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40 Fantastic Indoor Garden Ideas

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Do you love nature, but you don’t have a large garden? You can now create your own indoor paradise with a bit of creativity. There are numerous minimalistic ideas suitable for your apartment or a house with no yard. Check out these incredible indoor garden ideas to get inspired and start your own indoor dream garden!

1. Modern Art

Essentially, you can turn any of your rooms into a beautiful indoor garden. In this example, the owner decided to add a vibrant touch with a wall garden. They are usually easy to care for because there are numerous designs with built-in watering systems. Otherwise, you can still water them easily because most of them use the cascade effect, so you only need to water the top row.

2. Bathroom Garden

If you want to relax, turning your bathroom into an indoor garden is the best choice. Add lush plants to the design, focusing on those varieties that love moisture and humidity. This way, your plants will thrive while you can enjoy a long, steamy bath in your indoor oasis.

3. Mini Gardens

If you want to add some vibrancy to your home, simply create your own mini-gardens. You can add any type of plant, statues, or even rocks to complement it. Fortunately, this idea is suitable for all budgets and preferences since you can make the garden as small or as large as you want.

4. Garden Wall Boxes

You can turn your living room into an actual “living” place using plants. These boxes can help you grow them instead of wall decoration. The interesting look can be achieved with low-maintenance air plants or even succulents, so you do not need to worry about watering them often.

5. Shaded Corner Garden Idea

This design is suitable even if you have an outdoor, sunny garden. This corner is used to create a beautiful partially shaded area, so plants that thrive in indirect light can be added to your indoor garden. You can mix and match them as you wish as long as the plants you choose do not require direct sunlight.

6. Gardening the Kitchen

This is the best idea if you love cooking with fresh herbs, microgreens, or other edibles. It is convenient since you always have them within your reach. It is important to keep these planters clean at all times as they will co-exist with your other kitchen supplies.

7. Living Wall

Living walls are extremely modern and beautiful. In this case, you can add some brightness to your living room or hallway. The best thing is that you can create any size – whether it is only a small portion or an entire wall. Vertical walls can contain lots of plants, but make sure you irrigate them and provide all the nutrients required by your plants.

8. Wall Planters

If you do not want an entire living wall, you can use some simple pots to hang on your walls. You save space while adding some liveliness to your décor. You can choose any sizes, colors, and styles to complement your home and freshen up the design. For a touch of boldness, you can go for some vividly colored pots to turn your room into real artwork.

9. Floating Garden

If your bathroom is full of sunshine during the day, you should take advantage of this perk and create a floating indoor garden. As we discussed above, you must choose plants that enjoy moisture and high humidity, so you should avoid cacti or succulents.

10. Zen Bathroom Wall

The bathroom is perhaps the best location to add plants because you should not be worried much about watering them. The owner decided to decorate the wall behind the bathtub in the photo above, literally bringing it to life. If you prefer a more delicate approach, you can make a smaller portion or hang some garden boxes instead.

11. Glass Terrariums

Glass terrariums consist of glass containers filled with mesmerizing plants, stones, and other decorative items. It’s best to add plants that thrive in wet, moist soils because the glass containers lack drainage holes. However, you can still add other varieties as long as you follow a precise watering schedule.

12. Indoor Herb Gardening

Herb lovers must try this amazing idea! Even better, indoor herb gardens are easy to care for, so you do not need much gardening skill. At the same time, you will always enjoy fresh, flavorful herbs for your meals. The main advantage is that herbs are often unpretentious, but you need to consider your drainage system and sunlight. Check out these glass containers for herbs from Amazon.

13. Terrarium Glass Planters

Hanging terrariums are a great idea if you want to add some more decorations to your room. If you choose the small ones, as in the photo above, it’s best to add quite a few of them. Grouping them will look very interesting and modern. Apart from plants, you can also fill them up with stones or other elements.

14. Bathroom Jungle

If you love indoor gardens, this bathroom jungle will surely resonate with you. The picture above has a plethora of pothos (devil’s ivy) and ferns that add vibrancy and freshness. This plant variety is ideal for the moisture in the bathroom as their lush structure absolutely loves water.

15. Living Pictures

For the modernistic artists out there, living pictures are an absolutely breathtaking view. Most people choose succulents for this bold design, but you can also add other varieties. Choose an empty frame that you like and fill it up with your favorite plants. Some people might even be up to a DIY project and create their own frames.

16. Indoor Atrium

If you have a large hallway or even a spare room, consider turning it into your beautiful indoor garden. All you need is plenty of sunlight and your favorite plants and flowers that can thrive in partially shaded areas. This idea can also be achieved in an apartment, according to the space you have available.

17. Air Garden

An air garden consists of plants that thrive with little to no water or even soil. You can add air plants or cacti to glass containers. You can place these on the table or even suspend them on the wall or ceiling. However, if you place these in a windy area, such as the patio, consider securing them properly to avoid accidents.

18. Cozy Indoor Garden for Shaded Rooms

This design shows that you have plenty of freedom, regardless of the space you have available. There is never too much vegetation, especially for nature lovers. You can combine any plants you want, including succulents, trees, or other houseplants.

19. Garden Rods

These garden rods make it so easy to set up an indoor garden. You can place them literally anywhere in your home, and they are also easy to maintain. It adds freshness to your kitchen, living room, or even bedroom. You can turn this into your next DIY home improvement project!

