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23 Amazing Masculine Bedroom Ideas

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Designing men’s bedrooms has evolved considerably in recent times. Creating a sense of masculine appeal is still important but greater emphasis is put on making an inviting place that feels livable. Moody colors and low lighting can easily add a masculine vibe to the bedroom but they can also appear a little cliche without properly balancing the overall decor.

If you want to create a stylish masculine bedroom, it’s recommended to also incorporate texture and lighter colors. Instead of the stereotypical bachelor pad design, the room benefits from shifting the focus toward beautiful design and stylish functionality. To capture the essence of a masculine bedroom, we’ve prepared some inspirational ideas that will help you figure out some innovative design approaches to apply to your own home.

1. Dark Wood

Dark Wood Nightstand in a Bedroom With a Bed With Colorful Headboard and Blue Sheets

Lots of materials can be used to add a sophisticated visual effect to a men’s bedroom. Dark wood is an excellent example considering its recent surge in popularity. Furniture items that showcase the natural beauty of rich wood can bring a traditional vibe to the room. This is often associated with masculine aesthetics. Although it’s tempting to mix dark wood elements with moody color schemes, it’s actually a better idea to allow lighter colors to dominate. The resulting contrast can accentuate the elegance of the wood even further.

2. Stylish Artwork

Stylish Artwork in a Masculine Bedroom

If you like the idea of an elegant bedroom with plenty of masculine appeal, dark color tones are usually ideal. However, dressing the room with a great dose of grays and blacks can make the space feel too somber and lacking in personality. The solution comes from adding some stylish artwork pieces that reflect your tastes and interests. It’s a recommended way to infuse the bedroom with some fresh character and prevent the look of plain, empty walls. To maintain a cohesive design in a dark color scheme, you can stick to black-and-white art prints.

3. Layered Textures

Bedroom With Layered Textures

Instead of focusing too much on figuring out the best color combinations for the men’s bedroom, it’s worth paying some extra attention to the textures. You can make even the most minimalist styles richer and more visually interesting if you take a layered texture approach. Check out this elegant bedroom that makes use of a primarily neutral color base and simple furnishings. Although the aim is to create a masculine space, it’s important to make the room cozy. The addition of softer textures from throw pillows and blankets can balance out the rougher materials used.

4. Geometric Patterns

Bedroom With Geometric Patterns

Not sure what kinds of patterns to include in your masculine-styled bedroom? There are plenty of good options but it seems that geometric patterns bring out a sense of coolness that’s hard to match by others. Sleek geometrics can be used to decorate various elements of the bedroom. You can pick some interesting patterns to improve the look of the curtains or bedding accessories. Alternatively, geometric patterns can look stunning when highlighted through framed art pieces.

5. Classy Metallics

Masculine Bedroom With Classy Metallics

Glamorous metallics can be used successfully in both masculine and feminine bedroom styles. Keep a darker color base to make gold accents stand out properly while maintaining a decidedly masculine vibe. You don’t need lots of metallic elements to enjoy a more luxurious style. A few key pieces work like a charm to introduce a touch of sophistication to elevate the moody color palette. It’s also recommended to mix glamorous accents with refined textiles such as velvet if you want to make a really bold statement.

6. Dramatic Color

Masculine Bedroom With Dramatic Colors

A vibrant coat of paint could be a smart solution to add a generous splash of color to the bedroom. Although many masculine designs embrace dark colors or understated color schemes, some bedrooms can look more stylish with a touch of dramatic color. Jewel tones such as deep navy, berry red, or emerald green can be integrated effectively into a men’s bedroom design. You can either decorate the rest of the room in a cohesive style by matching accents and elements to the bold hue or simply paint just one wall to create a distinctive statement.

7. Gray Sophistication

Large Bedroom With a Gray Sophistication Design

When it comes to men’s bedroom designs, most decor ideas focus on keeping a classy vibe or a more casual atmosphere. If you prefer the former, it’s recommended to go all out on a stylish gray color palette that feels modern and sophisticated. Allow darker tones such as charcoal to dominate while accenting the space with lighter gray tones to maintain visual balance. Experiment with different shades of gray until you’re happy with the look. Make sure there’s plenty of natural light coming into your gray bedroom to keep the atmosphere light and airy.

