Living Room With Vintage Desk and Floating Shelves

Solved! Where to Put a Desk in a Living Room?

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Sneaking a mini home office in your living room can seem like a challenge but you don’t need a complex workstation that will make the area feel cramped. A simple desk is all that’s required to work from the comfort of your living room. This is a practical addition to make this relaxing space more functional without the risk of a chaotic design. Working remotely from home can be greatly simplified once you figure out the best location to set up a desk in the living room. Let’s explore some ingenious placement ideas to make your desk an extension of your living room aesthetic without sacrificing productivity.

1. Mounted on the Wall

Living Room With Wall Mounted Desk

Don’t have a lot of spare space to accommodate a home office in the living room? Consider using a floating desk that’s designed to be directly mounted on the wall. It saves some precious floor space if you don’t have particularly large needs and you just need to work on a slim laptop. Some floating desk designs come with additional space-saving abilities like a folding feature to keep the workstation out of the way when not in use. Floating shelves above the wall-mounted desk can cover your storage space needs quite efficiently.

2. Behind the Couch

Living Room With Desk Behind the Couch

Some people enjoy working at a desk in the living room while sitting on the couch. Although it’s a comfortable solution, it’s not the most practical if you wish to properly separate work from leisure. A better option is to set up a small desk behind the sofa where the workstation is neatly out of the way when you want to relax in front of the TV. It’s an ingenious idea if wall space comes at a premium as you just make better use of the empty area in the center of the living room.

3. Blended With a Furniture Piece

Living Room With Integrated Desk in Bookcase

If you’re looking for a creative way to disguise the presence of a work desk in the living room, it’s worth trying out the idea of blending it in with an integrated furniture element such as a console table surrounded by bookshelves. The drawers and cabinets can provide convenient storage for all your home office essentials. To make this workstation blend seamlessly with the walls, it’s recommended to use a similarly dark paint color.

4. In Front of a Window

Living Room With Desk in Front of the Window

Working from home can feel a little monotonous at times. If you’ve decided to set up a desk in the living room, it pays off to pick the location by considering the kind of view you will get. Dealing with work-related tasks can feel more comfortable when sitting in front of a window that lets you catch a glimpse of the natural world outside. This may not be an ideal solution for many homeowners if the view outside their living room window isn’t particularly interesting.

5. Next to the Sofa

Living Room With Desk Next to the Sofa

If there’s not a lot of space to use in the middle of the living room and your sofa is positioned against the wall, putting the desk right next to it is an inspired choice. It may turn out that you can accommodate a small workstation that fits elegantly in the space between the sofa and the adjacent wall. Consider blending in the desk more efficiently in the room by choosing similar color tones and decor accents. It will ensure that your little home office area feels like it belongs in the space.

6. Facing the Room

Living Room Home Office With Desk Facing the Room

Although placing the desk in front of a window has its benefits, it also has some drawbacks. The view might be distracting and impact your productivity. An alternative idea is to turn the desk around and position it to face the room. This kind of layout can often feel more comfortable to use. Your eyes won’t be as affected by the glare of the sun and it’s easy to see people entering the room.

7. In an Empty Corner

Living Room With Desk in an Empty Corner

Lots of people who work from home like the idea of separating the space designed for leisure from one that’s intended for productive work. Ideally, you should have a dedicated room that becomes a home office but not everyone has the space available. Using an empty corner of the living room should be considered for desk placement, especially if it’s located in a more isolated area of the room. It will allow your workstation to feel more distinguished from the leisure zone even without the need for a room divider.


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