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5 Smart Ladder Storage Ideas You Can Try Right Away

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Having a ladder is pretty much indispensable when tackling many home improvement projects. This simple tool gives you the ability to reach high places conveniently with minimal effort. Just take out the ladder, set it up properly, and you can quickly climb on it. Thanks to its versatility and stability, the ladder is an essential piece of equipment worth using. The problem comes when it’s time to find a good place to store it.

Ladders are heavy and long making it quite challenging to store safely and effectively. It’s important to keep the ladder somewhere protected from damage and where it can’t accidentally fall and cause an injury. At the same time, you need a practical way to store the ladder to occupy as little space as possible and be convenient to grab when needed. If you’re looking for a better way to store your ladder, consider the following smart ideas.

1. Ladder Wall Hooks

Ladder Wall Hooks

Making use of all the vertical space in the garage is recommended if you want to store a ladder more efficiently. With the help of storage hooks designed to hold a ladder attached to the wall, you will be able to keep the tool ready at hand in a safe location where it doesn’t get in the way. Make sure you pick the right wall area in the room to accommodate the size of the ladder. Check out this great set of heavy-duty wall hooks to store your ladder.

2. Ladder Ceiling Racks

Ladder Ceiling Racks

If you have an extended ladder that’s not used very often, you should consider installing some ceiling racks for reliable storage. You won’t be able to access it too easily but the ladder is perfectly out of the way which might be preferable to many homeowners. Ceiling racks enable horizontal storage which means there’s no wasted square footage in the garage to keep your ladder. Ensure that you select a sturdy enough ceiling rack to handle the weight of your ladder if you decide to choose this storage idea. Try this ceiling rack from Amazon.

3. Ladder Inside a Cabinet

Ladder Inside a Cabinet

While most standard cabinets can’t fit the bulk of a large ladder, you should consider this storage option for small extendable ladders. It’s usually the best way to keep these ladders out of the way and more easily accessible. Check the utility cabinet in your garage to see whether you can safely store a small ladder there.

4. Ladder Rack

Ladder Rack

Using a ladder rack is the way to go if you have more than one ladder. You will be able to store and organize all your ladders more effectively and ensure the best level of stability. Although this is practical, it’s worth mentioning that you might need a lot of floor space to store a large ladder rack fully loaded with all the equipment.

5. Outside Ladder Storage

Outside Ladder Storage

Ladders should usually never be stored outside because they’re exposed to the elements. Moisture and direct sunlight can cause degradation even to the most durable types of ladders out there. Wooden ladders are susceptible to rot while metal models can be vulnerable to corrosion. However, there are still smart ways to store ladders outside the house while still keeping them protected. Use a dedicated ladder cover and avoid ground-level storage solutions to reduce the risk of moisture damage. A side of the house hidden from view could be ideal to hang the ladder and store it outside in a cover.

By Stefan Bucur

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