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25 Raffia and Rattan Interior Design and Decor Ideas

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If you’re looking to make your interior space feel carefree and relaxed, raffia and rattan items can work very well. Thanks to their natural qualities, raffia and rattan can provide some fun summer vibes to any room. Considering the recent trends of focusing on textural details, it’s not surprising to see that timeless rattan pieces experienced a significant rise in popularity. The material used to be mostly restricted to outdoor furniture but it looks like rattan is a great choice for interior areas as well.

Rattan is a species of palm tree that’s cultivated in Southeast Asia. The stems and core of the plant can be processed to create a sturdy building material. Thanks to their woody style, the stems of rattan are typically made into furniture. The core of the palm is softer and can be woven to create wicker. Some people refer to wicker as a material but it’s technically a weaving technique whereas rattan is the material. Raffia is a different type of palm grown in Africa. The palm fronds are processed into a stylish fabric showing off a more irregular texture. Raffia is usually used to add a natural touch to wooden furniture or the manufacturing of accessories and decorative items.

Rattan and raffia furnishings can bring a distinctive textural depth to your home thanks to their impressive variety of shapes and sizes. The island allure of these natural materials can be brought quite easily into your room by focusing on the right decorative items and furniture pieces. If you need some inspiration for your personal home design projects, take a look at the following rattan and raffia decor ideas.

1. Rattan Baskets

Rattan Baskets

Although rattan elements are typically used for their decorative potential, they can also serve a practical function. This rattan basket is a beautiful addition to any room in need of some extra storage space. You can purchase baskets in different styles to match the size of the room with minimal effort. If you like the design of a big rattan basket, it could be a solid pick for storing your throw blanket.

2. Subtle Touch

Subtle Touch Raffia Decor

The rattan look isn’t really new when it comes to the world of interior design. Using too many rattan elements can have a detrimental visual effect by creating an outdated appearance. Instead of matching furniture sets, for example, it’s recommended to focus more on statement pieces or subtle decorative elements. A subtle rattan touch in the room is enough to bring out the timeless qualities of this natural material. This stylish rattan sideboard is elegantly integrated into this modern living room.

3. Tropical Bedroom

Tropical Bedroom Raffia Interior Design

Using a bed frame made of rattan could be a solid choice if you want to enjoy some tropical vibes in the bedroom. Together with complementary pieces like the round side tables and pendant lights, the rattan bed doesn’t feel out of place. The result is an authentic island-inspired design that provides a cozy and laid-back atmosphere to the room. If you try out a similar look, it’s safe to say that you will be able to transform the bedroom into a beachside getaway.

4. Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair Raffia Decor

Rattan has a carefree vibe that can be emphasized more effectively through the right decorative elements. A good example is the use of a hanging hammock chair that provides a sense of relaxation to any modern interior. Rattan chairs like these are handmade by skilled artisans. They’re often painted in white or black to suit more room decor styles. While it’s recommended as a seating option indoors, the rattan hanging chair can also be used for lounging on the porch or patio.

5. Raffia Wallpaper

Raffia Wallpaper

A stylish wallpaper can beautify the bare walls in any room. If you want a chic, natural look, consider using a raffia wallpaper. It doesn’t have to show off dazzling patterns or flashy colors because even a minimalist style works flawlessly together with the natural vibe of the material. Integrate the wallpaper with other neutral-toned textures or more colorful decorative elements for a beautiful visual effect.

6. Rattan Chairs

Rattan Chairs

Anyone who wants to make a cozy neutral-toned dining area should consider using a set of rattan chairs. Thanks to its stylish woven texture, the furniture makes a solid statement despite the neutral color palette. Use white as a dominant background for the surroundings to bring more attention to the stunning curves of the rattan chairs. By picking a more elegant shape for your rattan furniture, you can elevate the aesthetic and energize any neutral space.

