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20 Fabulous Granny Chic (Grandmillennial) Home Decor Ideas

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Through a unique combination of traditional and modern elements, the grandmillennial trend has taken the world of interior design by storm. Also called granny chic, this style focuses on recreating the cozy feeling of your grandma’s house while including some elegant modern elements to prevent the look from appearing outdated. You can imagine the classic American home with intricate furniture and ornate accents that’s been infused with sleek art and modern style details. The result is an impeccable elegance that borrows lots of elements from maximalist décor styles while keeping the overall aesthetic in a traditional vibe.

An important thing to remember about grandmillennial design is its sense of freshness full of eye-catching patterns and bright colors. As opposed to the minimalism of farmhouse style, granny chic focuses on making all those precious heirloom pieces stand out elegantly without any sense of shabbiness. That means flawless finishes and careful styling for all the throwback elements that you plan to include. If you’re looking to explore the grandmillennial trend, check out the following home décor ideas that can inspire you to completely revamp your living interior or simply make some subtle changes. It’s time to fuel your nostalgia and transform the room with the homely granny chic style.

1. Florals

Whether through fabrics, ceramics, wallpaper, or other décor pieces, it’s important to include floral patterns to create an authentic granny chic look. The more colorful and intricate, the better the effect. It’s safe to say that your grandmillennial space needs to include botanicals and elegant floral patterns to provide a classic traditional vibe to the room.

Florals add a certain charm contributing to the granny chic style. Don’t be afraid to go all out with multiple patterns and accents that decorate the entire room. Use these patterns on furniture accessories such as pillow slipcovers or décor elements like antique vases. You don’t necessarily have to restrict yourself to abstract patterns. Consider going one extra step and including fresh blooms as well for an added visual effect.

2. Cross Stitch Décor

If you only wish to add a subtle yet effective granny chic element, try out cross stitch décor. There are lots of options when it comes to designs. You can go for botanical artworks or include some simple patterns. Consider colorful text if you want a more modern look. Regardless of preferences, cross-stitch frames can be neatly integrated into grandmillennial homes to add some traditional charm to the area.

3. Decorative Plates

Although gallery walls or grids are seen as more trendy nowadays, decorative plates are making a comeback thanks to granny chic. Far from appearing outdated, these intricately-designed plates can turn any plain wall in the room into a focal point. The trick is to incorporate the plates correctly so they belong together with other grandmillennial elements such as traditional furniture and similar complex patterns.

Using colorful plates for decorating the wall can be a good opportunity for many homeowners to make better use of a fine china collection. This idea may not be for everyone but if you wish to add some solid whimsical vibes, it’s a recommended solution. Decorative plates can easily remind you of grandma’s house and its characteristic coziness. It’s an effective way to bring a visual punch and beautify any granny chic interior.

Check out this set of decorative plates on Amazon.

4. Bold Colors

When it comes to the color scheme of a grandmillennial home, it’s safe to say that you should focus on bold shades and sufficient saturation. Ditch the greys or other neutrals and instead incorporate a wide selection of color tones. There are no specific rules to follow as you can either take inspiration from maximalism and use eccentric color combinations or try a more subdued approach with soft tones for an airy vibe.

The important point to remember about the granny chic color palette is that color needs to be present. Whereas other styles such as minimalism can let texture or geometry stand out more, grandmillennial tends to give color a center spot in the room. As you step into the granny chic home, it’s evidently colorful and full of joy.

5. Quilts

One essential aspect of granny chic décor is the use of heirlooms that can be ingeniously repurposed to fit the aesthetic. A handmade quilt is a solid example in that sense. This is a precious item that has a great family history. It would be a waste to keep it stashed somewhere instead of allowing it to decorate the interior with a memorable grandmillennial vibe.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have this kind of beautiful heirloom so it’s worth noting that you can also purchase colorful quilts with traditional patterns to spice up your granny chic bedroom. This model on Amazon represents a great example to consider.

6. Vintage Furniture

If you’re ready to take your grandmillennial room to a new level, it’s basically mandatory to include some vintage pieces of furniture. While a few decorations and small accents will add some granny chic vibes, it’s safe to say that you need some proper traditional furnishings to really bring out that old-world charm.

