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20 Genius Ways to Decorate With Crystals

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Whether you believe or not in their healing powers, crystals show off amazing decorative potential. You can find different types of crystals in multiple sizes and color variations to suit various home design needs. The look created by decorating with crystals may not be appealing to everyone but you should give them a chance. Crystals have the ability to bring a sense of mystical elegance to any room. They work well when used as luxurious accents even though the health benefits are debatable.

Amethyst, quartz, and selenite are some of the most popular types of crystals used in home decor. Lots of mesmerizing colorful stones and complex-looking geodes can find their way into your home for decorative purposes. The most stylish crystals are typically the ones that are rough and unpolished. The reason is that it suggests a closer connection to the imperfect natural world. It’s arguably more visually appealing to display a crystal in your home that appears to be discovered accidentally on a hike.

If you’re not sure how to start decorating with crystals, consider the following genius ways that should offer some welcomed inspiration.

1. Mystical Arrangement

Similar to the concept of a terrarium, you can try your hand at stylish crystal arrangements instead of plants. You can decorate a corner of the room with this kind of crystal garden that shows off a selection of the most attractive pieces carefully arranged on a table. The styling is completed with a candle or some other natural elements that contribute to the same vibe.

2. Coffee Table Sparkle

It’s not exactly difficult to decorate with crystals when you think of them as little sparkling accents. Just adding a colorful stone to the coffee table will enhance the appearance of books and transform the space. The table can easily become the centerpiece of the living room when you take into account all the surrounding elements such as gold accents and patterned throw pillows.

3. Mounted Crystal

Putting on display a specific crystal piece can be done more effectively by using a pronged mount. It’s a more practical solution instead of just placing the uneven crystal directly on the surface. Find a good shelf, window ledge, or another spot to make the most out of the decorative power of a mounted crystal. You can even buy more stones to display an impressive crystal collection.

4. Crystal Mobile

Here’s a simple and charming way to decorate using the beauty of crystals. Consider getting a mobile equipped with unique raw quartz crystals. It provides some natural style to any home interior while being effortless to hang. Place it in that corner of the room whose emptiness stands out like a sore thumb.

5. Radiant Lamp

Crystals can form a great combination with lighting fixtures in the world of home design. Take a look at this radiant lamp that relies on an attractive base decorated with colorful crystals. The arrangement of gemstones looks even more appealing when the lamp is turned on. Keep in mind that some crystal-encrusted lamps like this one can be quite costly.

6. Bookends

Do you have an ever-growing book collection? Crystal bookends can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Because natural yellowish-brown agate stones might not look that great to everyone, you can also opt for dyed crystals in more vibrant colors to enhance the visual appeal of the bookends. Check out this stylish set of crystal bookends that will easily highlight your favorite reading material.

7. Planter

Using crystals as planters may sound strange but it’s certainly doable. You will need to make some modifications such as creating a drainage hole. Not every plant can thrive in this setup as it’s primarily recommended to use crystal planters with low-maintenance succulents. The size of these plants is also ideal for most crystals that you intend to transform into planters.

8. Fireplace

Leaving an unused fireplace empty isn’t particularly desirable from an aesthetic point of view. There are various decorative options you could try for displaying but a crystal sculpture seems like one of the best. Especially if you manage to find an impressive piece resembling a roaring fire.

9. Drawer Knobs

Here’s a creative idea to decorate with crystals. You can dress up the look of any drawers by replacing the standard hardware with unique crystals. The result is a mix of strange shapes and captivating colors that will make the dresser stand out. It seems the combination of wood and crystals has great decorative potential. The two natural elements provide a harmonious display together. Take a look at this pack of crystal drawer knobs found on Amazon.

10. Quartz Tray

Keeping all your scented candles, perfumes, or other accessories neatly organized can be done properly with the help of a crystal tray. The elegant look of white quartz brings a luxurious vibe to your items to craft a beautiful arrangement regardless of the objects displayed. You can also use the platter for showcasing fancy foods or cocktails.

11. Crystal-Styled Bar Cart

Bar carts serve a pretty clear purpose. They’re designed for elevating the experience of drinking various beverages. Crystals can be incorporated for enhancing the premium vibe of a stylish bar cart while enabling you to enjoy wine or champagne in a classier ambiance. For some extra glamorous flair, consider adding pretty stones in empty glasses when the bar cart is not in use.

12. Wall Hanging

Crystals seem to work great as wall decorations. Check out this brilliant hanging piece that successfully fills a blank space above the bedside. While DIY-ing this kind of decoration isn’t particularly difficult, you can choose to skip all the work and purchase pre-made crystal hanging that will make any wall more lively.

13. Framed Crystals

Do you have a favorite crystal or like the idea of collecting multiple distinctive stone types? Here’s a smart way to include them in your home design aesthetic. Focus the attention on a particular crystal piece by framing it on a wall. This is an interesting way to put a gem collection into the spotlight. Arrange the framed crystals in a gallery grid that displays them properly while also offering damage protection.

14. Chandelier

If you’re in the mood for crafting a great decor piece, consider making a DIY chandelier featuring hanging crystals. You don’t necessarily need a fancy chandelier for this project. It’s easy to put together a fancy-looking light fixture using string lights and golden chains topped with stylish quartz pieces. The resulting look of this crystal chandelier can fit right at home in a bohemian-styled room.

15. Amethyst Mirror

The mirror is an object that gets a lot of use. If you’re going to look at it pretty often, it makes sense to add some decorative touches. A beautiful frame made using raw amethysts can certainly elevate the look of any basic round mirror. The vibrant color of the crystal makes an impressive contrast against the whitewashed brick background.

16. Jewelry Box

Your precious jewelry deserves a fitting storage box. It feels like an ideal match to combine it with crystal decorations. While a chic look can be achieved by gluing the quartz to the box in a DIY style, it’s recommended to purchase a bejeweled box like this one to enjoy a high-quality crystal appearance.

17. Amethyst Geode Coffee Table

Large amethyst geodes can get quite expensive but they could be worth the investment if you want to impress your guests with a unique-looking coffee table. It can be incorporated into a glass table without too much effort. This is the recommended way because the transparent surface allows you to properly display the natural beauty of the crystal.

18. Crystal Inside a Terrarium

Running out of ideas when it comes to decorating your terrarium? Consider incorporating crystal pieces alongside plants to make a one-of-a-kind arrangement. This works particularly well for terrariums with exotic designs. The amethyst creates a stunning background to show off some small flowers, mossy greenery, or succulents.

19. Tree of Life

If you’re familiar with the supposed healing powers of crystals, then you’ll enjoy the visual appeal of this symbolic tree representing the seven fundamental chakras through different types of crystals. Anyone who likes the tree of life archetype should consider this stylish decorative tree that can work nicely as a conversation starter. Here’s a good model.

20. Mystical Crystal Ball

Although expensive, this amethyst sphere is highly recommended if you’ve always wanted to decorate your home with a classic crystal ball. The natural amethyst used brings authentic mystical vibes. It’s proof that polished crystals can sometimes look very attractive compared to rough geodes.

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