Classic Brown Maple Wood Cabinets

10 Incredible Maple Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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Maple kitchen cabinets are no longer as popular as they were in the past. Many homeowners see them as outdated and somewhat impractical considering how much space they occupy. However, this style of kitchen cabinet can make use of some creative ideas and redesign tricks to look more attractive than ever. Instead of removing your old maple kitchen cabinets and replacing them with modern alternatives, try some of our inspiring solutions to upgrade their style.

There’s an important reason why maple is still a preferred choice for kitchen cabinets. This type of hardwood provides great durability for the cost and is compatible with multiple stains. It’s safe to say that maple cabinets are versatile enough to work without problems in both traditional and modern aesthetics. The only difficult aspect is figuring out how to keep the look of these cabinets fresh and interesting. Without further ado, let’s explore the best maple cabinet ideas to make your kitchen more inviting and sophisticated than ever.

1. Traditional Finish

Traditional Maple Wood Cabinets

While many people embrace modern kitchen cabinet styles, there are still those who appreciate the sturdiness of traditional maple. Check out this beautiful kitchen where the maple cabinetry offers a durable and visually-pleasing impression. The finishing touches are provided by a brick backsplash paired with metal knobs and pulls.

2. Shaker Cabinets

Dark Brown Maple Wood Cabinets

With a rich espresso finish, these shaker cabinets prove solid maple is very much viable for a modern kitchen. The cabinetry system offers simple installation considering how it’s geared towards practicality and convenience above all else. That being said, the aesthetic appeal won’t disappoint.

3. Breezy Style

Light Toned Maple Wood Cabinets

Maple cabinets are gorgeous regardless of the size of the kitchen. Take a look at this compact kitchen area where the lightweight cabinets in a neutral-toned color scheme ensure a breezy style. The maple wood panels feel warm and inviting, especially when bathed in generous amounts of natural light from the window nearby.

4. Gray Sophistication

Gray Painted Maple Wood Cabinets

The easiest way to upgrade the style of maple kitchen cabinetry is to use a fresh coat of paint. If you’re going for a more modern look, it’s safe to say that gray brings a healthy dose of sophistication. It will make your cabinets appear stylish without too much effort. It’s recommended to contrast the gray cabinets with lighter-toned countertops for the best results.

5. Wine Rack

Maple Wood Cabinets With Wine Rack

By incorporating a wine rack in one of your maple cabinets, you will be able to create a classier look for the entire kitchen. This traditional kitchen relies on a rich cognac-brown hue for its cabinetry. The addition of the wine rack completes the overall style while abundant greenery contributes to a lively atmosphere.

6. Tuscan Aesthetic

Cream Painted Maple Wood Cabinets

Thanks to a creamy shade of beige, the look of this outdated set of maple cabinets has been beautifully rejuvenated. The color palette and architectural details used in this kitchen are reminiscent of Tuscan interior design. With the help of a generously-sized window, the kitchen takes advantage of extra natural light to enhance the beauty of the cabinets.

7. White Minimalism

White Painted Maple Wood Cabinets

Maple kitchen cabinets can look surprisingly good if you choose to paint them in a crisp shade of white. This L-shaped kitchen makes use of an elegant maple cabinetry style combined with stainless steel appliances. The large kitchen island is ideally positioned in front of the windows to get a solid view of the outside.

8. Distinctively Traditional

Natural Maple Wood Cabinets

When you think of maple kitchen cabinets, it’s safe to say that sophistication isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, this distinctively traditional look might be able to change your mind. The natural maple style looks stunning against the pale green walls and backsplash in this kitchen. The cabinets evoke a sense of comfort that can only come from a traditional space despite the multitude of modern elements.

9. Mix of Woods

Maple Wood Cabinets in Rustic Kitchen

This is another Tuscan-style kitchen that makes use of a mix of woods including variegated maple for the cabinets. The idea is to create a subtle contrast in a room dominated by neutral tones. The light tones of the maple cabinets form a great pairing against the rustic wood beams featuring a dark brown shade.

10. Scandinavian Inspiration

Maple Wood Cabinets in Scandinavian Kitchen

Designed in a sleek minimalist style, this elegant open-concept kitchen features elegant cabinets and open shelving to emphasize its modern visual appeal. Despite being from the US, this kitchen is easily reminiscent of Scandinavian design considering the clean lines and warm neutral color scheme.


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