Whether you prefer wooden or rattan furniture styles, make sure your vintage pieces are impeccably finished. Chipped furnishings will look out of place in a granny chic home. Remember the problem of an outdated look that can be easily avoided with a brand new lacquerer finish.

7. Colorful Wallpaper

A classic addition to any granny chic living space, colorful wallpaper can easily enliven the room. Although it’s not a must-have element, applying wallpaper can be a smart idea when it comes to adding the final touches to a grandmillennial room. It’s necessary if you wish to do a complete transformation because the look of the walls will blend beautifully with your chosen furnishings and decorations.

In terms of specific wallpaper choices, it’s recommended to opt for floral patterns but any colorful wallpaper will bring specific granny chic vibes. Toile patterns work well for creating a distinctive personality of the room. If traditional wallpaper feels like too much hassle to apply, consider getting modern options such as peel-and-stick wallpaper styles.

8. Ornate Frames

Modern mirrors feature thin and sleek frames that can look great in various home design styles. However, this frame design is simply unsuitable if you want to create an authentic grandmillenial look. You can pull off a traditional elegant appearance with the help of ornate frames showing off intricate details.

For a more luxurious effect, consider getting a mirror with a gold frame that fits very well in both maximalist and granny chic homes. It feels like a breath of fresh air compared to standard mass-produced mirror frames found everywhere nowadays.

Take a look at this vintage ornate frame on Amazon.

9. Collections

A collection of particular pieces represents another classic element that’s typically found in your grandma’s house. Whether we’re talking about sets of plates, crystal glasses, or even some specific patterns, collections add a personal touch to the room. When it comes to grandmillennial décor, it’s highly recommended to take out collections and display them properly. Check out this great example of vintage art pieces.

Younger generations tend to collect different things compared to their grandparents. Just make sure that whatever decorations or little knick-knacks you’re collecting can be easily integrated into the granny chic living space. A figurine collection might look cool in a modern room but it will probably not give solid grandmillennial vibes. It’s not enough to include a collection of items just for fun. Pay attention to cohesive patterns and specific combinations of textures that give the living space a distinctive personality.

10. Big Rattan Chairs

Infusing your home with a bit of granny chic can be done in multiple ways without a full redecoration. Here’s an inspirational idea to consider. Add a large rattan chair whose wooden aesthetic can instantly warm any modern living space. It truly brings the “grand” in grandmillennial when you take into account its imposing elegance. Any visitor of your home will be tempted to sit on this kind of traditional rattan chair.

11. Pintuck Pillows

The round pillow trend is making a comeback thanks to the grandmillennial style. This is a simple yet highly effective accessory to use when decorating a granny chic home. Pintuck pillows will easily remind you of the house of your grandparents. They are designed with more modern looks nowadays but even classic pieces full of lace and other embellishments can appear very elegant in a homely grandmillennial home. This handcrafted velvet round pillow from Amazon represents a superb granny chic accent.

12. Dazzling Patterns

There are no authentic grandmillennial rooms that lack patterns. While bold colors can easily grab the attention, fun patterns can really enhance the sense of style in a more dynamic way. As opposed to other interior design approaches, it’s safe to say that granny chic doesn’t have any trouble going all out with patterns.

Living spaces should be full of dazzling patterns whether through wallpaper, tile work, or fabrics on the furnishings. The possibilities are endless but it’s important to maintain a harmonious look when combining different patterns. Unless you mix distinctive patterns together properly, you run the risk of creating an outdated look. Try to emphasize similar colors and elements. For a contrasting look that steals all the attention, it’s worth considering a daring mix of intricate patterns with modern, simple ones.

13. Pleated Lampshades

If you run out of inspiration when decorating a grandmillennial room, there’s a simple solution to consider. Try to remember the kind of things you’d find in your grandma’s house. Chances are that pleated lampshades come to mind fairly quickly. These traditional décor pieces bring a solid visual punch in terms of granny chic vibes. Together with bell-shaped lampshades, they will make the area feel cozier through beautifully filtered warm lighting.

Check out this stylish lampshade on Amazon.

14. Welcoming Clutter

In contrast with the minimalistic millennial approach, granny chic doesn’t shy away from clutter. In fact, you can use various objects and decorations to enhance the sense of coziness and personalize the living space. No shelves, tables, or sideboards should remain bare when it comes to the grandmillennial aesthetic. You can safely use your favorite knick-knacks or unique tchotchkes to customize the area in a homely style.