7. Ceiling Decor

Rattan can be used effectively for decorating many areas of the home. The ceiling is one place that could be easily overlooked. The right lighting fixture made using woven rattan can create a stunning focal point for your dining room. This material works ideally for areas bathed in plenty of sunlight because rattan warms the space and matches the airy atmosphere. If you paint the ceiling white, you will be able to emphasize the beauty of a sculptural pendant light made of rattan.

8. Rattan Headboard

Rattan Headboard

A splash of texture can make wonders for the look of the bedroom. Rattan is a recommended material for this room considering the added visual warmth that makes the atmosphere cozy. If you’re not sure about the best ways to incorporate rattan in the bedroom, consider trying out a headboard made from this natural material. It can provide a nice textural touch to complete the look of a bed. Maintain visual cohesiveness through other elements such as a chair or pendant light.

9. Coffee Table

Rattan Coffee Table

With its beautiful curves and fine details, a rattan coffee table can easily become the focal point of the living room. The earthy elegance of a rattan furniture piece is sure to make the area feel more welcoming for your guests. Thanks to the natural sturdiness of rattan, you can also take advantage of reliable long-term durability. It’s a great material choice for a furniture item that gets frequent use such as the coffee table.

10. Raffia Sunburst Mirror

Raffia Sunburst Mirror

If you like the look of raffia and want to admire its textural beauty in your home, it’s easy to integrate the material through a stylish mirror. DIY enthusiasts should consider crafting their own raffia sunburst mirror to add some slight tropical boho vibes to the room. Natural raffia is recommended to pull off this look but synthetic alternatives can also be used. You need to find a suitable round mirror that can be properly decorated with the raffia strands. Here’s the guide if you’re interested in this DIY project.

11. Wicker Plant Stand

Wicker Plant Stand

Wicker items can match the aesthetic of a bohemian-style interior very well. The neutral color and stylish texture of wicker will easily beautify the look of your houseplant if you choose a rattan plant stand like this one. It’s a great aesthetic match considering the mix of fresh greenery with the natural rattan material. The wicker weaving style draws extra attention to the plant stand to counteract its subtle neutral color style.

12. Rattan Wall Decor

Rattan Wall Decor

Do your walls feel a little too empty and monotonous? A great decor idea is to use rattan baskets that will easily warm the space with their stylish texture and colorful patterns. Go for round wall decor items of various sizes to add some fun visual interest to the dining room. Thanks to the neutral style of this material, you can decorate the walls in any room with rattan elements. There’s great potential to incorporate some color splashes together with a mix of patterns if you wish to create a focal point.

13. Peacock Chair

Peacock Rattan Chairs

A staple of rattan interior designs, the woven peacock chair is a striking piece of furniture worth including in many decor styles. You can safely integrate this elegantly textured chair in both modern and traditional rooms. The visual appeal of this rattan chair makes it a standout feature wherever it’s placed. It can look stunning just by itself without other complementing rattan items. Peacock chairs are recommended for any space where a natural element is needed to add some warmth.

14. Painted Rattan

Painted Rattan Couches

Most people prefer rattan furnishings in their natural state, but a coat of paint can do wonders to try a different look. Colorful rattan furniture is typically reserved for outdoor use. However, it can appear very attractive for indoor areas as well, particularly in sunrooms. If you want to steer away from traditional rattan aesthetics, you should strongly consider painted rattan elements to decorate the room with a chic style.

15. Retro Vibes

Retro Rattan

Depending on the style of the rattan elements you choose, it’s easy to inject the room with a great dose of retro vibes. Pick furniture items with swirly details such as these beautiful shelving units showcased in this living room. When used properly in home design, rattan can bring retro appeal to the room as the natural material used to be very popular in the 70s era. Complete the nostalgic look with other textural elements such as macrame decorations or tropical indoor trees.

