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The 8 Best Bed Sheet Colors in 2024

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If you’re interested in maintaining a stylish bedroom, you need to take into account lots of aspects. The color scheme is very important to create the right atmosphere and enjoy a restful sleep. You need to decide on the right color shades to use for many elements of the room, including the bed sheets. The style of the bed is greatly influenced by the selected colors for the bed sheets. It’s highly recommended to pay attention to coordinating colors for crafting a balanced aesthetic that matches the overall design of the bedroom.

Aside from playing a role in terms of style, the bed sheet’s color matters for more practical reasons. It’s safe to say that white and other light tones will make stains more visible. If you’re worried about messes that may still leave behind stained traces, it’s safe to say that you have to be careful about the kinds of colors you choose for your bed sheets. When deciding on the best color for the bed sheet, it’s critical to take into account both the bedding needs and your personal preferences. Here are the most inspiring color choices for an attractive bed perfect for a good night’s sleep.

1. White

White Bed Sheets

Although some people avoid white bed sheets because they make stains visible, this is still an excellent color choice. There’s simply no other option that can provide endless versatility and such timeless looks. White bed sheets can work with both casual or elegant bed designs. You can keep a breezy ambiance by combining the sheet with a matching duvet cover. If you’re not a fan of all-white styles, consider pairing the white sheet with darker tones such as gray or cool tones like blue or green.

2. Beige

Beige Bed Sheets

With a casual and laidback sensation, beige represents a solid pick for your bed sheets. This is a classic neutral tone that feels like a more relaxing choice compared to crisp white. The warmth of beige is particularly suitable for kids’ rooms, but any modern or traditional bedrooms look attractive when used for the bed sheet. Beige is often encountered in the natural world. That’s why it can bring an outdoor feel into your bedroom.

3. Gray

Gray Bed Sheets

Gray is a popular option for bed sheets because the color brings a cool elegance that forms a solid match for modern bedrooms. It can add an air of sophistication to your bed styling regardless of the room’s design. The neutral visual effect of a gray bed sheet makes this a versatile solution for decorating the bedroom. This color is fairly reliable when it comes to hiding stains as well. It’s safe to say that gray is often more popular for modern bedding styles.

4. Dark Blue

Dark Blue Bed Sheets

If you’re searching for a bed sheet color that brings a masculine vibe to the bedroom, try going for a dark blue look. A calming color that boasts rich elegance, blue has great potential for making your bed more stylish. A darker shade could be more useful to hide stains. Blue pairs nicely with various complementing colors such as gray and white. You can create an attractive bedroom bursting with modern visual appeal by opting for dark blue sheets.

5. Ivory

Ivory Bed Sheets

Also known as cream, ivory represents an interesting color choice for bed sheets. It sits somewhere between white and beige to provide a subtle colorful touch. The warm tint of ivory offers some decent comforting properties to enjoy a soothing ambiance. Ivory bed sheets seem to work better for traditional bedroom designs focused on old-fashioned coziness. It’s a better color choice than white if you prefer shabby chic or rustic aesthetics.

6. Olive Green

Olive Green Bed Sheets

Green isn’t a particularly popular option for bed sheets. However, if you’re looking to try a more distinctive décor approach, you won’t be disappointed by the effortless appeal of certain green tones. We recommend a muted shade such as olive green or sage green to use for bed sheets. Bright and vibrant tones may not be very well-suited for this kind of environment. Consider olive green for your bed sheets due to the color’s slight brownish tint that infuses the space with rich warmth and natural vibes.

7. Blush Pink

Pink Bed Sheets

Looking for a color that’s more fun than a neutral tone while still maintaining a similar appeal? Blush pink could be an excellent choice for all kinds of bed sheets, not just for those in the bedroom of your teenage daughter. This delicate color offers a feminine touch to the bed’s styling to fit various contemporary room designs. The rosy pale tone is suitable for adult spaces as well considering the neutral qualities of the color.

8. Black

Black Bed Sheets

If you want to maximize the boldness of your bedroom look, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with black bed sheets. This is an unexpected color to use for the bed sheet, but it works wonders to inject the space with some extra drama. It’s particularly recommended for industrial design styles or modern Victorian-inspired makeovers. An all-black bedroom isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking to reject typical design conventions.


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