The granny chic room shows off an entire history through the meaningful objects put on display. Nostalgics will probably love the opportunity to bring out various antique items or family heirlooms. You can also mix in some modern additions to keep the space fresh looking. Grandmillennials are quite selective about the kinds of decorations they use in their homes and prefer sustainable and vintage pieces typically found through frequent trips to second-hand stores or using upcycling methods.

15. Chintz

Chintz doesn’t have a great reputation in the world of interior design. This is because it feels outdated or stuffy for many people. That being said, chintz experienced a return to form in recent years thanks to the grandmillennial trend. This style has its own charm and timeless qualities. It makes sense to integrate it in a granny chic room considering the understated air of elegance provided usually through bright floral patterns. You can easily feel more comfortable at home when chintz is used on fabrics or furniture. It even works great for decorative accessories such as this beautiful chintz tea set on Amazon.

16. Colored Glassware

Colorful themes dominate granny chic decoration styles. If you’re looking to incorporate this aesthetic into your home, it could be a solid idea to pick suitable accessories. Instead of standard clear glassware, consider getting colored options to spice things up. Although colored glassware had a bad reputation in the past because of its widespread availability during the Great Depression, it’s now making a comeback.

This type of glassware enjoys a resurgence in popularity with many modern reinventions to bring back the feel of an older era. It’s certainly a more unique take compared to regular glassware. You’re probably familiar with colored glasses from the cabinets of your grandparents. This is proof that it’s an accessory that belongs in a fabulous grandmillennial living space. Here’s a solid example of vintage colored glasses on Amazon.

17. Chinoiserie

With a bold and exotic look, it’s safe to say that chinoiserie represents a staple in terms of granny chic decorating. It draws inspiration from Asian art and culture while showing off unique characteristics thanks to innovations added by craftsmen and designers from Europe. There are different chinoiserie motifs that you can use to incorporate into your grandmillennial home.

Whether through fabrics, furniture, or various décor pieces, there are multiple possibilities for bringing in some chic vibes full of color and texture. While giving the entire room a chinoiserie theme can be a little difficult for many homeowners, you can simply add a few elements and subtle accents to achieve the desired visual effect. One timeless way to decorate with chinoiserie is using brightly colored ceramics or furniture pieces, typically designed with a vibrant blue and white color scheme.

Take a look at this chinoiserie ceramic stool from Amazon.

18. Intricately Designed Trays

If you only want to add a subtle yet rich-looking grandmillennial element, you can hardly find a better option than an intricately designed tray. This is a useful accessory that can get easily overlooked. Trays can come in handy not just for transporting cups of tea to the coffee table. You can place a tray in the entranceway or the nightstand to keep various little objects organized in a single place.

Another solution to incorporate trays in your granny chic home is on the bathroom vanity. Whether you prefer a traditional floral design or a more glamorous Hollywood Regency style tray, this could be a must-have accessory to elevate the look of any bathroom corner. Just make sure you pick a complex design with plenty of mesmerizing patterns, textures, and bold colors.

19. Boxwood

A touch of greenery is welcomed in any living environment and grandmillenial interiors are no exception. While many plants can bring a vibrant green visual effect, it’s safe to say that boxwood holds a special place when it comes to granny chic aesthetics. This traditional topiary offers instant retro vibes. The plant isn’t restricted to the backyard because you can find small versions suitable for indoor decorations.

Preserved boxwood is the way to go if you want authentic grandmillennial looks but faux versions can look surprisingly realistic. The latter can be a better option if you’re on a budget. Add a splash of vibrant green to the mantel or coffee table with the help of elegant boxwood ball topiaries. Whether styled as a wreath or kept in an antique container, this is a sure way to create a fabulous granny chic room. Check out this stylish preserved boxwood ball on Amazon.

20. Block Print Fabrics

Block print fabrics shouldn’t be missed if you’re a fan of grandmillennial style. This is a more advanced design idea because it’s easy to fall into the trap of creating an outdated look or leaning too much into a boho-style area. It takes some skill to use these fabrics properly together with clean lines and classic materials. The block printing fabric technique is quite difficult to pull off but it’s worth the effort to keep the granny chic theme of rich variety.

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