The 20 Fastest Growing Vegetables

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If you want to start your own garden with edible plants and vegetables, you should know that timing is everything. More specifically, you can choose the fastest-growing ones to ensure that you have a steady supply of fresh veggies. These could keep you busy while slower ones, such as peppers and tomatoes, are growing. Check out the following sections to discover the fastest growing plants and veggies, so you have a never-ending supply of fresh edibles this summer.

1. Lettuce

Lettuce is a beautiful addition to your garden. This delicious, vibrant plant should be on your shortlist because once planted, you can cut the leaves, and they will keep growing the entire season. It would be best if you cut a maximum of one-third of the leaves at once, and you can harvest it each week until you notice slower growth or even blooming. It takes about 45 days for the lettuce to grow from sowing the seeds.

2. Spinach

Spinach also grows from seeds, but you should plant it into a lightly shaded area and keep it well-watered. This is because strong sunlight will make the spinach leaves quite bitter. However, on the good side, if you plant spinach, you can enjoy the fresh vegetable until the first frost.

3. Turnips

Some varieties of turnips have both delicious roots and leaves, so turnips are a garden staple. They are also low maintenance, and they do not mind the temperature too much. In other words, you can plant turnips throughout the entire growing season. However, harvest them when they are still young for the best taste and freshness.

4. Scallions

Growing in only 30 days, spring onions or scallions are an excellent addition to meals or fresh salads during the hot season. They are often planted right before the last frost in spring and are grown from seedlings. It would help if you always harvested them when they are young and fresh for a tender, succulent addition to your meals.

5. Baby Carrots

Similar to scallions, baby carrots also grow in approximately 30 days. Another benefit is that you can plant them several times throughout spring or fall, especially since the carrot is quite resistant to cold temperatures and even frost. It’s best to enjoy carrots fresh after you wash them thoroughly.

6. Kale

Kale has long been considered a superfood due to its nutritional content. It takes about 40 days to grow after you sow the seeds. It would be best if you thinned them as the plants mature. On the good side, you can harvest the kale weekly, but do not take more than one-third of its leaves at one time. Let them grow back and enjoy fresh kale leaves throughout the entire season!

7. Summer Squash

Taking approximately 50 days, summer squash is a versatile ingredient in many recipes. You do not need to wait until it is fully grown. You can harvest the young ones as soon as you see them appearing, and you can add them to casseroles, bread, and more.

8. Bush Beans

It takes about two months for bush beans to grow from the seeds to harvest. You can also plant them in pots or directly into the soil during the summer. You can saw a batch every month until the end of the hot season, and you can harvest the pods every day while they are still small and fresh.

9. Beets

Beetroot is another delicious veggie that adds so much flavor to lots of recipes. They take approximately 50 days to reach maturity from the seeds. If you want to speed up the process, you can soak the seeds in water before you sow them. You should leave them in a container with water throughout the night before sowing.

10. Arugula

Another leafy veggie, arugula, is a must for your spring garden. It usually grows within 30 days if you plant it in spring or fall, but before the first frost. Make sure you water it frequently; it should also be planted in nutrient-rich soil for the best taste.

11. Radishes

Growing in a maximum 25 days, the radish is one of the fastest-growing plants from seeds. If you want to get started in no time with your edible garden, then you should add this versatile plant to your list. Radishes are also low-maintenance, and you can sow them every few weeks until the end of the season to enjoy a continuous supply.

12. Bok Choy

Bok choy bursts with flavor and nutrients. Generally, it can be plated in spring and late summer, and it takes about 30 days to be ready for harvest. If you plant baby bok choy, it can be ready even faster than that.

13. Cucumbers

If you love baby cucumbers, you can harvest them from your mature plant in 50 days after you plant the cucumbers. Otherwise, you can wait longer for mature cucumbers. Make sure you have enough space for the cucumber as it tends to require plenty of space in your garden.

14. Mustard Greens

Mustard greens love water and, if you let them get dry, they will get bitter. They are also quite resilient, so they might just be able to survive a light frost in some conditions. Similar to other greens, mustard greens should be planted in early spring or late summer.

15. Cress

Cress is an excellent exotic addition to our meals due to its unique peppery taste. The plant is often grown as a microgreen, and it is suitable for all-year-round cultivation. It’s best to plant it in a small tray as above after you place wet towels on the bottom. Place the seeds on the towel and wrap the tray using plastic wrap. Cress geminates within two days, and you can harvest it when it reaches about 2 inches.

16. Broccoli

Broccoli is suitable for cooler climates as the temperature should be approximately 75F throughout the entire growing period. As a result, it is suitable for your spring garden, and it takes about two months to be ready for harvest.

Fastest Growing Plant From Seeds

17. Swiss Chard

Swiss chard can grow in approximately 20 days. If you want to have a quick harvest, make sure you speed up the seed germination by soaking them in water for about 24 hours before you plant them. You can start harvesting Swiss chard as soon as the leaves reach 2-inch diameter.

18. Okra

Another quick-growing veggie, okra, mature in about 50 days for the cajun delight variety. However, okra only thrives in zones from 3 to 9. Then, you can harvest it and use the fresh veggie for all of your favorite meals.

19. Peas

Peas can be grown extremely easily, so they are ideal for a beginner. It would help if you planted peas in early spring, as soon as the ground temperature is higher than 45F. Water them regularly and ensure that they are in a sunny spot. After approximately two months, you can harvest the fresh, tender pods.

20. Tatsoi

Tatsoi is actually an Asian variety of spinach that can be easily grown. It takes about 45 days to grow these leaves, and you can start harvesting them. Make sure you pick the outside leaves first and work your way towards the center, but you should never gather all of it at once if you want a continuous supply of tatsoi.


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