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20 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home With Macrame

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Despite its reputation as a dated craft of the 70s, macrame has now experienced a great resurgence in home decor. Whether through purchased or DIY pieces, the macrame trend is making a serious comeback. The technique boasts impressive versatility when it comes to creating various items such as plant holders, pillow coverings, baskets, and many more.

There are lots of creative macrame projects out there that can be used to decorate your home and add some fresh character. If you’re interested in the trendiest decor options out there, it’s safe to say that you need to try macrame. Take a look at these inspirational ways to use this knotted and woven art to bring a charming vintage appeal to your living space.

1. Macrame Hanging Planter

Perhaps one of the most popular uses for macrame today, the hanging planter is a simple way to display your favorite plants. This was a decorating staple of the 70s era that seems to be more popular than ever today. Versatility is key when it comes to crafting a hanging planter using macrame. It allows you to bring a touch of greenery in many awkward corners and tight spaces of the house.

Although it’s typically recommended to hang live plants, you can also consider using faux plants if you’re worried about too much maintenance work. The best look is achieved when hanging different plants together in a cohesive arrangement. Making the macrame hangers yourself could be a little difficult but, thankfully, you can also purchase pre-made versions for your convenience. Check out this set of macrame plant hangers from Amazon.

2. Macrame Wall Tapestries

Using wall tapestries represents another time-tested method to decorate with macrame. You can bring a subtle bohemian vibe to any living space by using just simple colors and organic patterns. It’s also possible to opt for more graphic designs and intricate macrame patterns but there’s a high chance of introducing a sense of kitsch.

Hanging macrame creations on the wall can be considered a solid alternative to the use of framed artworks. It feels like a breath of fresh air, especially when combining the airy style of macrame with greenery from potted plants. The large variety of colors and designs should make anyone able to appreciate macrame in their own home.

3. Macrame Pillows

If you’re not ready for a bigger macrame makeover in your home, consider starting small with only a few decorative accents. Throw pillow covers are excellent examples. They provide a slightly bohemian vibe to the bed or sofa without feeling like you’re fully committed to the macrame trend.

Macrame pillow covers are usually focused on the textural style and organic vibe of the patterns. They’re recommended for minimalists because most classic models won’t draw too much attention. If you prefer a natural aesthetic centered on neutral tones and simple furnishings, macrame pillows will easily match your needs. Check out this set of macrame throw pillow covers.

4. Macrame Table Runner

Improving the look of the dinner table is a breeze if you try a macrame table runner. This is a small visual upgrade that can make a big difference when you also take into account the pleasant textural sensation contrasting against the rigid surface of a wooden table. It brings some extra warmth and depth while maintaining a harmonious organic vibe in most dining settings.

Macrame table runners work ideally for outdoor dining areas and can be combined with greenery decor pieces. For a more dramatic effect, consider using a macrame runner with long tassels that make it stand out more from different angles of the table. Take a look at this model.

5. Macrame Candle Holder

As many bohemian-style enthusiasts agree, candles and macrame go hand in hand. You can take the idea of combining them to a new level by using macrame votive holders. Dress up the candle with a comfy macrame creation and take the ambiance to a new level. The soft glow of a scented candle will become even moodier with the help of macrame.

If you don’t want to bother following some DIY tutorials to create your own macrame candle holders, there’s also the more convenient option of buying them. No matter the choice, macrame candle holders have great potential in terms of adding a bohemian touch to the table styling.

6. Macrame Hammock

Assuming you have the available space, macrame hammocks can be easily mounted indoors even though they’re typically used outdoors. The hammock can work nicely to create a one-of-a-kind reading nook where you can take advantage of a superior level of relaxation. At the same time, the macrame hammock acts as a reliable decor piece. It provides an interesting mix of bohemian and tropical vibes anywhere.

7. Macrame Lamp

How do you improve the look of a simple lighting fixture such as a bedside lamp? The easiest way is to dress it up with the help of a custom macrame cover. The plain look of the lamp is transformed with the woven texture of macrame. It appears to resemble an organic chandelier fitting for any bohemian-styled room. Different patterns will also create distinctive shadows to enhance the ambiance.

8. Macrame Wall Frame

If you can’t decide between hanging up a macrame tapestry or a framed artwork, you can compromise by choosing a macrame wall frame. It’s essentially the best of both worlds because you can decorate the wall with your favorite artwork without giving up on the textural depth provided by macrame.

