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Solved! Where and How to Place Candles in Your Home?

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Looking to set the mood in the room with the help of scented candles? Knowing where and how to place the candles in your home can make a notable difference in terms of distributing the fragrance properly throughout the space. If you’re interested in creating the ultimate ambiance with the help of scented candles, it’s a good idea to pay more attention when selecting the right location in the house. It’s safe to say that candles can be put anywhere you like but for an aromatic boost, it’s recommended to focus on the following locations.

Where to Put Candles in Your Home

1. Living Room Coffee Table

Scented Candle on a Living Room Coffee Table Next to a Book

The coffee table represents a perfect spot for placing your scented candles. It’s not just an ideal location because it allows you to enjoy the fragrance more easily but also because it’s a great spot to display the stylish appearance of the candle. The living room is typically considered the main room of a home. The coffee table can often function as the room’s centerpiece. Whether you’re relaxing by yourself on the sofa or having guests over in a conversation zone, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with the coffee table to place your favorite scented candles.

2. Bathroom Shelf

Scented Candles on a Bathroom Shelf Next to a Modern Bathtub

Putting a scented candle in the bathroom is a smart way to freshen up the air in this location while also enjoying a new level of relaxation. Pick a shelf on the wall or another out-of-the-way location to set up an aromatic display of candles. Unpleasant odors can be neutralized more effectively with the help of this solution. Scented candles in the bathroom can create a cozy ambiance when taking a bubble bath. They’re sure to put you in a better mood after a long day.

3. Bedroom Dresser

A Scented Candle on Nightstand Next to Books and a Flower Vase

The bedroom should be an area of pure relaxation considering how it’s intended as a comfortable place to sleep. It makes sense to include a scented candle in this place because it will help you obtain that kind of tranquil atmosphere. Put the candle on the bedroom dresser or somewhere within a reasonable distance from the bed. You don’t want the aromatic fragrance to overpower the bed zone too much. The smell will spread throughout the room easily enough and contribute to a deep sleep while also subtly lingering in the morning.

4. Dining Room Table

Scented Candles on a Dining Room Table in a Modern Apartment

Some people might dislike the idea of combining food smells with the fragrance of the candle but the dining room table might be worth considering as a potential location. Scented candles can be used to build the atmosphere in the dining room before the food is served. You don’t necessarily have to keep the candle on the table together with the food. It’s more about creating a sense of intimacy in your social gathering with the power of pleasant smells. Instead of interfering with the dining experience, scented candles can be incorporated effectively to set the tone.

5. Home Office Desk

A Scented Candle on a Home Office Desk Next To a Laptop

Scented candles have reliable aromatherapeutic properties that can be used to induce a sense of peace and relaxation. The home office is one area that could take advantage of this beneficial effect. When the work gets particularly stressful, you can enjoy the calming power of a scented candle and uplift your mood. The pleasant aroma of the candle can contribute to increased productivity and prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed by work-related tasks. Put the candle on the desk or somewhere else close to your home office workstation to enhance the atmosphere in this space.

6. Kitchen Island

A Scented Candle on Kitchen Island With a Marble Countertop

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it could be a good idea to add some scented candles in this space. The delicious aroma of the candle can inspire your senses while creating a cozier atmosphere. The kitchen doesn’t have to be a strictly functional place where you simply deal with the chore of food preparation. It can become a delightful sanctuary where members of the household can gather often to enjoy food and drinks. Consider setting up a scented candle on the kitchen island which is typically positioned ideally to distribute the fragrance more efficiently throughout the cooking space.

How to Place Candles in Your Home

1. Take Into Account the Size of the Room

A Set of Multiple Scented Candles in Different Sizes and Flavors

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your scented candles, it’s recommended to pay attention to some important details when placing candles in your home. The size of the room is a good example because it will definitely have an influence on the spread of the scent. Many homeowners are quick to blame the candle’s quality when the fragrance seems too weak or too strong. However, it turns out that they simply use a candle that’s not suited for the room.

If you have a spacious room or plan to put the candle in a more open area of the home, it’s safe to say that you can expect the fragrance to be more subtle. A single small candle won’t have a noticeable presence in this kind of room. If you’re not satisfied with the intensity of the fragrance, it’s recommended to opt for multiple smaller candles spread out throughout the large area. This is a better solution than just using a single larger candle because you can also get the opportunity of mixing up different aromas together.

When it comes to small and narrow rooms, you will likely run into a different problem as the smell of the candle can feel too concentrated and overwhelming. This can often happen even in medium-sized rooms if the walls are not very tall or if there are lots of furniture elements or clutter. The obvious solution is to use a smaller candle for this kind of space. It’s also recommended to add a scent-free candle that contributes to the atmospheric effect without adding extra fragrance.

2. Keep Candles Away From Drafts

Scented Candles on a Window Sill Exposed to Air Drafts

As many homeowners are aware, drafts can cause some serious issues to a lit candle. The most obvious problem is that candles can get extinguished by a strong gust of air. Even if your home doesn’t experience very powerful drafts, it’s important to keep the candles away from windows and doors. The flame of a candle can be severely impacted by a draft causing it to release the fragrance in unbalanced bursts. If you wish to maintain your candles working in proper condition, avoid any drafts as well as air conditioning.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Scented Candles on a White Tray Sitting Exposed to Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight represents another reason why it might be a bad idea to place candles close to the windows. Aside from the issue of color fading, candles should not be left out in the sun because the wax heats up and can melt faster than desired. Many types of scented candles can be vulnerable to direct sunlight but those made from soy can be particularly affected appearance-wise. The good news is that only the look of the candle might be ruined.

4. Always Pay Attention to Safety Precautions

Dog Trying to Reach Lit Scented Candles on a Table

As a general rule, candles should be kept as far away as possible from anything in your home that can catch fire. A scented candle looks stylish next to books and soft blankets but this is a potential fire hazard. When deciding on a place for your candle, it’s advised to pay some more attention to safety precautions if you have children and pets. Even if you’re careful about putting a safe distance between the candle and other things, there’s a notable risk of accidents if your kids or dogs can reach it. Choose a high spot somewhere in the room where the candle is safely out of the way.


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