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25 Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

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Mirrors are beautiful decorations that come in a variety of styles. Apart from functionality, they can add an extra touch to your home décor while brightening up the room and making it seem more spacious. They are incredibly versatile, so there are a plethora of methods how to use them to decorate your home. These are the top 25 ways to decorate with mirrors and maximize the benefits!

1. Above the Fireplace

Placing mirrors above the fireplace is a strategic and classic design choice. In this case, the rounded corners of the mirror help smoothen the overall aesthetics of the room that uses only straight lines. This also helps reflect the light from the large windows, brightening up the room.

2. Extra Large Mirrors

When you want to decorate your home with a well-placed mirror, the shape and size are extremely important. This large, traditional mirror is the centerpiece of this room, adding a classic flair to the design. If your home is more modern, you should opt for smaller, more subtle designs.

3. Replacing Windows

Mirrors can be integrated into tiles to create a welcoming surprise. In this case, this mirror adds brightness and can solve your problems if you’d like to have some extra windows, but you cannot add them. Mirrors can also be incorporated into the doors or other elements of your home.

4. Table Mirrors

As briefly mentioned above, mirrors come in all types of designs. This small coffee table has an incorporated mirror on its top. When paired with vases or other beautiful decorations, the result is exceptionally modern and affordable at the same time.

5. Highlighting the Accent Wall

Once again, using geometric shapes instead of traditional designs can turn the mirror into a real statement. In this case, the owner used the octagonal mirror to highlight the red accent wall.

6. A Mirror Inside the Door

A full-length mirror is a must in our home, but sometimes we simply don’t have space for it. In this case, the owner decided to add the mirror to their bathroom door, helping to create an illusion of space. This makes it ideal for small rooms.

7. A Round Mirror

This room has a vintage flair that is perfectly accentuated by the round mirror. It was placed right above the dresser, making it both useful and interesting. You can also use different plants or art pieces to complement its beauty.

8. Reflecting Light

If you’d like to make your room brighter without changing the lighting, it’s best to place the mirror in front of the existing light. It would also work to place it next to a window as this will also help create more natural light.

9. Centerpiece

If you have a relatively bland room without a central element, such as a fireplace, you can use a beautiful mirror to improve it. In this case, the owner chose a model with a gorgeous, intricate frame that will attract all the attention. Also, it’s important to make sure that the frame material is the same as the furniture, otherwise, the design will seem segregated.

10. Vintage-Modern Blend Style

If you want to decorate your hallway, a mirror should be on your shortlist. This vintage and modern blended hallway seems extremely welcoming, thanks to this design. This is because the wood has a warm color, while the large size of the mirror reflects the light.

11. Black-Framed Mirror

For a more modern touch, bold designs are the best choices. In this case, the owner chose a black-framed mirror that beautifully complements the botanical-themed wallpaper. The round mirror reflects the wallpaper on the opposite wall, which adds a bit of an interesting vibe while making the design looking seamless.

12. The Right Height

Depending on your home design, you can either hang mirrors at your eye level, so you can check yourself when you leave your home, or you might want to place it higher on the wall, reflecting the light. When you have furniture in that place, you also need to consider it: place the mirror closer to the furniture than the ceiling. This shows the connection between the mirror and the furniture – otherwise, your design will seem fragmented.

13. Against The Wall

Tall mirrors simply leaning against the wall have a royal, vintage feel to them. Feel free to be creative and place it wherever you want it – in your living room, for instance, although they are often associated with bathrooms or bedrooms. Make sure you properly secure the mirror to the wall to avoid accidents.

14. Large Mirrors

If you have a small room, the best thing you can do is decorate it with an extra-large mirror. This is often a trick used by interior designers to add space. It’s vital that the mirror is about three-quarters of the wall to achieve this effect.

15. Decorating the Living Room

If your room already has a focus piece, such as this fireplace, you may want to go for a simple, nearly invisible design. In this case, the mirror is simply used to add more natural light and slightly temperate the cold bricks of the mantel.

16. Decorating Black Walls

As we mentioned above, mirrors add light to the room. Consequently, they are the best choices if you want to lighten up heavy colors, such as black. This mirror is also placed in front of the lighting, which will help add a welcoming, warmer feeling to the room’s overall design.

17. Mirrored Staircase

This is quite a traditional choice. Many people choose to hang pictures or mirrors to the wall of the staircase. The creative idea above combines nine different designs, both classic and modern, and it helps to create a beautiful focal point and upgrade the look of the staircase.

18. Making a Statement

Whether you have a small or spacious room without a focal point, large sizes are always a great idea. This mirror helps to make a true design statement, but make sure you keep everything else to the minimum to avoid cluttering your home.

19. Mirrors as Decorations

Most people decorate their walls with paintings or pictures. However, mirrors can be used for the same purpose, especially when you choose a special frame. If this is your case, you can choose what models you enjoy most and hang it just like you would place a painting, but relatively closer to the furniture.

20. Bold Choices

There’s an endless supply of bold choices on the market. For example, this boho design comes with a fringed mirror that boosts the entire design of the room. Although it’s placed higher on the wall, the fringe hangs lower to the furniture and blends in seamlessly with the wall color.

21. Layering with Mirrors

In this exquisite design, the large mirror is used as an anchor and as a method to multiply the natural light. It is surrounded by different design elements that you can mix and match as you wish, creating your own personal style.

22. Leaning on the Wall

Another excellent option is to add a large mirror that helps to break the coldness of other design choices and bring together all elements. In this case, the rectangular mirror reflects both the natural and artificial light while highlighting the different design pieces in your home.

23. Bathroom Ideas

If you have a tiny bathroom, it’s always a good idea to add a beautiful mirror. It will result in a larger space, while this warmer design also helps to pace down the coldness of the black counter.

24. Being Creative

This is another example of outstanding creativity. The Victorian-looking mirror is added to an otherwise modern home to make it brighter and more sophisticated. In this case, choosing a large mirror is a must, while the symmetrical location between the two windows helps to brighten up the entire room.

25. Real Artwork

If you have a gallery wall, you could consider adding a mirror along with all of your other artwork. If there are plenty of decorations, you can opt for a sleek but relatively simple frame, then place your decorations around the mirror.

By Stefan Bucur

Stefan is the founder and owner of Rhythm of the Home. He has 6 years of experience in home improvement, interior design, cleaning and organizing.

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