Where and How to Put a Desk in a Room With no Windows

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A room that lacks windows can be typically seen as a storage space but it can be used in more versatile ways if you get creative. One solid use is to transform the windowless room into a home office. As long as you have enough space to set up a comfortable desk, it’s safe to say that you can give a more practical purpose to this unappealing room. Staying productive in a simple room that doesn’t get any view outside and lacks natural light might seem a bit challenging. However, with the help of the following inspirational desk layout ideas, you will be able to set up a highly functional workstation and brighten up this windowless space.

1. Against the Wall Using a Vertical Space Layout

Desk Against The Wall in a Windowless Room

Setting up the desk against the wall represents a great idea to save space if the windowless room is small. Although a simple workstation can meet your productivity needs, you also need some reliable storage options to keep all your office essentials. It’s recommended to install vertical storage systems to make use of the valuable space in a small room as efficiently as possible. Baskets and boxes might look stylish and feel practical but they will take up precious floor space. Keep supplies in shelving units and cabinets mounted on the wall above the desk.

2. With a Neutral Color Scheme

Desk in a Neutral Toned Windowless Room

When you’re designing your new workstation, it’s recommended to pick a neutral color scheme. By focusing on lighter colors like white, beige, and cream, the space can appear larger and more inviting. The opposite effect is created if you organize the desk around darker tones which give off a cramped vibe. Although light neutrals are useful to brighten up the windowless room, you don’t have to be too restrictive with the color palette. Keep the base neutral and introduce some pops of color to add some personality to your new home office.

3. Using Proper Lighting

Desk in a Well Lit Windowless Room

The lack of natural sunlight coming into your windowless home office represents an issue that has to be resolved through the use of extra artificial lights. Set up your desk in such a way that it can receive light from multiple different types of artificial sources. Aside from ceiling lights, you can integrate task lighting at your workstation to ensure good productivity. Wall sconces, pendant lights, or other ambient fixtures might be helpful to improve the general ambiance of the room and uplift your mood at the same time.

4. Add a Touch of Greenery

Desk Surrounded by Greenery in a Windowless Room

Bringing plants in a windowless room sounds like a bad idea but it’s only a matter of choosing the right types. There are many houseplants that can thrive in indirect light indoors and don’t need to sit close to a window. Pothos, snake plants, and certain succulents are good examples. They can be used to add a touch of greenery when configuring your desk in the home office. Simply because you don’t have access to a view of the natural world outside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t refresh the style of the space with gorgeous greenery.

5. Use Minimal Furnishings

Desk in a Long and Narrow Windowless Room

Having a narrow windowless room that you plan to transform into a home office can look like a big design challenge. It’s a good idea to pick a long desk that fits the entire length of the space while keeping the overall furnishings to a minimum. Storage space can be added conveniently through wall-mounted shelves and cabinets. Focus on decorating the walls instead of including decorative elements on the floor that will only get in the way of your productivity.

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