How to Hang Things on Brick

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Having an exposed brick wall in your home brings a solid dose of rustic charm to any decor style. While the brick provides visual interest on its own, you might be able to enhance its beauty even further by hanging artwork or another decoration. When it comes to hanging things on a brick surface, there are lots of solutions to consider. Some of them involve drilling holes but you can also try some ways without drilling.

1. How to Hang Things on Brick by Drilling

While it’s typically recommended to avoid damaging the brick wall, drilling represents the best method for hanging heavy things. If you want the most reliable method, drilling is the way to go.

Start by purchasing drilling anchors suitable for the type of object that you intend to hang. Make sure the anchor is able to support the weight of the frame or decor piece. In some cases, it may be necessary to incorporate multiple drilling anchors for more heavy-duty mounting.

Get your drill ready with an adequate bit set that’s compatible with the size of the anchor’s screw. It’s recommended to use a drill bit that’s a little smaller for a perfect hit. Next, mark your drilling spot on the brick wall. Consider drilling through the mortar and not the brick itself for better support.

Once the holes are properly drilled, all that’s left is to insert the anchor screws. Take your pick between plate hooks or screw-in hooks to create the ideal kind of support for the object you intend to hang. Tighten the anchor’s screw until there’s no jiggle. Finally, hang your framed picture or other object using its dedicated hole or hanger.

2. How to Hang Things on Brick Without Drilling

  • Using industrial-strength double-sided tape

Assuming the brick surface is not uneven, the easiest solution for hanging light things on brick without drilling is to use strong double-sided tape. Try a heavy-duty option such as this one. It doesn’t matter whether the brick wall is indoors or outdoors. Get a reliable double-sided tape that can withstand tough conditions such as excessive moisture. Always follow the instructions of the tape carefully to make the most out of it.

  • Using brick clips

With the help of specialized clips that grip the brick, you can hang things without worries of them falling out. This is another practical method that doesn’t require drilling. Keep in mind that you should measure your bricks to purchase matching clips. Most models on the market are designed for average-sized bricks. Here’s a great set of brick clips from Amazon.

The hanger is designed with sturdy clamps that squeeze the grip and provide sufficient leverage to hang various objects. It depends on the depth of your bricks how secure these clips can be installed. Considering the relatively weak fastening power, it’s usually recommended to use this method only for hanging lighter objects.


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