8. Wall Paneling

Masculine Style Bedroom With Wall Paneling

There are lots of solutions to try if you’re looking to cover the empty walls in the bedroom. Adding wall paneling can work out pretty well because it adds some extra depth and a sense of effortless style. Creating an accent wall with dark-toned paneling will add a masculine vibe to the atmosphere of the bedroom. It’s an effective way to elevate the look in a men’s bedroom based on neutral colors. The textural effect of the paneling offers plenty of visual interest by itself removing the need for framed art or other wall covering ideas.

9. Hunter’s Lodge

Woody Masculine Bedroom With a Hunters Lodge Feel

Rustic bedroom designs can feel really cozy but also appear very masculine at the same time. Consider a hunter’s lodge look focused on the raw beauty of wood and rougher elements that give the bedroom an unpretentious atmosphere. It’s the perfect aesthetic for a man that has an appreciation for the raw power of nature. Although this kind of look is more difficult to pull off for some types of homes, it could be ideal for rustic mountain cabins with a hunting theme.

10. Beach Vibes

Masculine Bedroom With Beach Vibes

Taking inspiration from coastal decor could be a smart idea to bring a relaxed masculine vibe to the bedroom. There are different styles to consider depending on how fully you wish to embrace the nautical theme. Some people find a subtle coastal look to be more attractive instead of changing every single aspect of the room to match the beachy atmosphere. You don’t necessarily need to change your current walls to whitewashed shiplap or use lots of anchor prints or seashell designs. Keep a balanced look with minimal coastal details in a calming blue-and-white color palette.

11. Distinctive Carpet

Masculine Bedroom With Distinctive Carpet

The floor is an often-neglected part of men’s bedrooms. Instead of drawing attention to the walls with bold prints or moody paint styles, it might be a smarter idea to focus on improving the look of the floor. The best solution, in this case, is to use a distinctive carpet or a more stylish area rug. It’s a simple trick to bring some fresh character to the room without a complex makeover for the walls. They can remain empty and clean in timeless white as the elegant carpet provides considerable visual interest.

12. Chic Minimalism

Masculine Bedroom With Chic Minimalist Style

Trying too hard to decorate the bedroom or designing a complex look with a specific theme might sometimes have the opposite effect resulting in an unflattering style. If you want to play it safe, it’s best to opt for minimalism. Stick to just one or two color shades and avoid excessive clutter. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to create a masculine bedroom if you focus on simplicity. Another important aspect of this look is to maintain good proportions when it comes to furnishings and choose elements with clear lines and shapes.

13. Warm Hues

Masculine Bedroom With Warm Hues

Most masculine bedroom ideas out there emphasize the use of cool tones such as gray and blue. That being said, warmer hues can also be used effectively to bring a sense of elegant comfort to a men’s bedroom. Beige, tan, leather brown, and rusty orange are some of the best shades to consider for this kind of look. You can create a sleek retreat that feels bold and exciting without compromising on coziness. Combine dark-tinged warm neutrals with black accents for a slightly industrial feel that accentuates the masculinity of the space.

14. Pendant Lights

Masculine Bedroom With Pendant Lights

While there’s nothing inherently masculine about pendant lights, they can raise the level of sophistication in lots of men’s bedroom designs. Use them to replace bulky bedside lamps and reduce clutter or install the fixtures in addition to your existing lights just for a more stylish ambiance. If you’re aiming for a chic symmetrical look with other elements of the bedroom, the pendant lights work nicely to accentuate that kind of visual balance.

15. Antique Display

Masculine Bedroom With Antique Display

Compared to more feminine-oriented designs, lots of masculine bedroom ideas tend to embrace too much minimalism and lack character. Instead of standard decor elements and basic furnishings, you should consider opting for a more personalized approach by including curated antiques and a collection of decorative treasures. This doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice functionality because lots of antique pieces can handle double duty. A set of vintage trunks, for example, can be used to decorate the bedroom space and provide additional storage as well.