20. Hanging Baskets

If you do not want to clutter your space, you may consider hanging your plants in one of these hanging baskets. This will keep the floor clear, and you will also avoid damaging them by mistake. One important consideration is the type of pot you choose to hang: they should have a drainage plug to avoid drops.

21. Wooden Palette Garden Design

If you have large, empty walls, you can beautifully decorate them using a few pots and lights. These wooden frames can be personalized to your liking, turning them into centerpieces that will complement the overall design of your home. This setup involves tiny plants that decorate the wood, making it absolutely stunning.

22. Herb Garden

Another creative idea for herb lovers, this owner decided to create a mini indoor herb garden on the windowsill. This is an excellent option to make sure your plants thrive since they will have plenty of sunlight. Also, since the pots are behind the faucet, you won’t be likely to forget about watering them. Check out these pots for plants from Amazon.

23. Bedroom Garden

This bedroom garden is ideal if you want fresher air in your bedroom. Make sure you choose some houseplants with air-cleaning properties. This is an excellent option if you work from home or you spend lots of time in your house.

24. Matching Pots

Your indoor garden should not neglect style and design. This is a beautiful example of how these matching pots are absolutely exquisite when placed together. For best results, avoid clichés, such as choosing the same color and size. It’s best if you opt for different sizes and the same color or vice-versa.

25. DIY Living Wall

This owner decided to stand out from the crowd and make their own living wall. They combined different colors and plants, and you can choose anything ranging from flowering plants, vegetables, or even herbs. Make sure you purchase a complete kit that includes a drainage system.

26. Cup Garden

Let your imagination fly and get inspired by this beautiful, minimalistic tiny garden. If you have any significant event coming up, this is the piece that will awe all of your guests. You can opt for succulents and cacti as they thrive in low-water environments. Make your own cup garden, ask your kids to join you, or even let them take care of it!

27. Jungle

If you want to use plants to create a beautiful look, bigger is better! Note these large potted plants – they add oomph and vibrancy to this space, bringing it to life. The snake plant is a great addition, but there are many varieties you can choose from.

28. Cactus Garden

Cacti are great for beginners because they are low maintenance. There are also numerous varieties to choose from, so you can mix and match them, as you can see in the picture above. Some species do not even need much sunlight, so they are a favorite indoor option.

29. Water Garden

If you have fish, you can create your own water garden, while your little friend will surely enjoy the vivid environment! You can use ferns because these plants grow inside water, while the roots will provide natural food for your fish. Similarly, the fish waste will nourish the plant, making sure that you have a tiny, fully independent ecosystem. And, on top of everything, it looks mesmerizing!

30. Fairy Garden Kit

This fairy garden kit is only one of the examples of what you can now buy from the store. You can turn this activity into a highly entertaining one by involving your kids, so you can create the fairy garden together. It’s also an excellent gift for adults who love nature or someone who is a child at heart.

31. Mini Forest

There are so many options if you are a DIY enthusiast. In this case, for instance, the owner decided to make their own little forest using bark. You can opt for a horizontal base as the sloped one is surely more challenging. Everything is possible with a bit of imagination and lots of patience!

32. Succulents

As we’ve already mentioned, succulents are excellent for our indoor gardens. They look beautiful in any type of frame you like – whether it is wooden, modern, intricate, or simple. This idea is suitable for your bedroom, living, or your open kitchen area. You can also personalize this design by decorating or painting the frames by yourself.

33. Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic systems allow you to grow your plants in a record time. You can enjoy a full garden of beautiful plants, lush foliage, and plenty of fresh air. This system is suitable if you want to grow veggies indoors, especially basil, cabbage, lettuce, or other leafy vegetables.

34. AeroGarden

AeroGardens are ideal for tech-oriented people. These devices come with maximum convenience as they have their own water reservoir, they do not create a mess and even have their own LED lights. In other words, your plants will be automatically taken care of, so you can spend your free time with your family or doing what you love while enjoying your lush indoor garden. The device will let you know if it runs out of something, so your plants will not wilt.

35. Big Wall Planters

If your space is limited, consider wall planters. You can also keep your floor cleared or available for other activities or decorations. The best aspect of wall planters is that they come in endless options, so you can choose whatever suits you best.

36. Shade Plants

If your home is not very well-lit, you can choose shade plants. These plants do not take up space, but they add an exotic touch. This owner decided to brighten up the coldness of the stones, glass, and wood.

37. A Vibrant Living Room

This living room is all about nature, ranging from the green walls and cushions to the lush vegetation. All the plants you can see above are low-maintenance, too, so you can have your own indoor garden in your living room without much hassle.

38. A Vertical Garden in the Bathroom

Resembling a tapestry, this living wall is also placed behind the bathtub. Apart from its beauty, you will also enjoy fresh air, a relaxing atmosphere, and an unmistakable fragrance. As we’ve already seen, living walls are suitable for all bathrooms because they soak up the humidity.

39. A Sprouts Garden

Sprouts and microgreens are extremely vibrant. At the same time, they are also highly nutritious and useful in your cooking activities. All you need is a few seeds and a moist medium. You can place them on damp towels or a pot. Decorate your windowsills with mesmerizing (and edible) micro gardens!

40. A Mini Garden With Transparent Pots

You have plenty of options when it comes to mini gardens. These minimalist decorations do not require much of your time and effort, and they are extremely beautiful. All you need to do is buy the tiny glass containers and the little plants.

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