16. Raffia Armoire

Raffia Armoire

Instead of a more traditional bulky-looking armoire, consider opting for a piece enveloped in woven raffia strands. It’s a welcomed earthy touch to any kind of furniture element. As opposed to similar natural materials, raffia textiles manage to create an elevated look without compromising on their carefree vibe. Layers of woven raffia are able to beautify the furniture but will also improve its tactile impression. It’s possible to use dyed raffia in decor projects, but the natural style is very chic as it is.

17. Rattan Bar Stools

Rattan Bar Stools

Rattan elements are usually relegated to certain rooms of the house such as the living room or the bedroom. It’s rare to see rattan furnishings in the kitchen, but the natural material is surprisingly fitting for this area. Check out these elegant bar stools designed to add a distinctive style to the kitchen island. They’re made with dark rattan to maintain cohesiveness with the overall color palette of the room.

18. Room Divider

Room Divider From Raffia

The versatility of rattan is quite impressive when you take into account the multitude of furnishings and decor pieces available. An excellent solution to incorporate the material in your home involves the use of a room divider. You can separate different areas with the help of a tropical accessory that adds a distinctive accent to the style of the room. Notice the use of swirly rattan shapes of the room divider that infuse the space with a retro touch.

19. Wicker Vase

Wicker Vase

Are you looking for an airy vase style that can help to enhance the beauty of Pampas grass or artificial flowers? Considering that preserved stems or branches don’t require water, you can opt for a stylish rattan vase. It’s designed with the woven wicker technique to emphasize the textural appeal of the material. Another advantage is that you can actually see through the vase to admire the appearance of the plant stems used.

20. Furniture Knobs

Furniture Knobs From Raffia

Not everyone may feel ready to commit fully to large rattan furniture elements. If that’s the case for you, perhaps a subtle accent would be more suitable to get a taste of the look. Take a look at these stunning furniture knobs that can easily refresh the style of any dresser or cabinet. It’s a small but impactful visual upgrade to consider. Rattan furniture knobs are highly recommended for bohemian spaces or modern airy designs.

21. Mixed Furniture Design

Mixed Furniture Design

Some homeowners might be reluctant about combining rattan elements with the existing furniture in the room. There’s no need to worry because this natural material can be effortlessly integrated with whatever furniture you already own. When it comes to a mixed furniture design, it’s recommended to focus on contrasting textures to create a stylish balance between different furnishings. The rougher tactile feel of rattan chairs can form a beautiful pairing with the softness of a velvet sofa.

22. Sleigh Daybed

Sleigh Daybed

The graceful appearance of rattan works like a charm for designing unique bed frames. Check out this sculptural daybed that shows off a whimsical shape reminiscent of a sleigh. It can easily become the highlight of the room through its woven texture and gentle curves. The rattan bed can be seamlessly integrated into various decor styles including bohemian or mid-century modern. Wicker baskets can be used as matching accents.

23. Raffia Desk

Raffia Desk

A layer of woven raffia has excellent decor potential. It can take any simple hardwood desk and transform its look by wrapping it with a distinctive texture. The style of a raffia desk can easily remind you of the modernist beginnings in the 1930s. There’s a solid vintage flair provided by this aesthetic. That being said, the desk is well-suited to modern home offices. Depending on the chosen style, some raffia desks feature luxurious accents such as gilded trim.

24. Boho Wall Hanging

Inspired by African decor style, this boho wall hanging incorporates raffia strands and clay beads to add a unique tropical vibe to the bedroom. The decor piece is highly recommended for anyone who needs to bring some extra texture and warmth to their living space. You can admire the handmade design that feels refreshing compared to most other mass-produced decorations on the market. The beaded detail further enhances the visual interest created by the raffia.

25. Modern Rattan Style

Modern Rattan Style

If you don’t like the traditional laid-back style of rattan, a coat of crisp white paint can instantly modernize the material. These stylish rattan stools don’t appear out of place in this modern dining area. The white color brings an air of sophistication to elevate the appearance of rattan furnishings. You can choose another shade if white feels too traditional for your tastes. Bolder colors will make the rattan stand out more effectively.

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