garage, many homeowners prefer it because it’s easier to build and more affordable. Carports also have another great advantage over standard garages. You can take advantage of more creative designs that match the aesthetics of the home and show off your vehicle. Aside from practical features, carports have great potential in terms of improving curb appeal. Check out the following attractive ideas to inspire you.

1. Cedar Framing

Carport With Cedar Wood Frame

When it comes to designing a carport, it’s essential to figure out which materials work best for your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. If you like a more traditional look, you can’t go wrong with cedar framing that’s simple yet very stylish. A corrugated metal roof has been added for extra resistance to the elements while the compact construction allows for versatile positioning.

2. Double Carport

Double Carport With Parked Cars

Whether you have two vehicles or need some extra storage space, an expanded carport could be the right solution. The area offers great shelter from the elements while the sense of openness makes it stand out compared to a regular garage. This double carport matches the exterior of the nearby home despite being designed as a separate structure. Thanks to rustic wood posts, the carport feels like it properly belongs in the surrounding landscape.

3. Sleek Style

Sleek Modern Carport Design

With elegant lines and minimalist vibes, this modern carport can easily stand out over other architectural features of the home. While the carport lacks any particular embellishments, the simple construction still manages to give off a sense of luxuriousness. The neutral dark color scheme matches the beauty of the home while the fusion of metal and wood crafts a timeless look. The sleek carport looks stunning when parking a sports car inside.

4. Mediterranean Vibe

Mediterranean Style Carport

If you’re designing a carport for a Mediterranean home, it’s important to pay attention to some key features that capture the authentic vibe of the style. Make sure you focus on earthy colors such as tan or sand. Look to the design of the home for inspiration to ensure that you use a suitable shade from the same tonal family. Warm accents are welcomed in this kind of design. Consider installing a nice assortment of overhead lights in the carport. Finish off the look by enveloping the area with lots of greenery.

5. Matching Shape

Flat Roof House With Flat Roof Carport

Carports are often built as an extension of the home. If you don’t have enough space on your property, it’s safe to say that you need to have the structure built very close to the house. Maintaining a sense of architectural cohesiveness is important, hence the matching shape of this rectangular carport that looks beautiful next to the modern home. If you want to retain a bit of distinctive character, consider a different color for the carport’s finish.

6. Urban Look

Urban Style Carport

Making the carport as compact as possible is essential to suit urban living. However, just because space may come at a premium doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. By mixing a selection of modern materials such as concrete and metal, you can obtain a simple and sturdy carport that works as an elegant enclosure for your vehicle. Design its finishes to reflect the modern style of the home.

7. RV Canopy

Tall Carport Suitable for RVs

Owning a tall RV can pose some challenges when it comes to outdoor protection. Building a huge garage can be very expensive and often impractical for many homeowners. A better solution is to create a simple carport that’s highly functional without overwhelming the design of the home. A metal canopy built on sturdy posts could be more than enough to get some basic rain/snow protection for your RV.

8. Mid-Century Inspiration

Mid Century Modern Carport Design

Thanks to its wide and open design, this carport brings a solid mid-century modern vibe to blend elegantly with the home’s architecture. The low style of the structure helps to integrate the carport more effectively creating the illusion that it has always been a part of the home as opposed to an external addition. The flat planes and large windows of the mid-century architecture merge beautifully with the sleek profile of the carport.

9. Traditional Detached Style

Traditional Detached Carport

As opposed to more modern carports out there, traditional structures are not focused only on utilitarian protection. Many classic options feature a sloped roof and ornate details to match the charming look of the house. This detached carport works as a separate structure to store a vehicle. It has its own sense of individuality and appears just as sturdy as the surrounding home because of traditional materials and style finishes.

10. Porte-Cochere Design

Porte Cochere Carport

This French-inspired architectural style integrates the carport structure to make a stylish passageway to the entrance of the home. A porte-cochere is a solid idea if you’re looking to tackle a more distinctive project. The style features a touch of traditional charm that will make the carport stand out. You can basically think of it as a very large entryway area that provides enough space to keep a vehicle sheltered from the elements.