16. Embracing Nature

Masculine Bedroom With Neutral Elements

Plants offer universal decor appeal. They can be used effectively to break up the somber atmosphere of a dark bedroom without reducing its masculine vibe. Whether it’s a beautiful indoor tree or a subtle mix of succulents, houseplants are welcome to introduce a touch of natural serenity in the bedroom. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are ways to enjoy the vibrant green look by opting for a faux version of your favorite plant style.

17. Edgy Texture

Masculine Bedroom With Edgy Textures

By making clever use of raw texture and unfinished elements, you can give the bedroom a strong masculine edge. This kind of industrial appeal has enjoyed immense popularity in recent times. A great idea is to incorporate an exposed architectural element such as a brick wall or ceiling beams. It elevates the look of the bedroom with a solid layer of raw style. Keep in mind that an unfinished appearance can make the space feel uninviting unless you compensate through contrasting textures. A good example is using a big and cozy area rug that adds some welcomed warmth to an industrial bedroom.

18. Serene Space

Masculine Bed With a Serene Space Area and Green Wall Paper and Bed Sheets

Green is an excellent color to use if you prefer a masculine bedroom look that stands out from the rest. There are many shade variations worth trying but sage green is probably the best if you’re aiming for a serene atmosphere. This is a fresher alternative to gray that can look surprisingly masculine with the right decor style. A typical sage green bedroom makeover involves mixing white or another neutral tone to help the color pop. Alternatively, you can take a bolder approach by dressing up the entire space in sage green.

19. Colorful Textiles

Masculine Bedroom With Colorful Textiles

There’s nothing wrong with a strong focus on timeless color schemes such as gray and navy blue for masculine bedrooms. These tones can look very attractive by themselves but you might end up easily with a look that’s too rigid and formal. Using colorful textiles is one ingenious way to warm up the atmosphere and keep a more casual vibe. Don’t be afraid to try some stylish pops of colors through bedding accessories such as blankets or throw pillows. They can inject some fun personality to balance out the dark-toned style of the bedroom.

20. Bold Mural

Masculine Bedroom With a Bold Mural and Orange Bedsheets on the Bed

If you’re not happy with the look of empty walls in your bedroom, consider adding a bold mural that matches the overall aesthetic of the space. Abstract designs can bring a sense of masculine sophistication. Pay close attention to the overall color scheme to ensure that your mural style doesn’t seem out of place. You will be able to create a striking wall feature that grabs all the attention. The mural can add enough drama to the room without feeling like it clutters the space too much.

21. Muted Tones

Masculine Bedroom With Muted Tones

Decorating with a simple black-and-white color scheme could be an easy way to infuse the bedroom with a masculine vibe. While there’s nothing wrong with a monochromatic theme, it’s safe to say that it can seem a little lazy and uninspired. If you want a similar level of elegance with some extra warmth and less harsh contrast, your best bet is to try mixing muted tones together. It will result in a stylish contemporary vibe if you base the color palette around warm neutral tones and restrict black-and-white elements to just a few accents.

22. Statement Headboard

Masculine Bedroom With a Statement Headboard

Big and ornate headboards can be well suited to include in a men’s bedroom. Even if you prefer rough textures and cold color tones, there’s no need to sacrifice your comfort. A stylish headboard provides a great contribution in that sense and it can also make an elegant statement. Pick a vibrantly-colored model that brings some notable contrast to the space compared to the rest of the room’s furnishings. An extended headboard can become a reliable focal point making it unnecessary for additional wall covering solutions.

23. Cottage Charm

Masculine Bedroom With Cottage Charm

Do you have more of a laid-back personality? A cottage-inspired bedroom design might be more to your liking in that case. It emphasizes traditional materials, earthy color schemes, and a generous dose of natural sunlight. There’s some considerable rustic appeal in this type of bedroom but cottage-style decor elements are used sparingly to make an understated visual impact. Despite lacking some typical masculine features that increase the sophistication of the space, this bedroom offers a comfortable atmosphere and brings a charm of its own.

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