Any basic wooden frame can make use of this simple yet effective aesthetic upgrade. The macrame knots and braids contribute to a complete facelift of the frame. You can also benefit from a visual transformation of the displayed artworks, especially when you want to add a renewed sense of warmth.

9. Macrame Backdrop

There are lots of great applications for a macrame backdrop. It’s suitable for a wide range of events such as boho-themed weddings or it can be neatly integrated into your home for special occasions. Combined with a stylish floral arrangement, a macrame backdrop puts anyone in a dreamy mood with its cozy, laid-back vibes. Here’s a very stylish one on Amazon.

10. Macrame Swing Chair

Comfy and inviting, a macrame swing chair is a solid furniture piece to include in your home if you plan on injecting stronger bohemian vibes. The space requirements aren’t that restricting because swing chairs can fit nicely even in more compact areas of the room. You can even install one successfully on a balcony if you live in an apartment. Grab your favorite book and a cozy throw blanket to easily unwind in this kind of stylish macrame swing chair. Here’s a great example on Amazon.

11. Macrame Door Hanging

If your house is designed with an open-plan space, you should consider macrame as door hanging. It’s a welcomed upgrade compared to classic options such as beaded curtains. It matches the airy vibe of the home more effectively through its minimalistic look and delicate texture. A macrame door hanging is also useful in terms of diffusing sunlight softly without completely blocking natural light from illuminating your living space.

12. Macrame Hanging Chandeliers

Bringing an aura of dreaminess and pure relaxation, macrame chandeliers work great as decor pieces in any design style. They’re highly recommended for introducing a solid dose of bohemian flair when mixed with matching textures and patterns or vibrant greenery. Instead of settling for typical chandelier designs on the market, you can take a more artisanal approach with the help of macrame and it’s sure not to disappoint.

13. Macrame Storage Baskets

Some macrame decor ideas can be more practical than others. Consider using natural woven baskets in fun macrame patterns to cover your storage and organization needs without aesthetic compromises. The material is light while the basket can be folded quite easily. Even if you store many items inside, the macrame baskets can just be used for decorative purposes throughout the home. Here’s a great set.

14. Macrame Room Divider

Looking for a creative solution to separate different areas of a room? Macrame room dividers can meet your needs while bringing a mystical vibe to any interior space. This modern living room makes use of eye-catching black macrame patterns to improve the look of the room while also functioning as a room divider.

15. Macrame Coaster

Macrame’s decorative potential seems limitless. Here’s a great example of using the frilly woven style to enhance the appearance of your tabletop. You can buy or craft macrame coasters to pair up with your favorite hot beverages. The soft texture grabs all the attention considering how it appears like a mini-rug for your coffee cup. When not used as functional drink coasters, these become beautiful macrame decorations for your table.

16. Macrame Wine Bottle Decoration

The best aspect of macrame is its amazing flexibility. You can dress up a simple object like an empty wine bottle and transform it into a stylish macrame decor piece. This is an interesting idea because it gives you the opportunity to display some attractive interwoven patterns. You can use the macrame bottle by itself as a decoration or modify it to work as a flower vase.

17. Macrame Magazine Rack

A retro addition to any home, this magazine rack is more than just a basic storage place for your favorite reading materials. With the help of its soft textures and intricate patterns, this becomes a charming decor piece. Even if you don’t have a habit of reading magazines, the little rack can be used for other purposes such as storing electronics or blankets. Place it in an empty corner of the room so that it works as a decoration while remaining conveniently within reach. Check out this macrame magazine rack from Amazon.

18. Macrame Pouf

Macrame seems like an ideal choice to decorate seating options. It’s recommended for covering a pouf ottoman with its gorgeous patterns and comfy textures. The visual appeal of macrame tassels can add a solid bohemian touch to any kind of furniture piece. Thanks to comfortable cushioning, it’s safe to say that the pouf will become the most appreciated spot in the living room.

19. Shelf

Macrame hangings can be used to add boho-chic elements to the room while displaying your favorite plants or trinkets. Check out these creative floating shelves that rely on macrame for inducing a sense of effortless style. It’s practical to hang up the shelves anywhere you require some extra warmth and texture.

20. Macrame Curtain Pull Back

Subtle macrame accents work perfectly for anyone who doesn’t want to go all-in on the trend. This curtain pull-back is a great example because the woven texture provides a nice visual upgrade to your curtains. Customize the curtain tie-back with a splash of color to match the style of the drapes.

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