11. Angled Roof Carport

Angled Roof House With Carport

Most carport designs rely on flat or pitched roof styles. However, there are exceptions as evidenced by the eye-catching design of this carport featuring an angled roof. The modern design of this carport makes use of a projecting canopy that looks particularly attractive when taking into account the overall roof of the home. It results in a balanced construction style full of architectural charm.

12. Carport and Garage

House With Both Carport and Garage

Homeowners tend to choose between having a garage or a carport but it can sometimes be beneficial to have both. Assuming you have the space on your property, you can expand the home to accommodate a carport leading into your garage. This architectural choice comes with great flexibility because the carport doesn’t necessarily have to be always used to protect vehicles. You can also enjoy a covered patio area or store some items without worrying about the outdoor elements.

13. Vintage Aesthetic

Large Elegant Carport Design

Fans of porte-cochere carports will be amazed by this stunning design that draws heavy inspiration from traditional elegant vintage aesthetics and Victorian and Roman aesthetics. Notice the ornate details of the carport that provide a sense of richness to the entire structure. The beautiful white columns give off a particularly sturdy vibe to the carport. The sleek wooden finish of the canopy’s ceiling creates a beautiful contrast and further accentuates the traditional look.

14. Craftsman Look

Craftsman Style Carport

If your home incorporates traditional Craftsman elements into its architecture, it makes sense to follow a similar theme for the design of the carport. Take a look at this gorgeous carport example that gives off a solid impression of durability. It features strong materials and functional features without compromising on style. Notice how the posts have been encased in whitewashed brick for a rustic effect. It results in a strong contrast with the surrounding wood fence.

15. Under the Terrace

Carport Under Terrace

Looking to build a carport while making the most of the available space? One ingenious solution is to take advantage of the area underneath a terrace. You can enjoy a relaxing patio area while the car sits parked beneath it in its dedicated structure. The carport has been elegantly integrated with the support structure of the raised terrace to maximize space usage and seamlessly blend together.

16. Industrial Flair

Industrial Style Carport

Although most modern carports feature a metal roof, not many of them manage to create such strong industrial vibes. Check out the impressive details of this carport based on a selection of materials and colors that instantly give a touch of industrial charm to the structure. The concrete forms a superb contrast with the black metal frame of the carport.

17. Roof Extension

House With Carport Roof Extension

One great advantage of a tall home is that you can take advantage of the extra height to build a roof canopy extension and create a functional carport. This modern residence features attractive architectural details overall but the carport is the main element that grabs the attention. It’s seamlessly built by extending the sloped roof to accommodate a vehicle and protect it from the elements.

18. Entryway Integration

Carport Integrated With Homes Entryway

Don’t like the way attached carports still feel like extra additions to a home? Check out this innovative design that manages to fully integrate the carport into the entryway area. Instead of a dedicated zone just for the carport, the home benefits from a larger structure designed around the entire home. This architectural choice results in more than just a simple space to store your vehicle as you benefit from a stylish porch as well.

19. Relaxing Patio Area

Carport With Patio Zone

Building a new carport can pose some architectural challenges, especially if you have to work around space limitations. This design integrates a compact carport while still leaving enough space for a stylish patio area where you can relax or entertain guests. The patio deck has been built as a new addition together with the attached carport resulting in space-efficient and functional areas.

20. Showroom Style Luxurious Design

Ultra Luxurious Carport With Parked Supercars

If you have attractive cars that you wish to show off, it’s best to consider a carport alongside a garage. Consider integrating a luxurious design fitting to protect your prized vehicles. They can be displayed more effectively if you ensure proper overhead lighting and matching glossy textures of the carport frame. It’s safe to say that this is not an affordable carport idea but it’s a very impressive one.

By Stefan Bucur

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