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15 Cluttercore Aesthetic Ideas You Will Love

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Anyone familiar with the most recent aesthetic trends on social media has probably heard about cluttercore. Often described as an anti-minimalist design trend, cluttercore is all about embracing an organized mess of items considered meaningful for you. It’s derived from cottagecore in the sense that it makes use of a similar vibe to transform your home into a cozy sanctuary. However, instead of focusing only on rustic and vintage elements, cluttercore incorporates a multitude of styles that often appear to clash together in an eclectic mix.

The cluttercore trend is essentially a form of maximalism because it emphasizes the idea of layering as many elements, colors, patterns, and textures as possible. A notable difference is that cluttercore is heavily based on emotion and nostalgia. The aesthetic inspires many young people to move away from conventional interior design approaches and decorate their homes as if they were extensions of their personality. Not every cluttercore room looks the same. Each has its own distinctive vibe and unique look by reflecting the personal style of its owner.

Cluttercore can be seen as a response to dull minimalism aesthetics that include featureless, mass-produced furniture and accessories resulting in a clinical look with no character. You can think of cluttercore as an attempt to revolt against that curated stock photo or furniture store interior design appearance. Nostalgia plays an important role in the aesthetic because cluttercore will often showcase collections of items acquired over time. The style gives many people the opportunity to display their treasured flea market antiques or heritage items by using a creative disorder approach.

Take a look at the following cluttercore aesthetic ideas to better understand this innovative design trend. You’ll notice that most cluttercore decorators focus on bedrooms because these spaces are considered more personal, and therefore more suitable for the characteristic aesthetic touches of cluttercore.

1. Lots of Greenery

Cluttercore Room With Plants

If you love houseplants, it’s highly recommended to include them in your cluttercore design style. Focus on using different pot designs and plants of varying sizes. There’s no need to be careful about maintaining some visual harmony rules from an interior design manual. Cluttercore allows you to show off your unique collection of plants and each of their beautiful characteristics. Displaying all your houseplants properly is very much welcomed in cluttercore homes because of the emotional connection you’ve likely created with these living things that you’re taking care of.

2. Fully Covered Walls

Cluttercore Gallery Wall

Although this can be considered a nightmare for minimalists, cluttercore enthusiasts love the idea of covering the walls as much as possible using frames, posters, prints, and other decorations. To the untrained eye, it might look like a chaotic arrangement that takes the concept of maximalism to the extremes. However, each artwork and photo on the crowded wall holds a special meaning for its owner. Whether it’s a treasured memory or a particular piece of art that speaks to you, it’s important to never leave it neglected in some closet. Put it on a gorgeous display to bring a fabulous cluttercore vibe to the room.

3. Detailed Collections

Cluttercore Figurine Collection

At its core, this aesthetic is all about displaying objects that you love. Many collectors are attracted to cluttercore because the aesthetic gives them the opportunity to be proud of their collections of trinkets. It’s highly recommended to get a set of cabinets with open shelves that let you display your collectibles in full glory. Pay close attention to creating a detailed arrangement if you want to pull off an authentic cluttercore look. Whether it’s a vintage doll collection or an assortment of colorful plates, make sure that every item is placed with purpose.

4. Cluttercore Home Office

Cluttercore Home Office Desk

Working from home gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the way you’re setting up your desk. Instead of a dull corporate office with no personality, you can take this opportunity to infuse the work area in your home using a distinctive style that reflects your personality. Some people might find it distracting to work with so much clutter lying around, but it’s important to arrange things purposefully without creating a negative impact on productivity. A custom desk setup like this one can easily improve creativity and increase the motivation to complete your tasks.

5. Messy Bedroom

Cluttercore Boho Bedroom

One thing that sets cluttercore apart from other design styles is the way it doesn’t shy away from messiness. The aesthetic embraces imperfections in objects that are meaningful to you. For example, an unmade bed isn’t necessarily a bad sign because cluttercore fans enjoy the feeling of coziness provided by it. An immaculately organized bed is also welcomed, but there are no strict rules on messiness as long as your particular vision of cluttercore is harmonious. The tapestry and fairy lights contribute to the overall comfiness of this cluttercore bedroom.

6. Bold Styling

Cluttercore Maximalist Bedroom

Considering its maximalism origins, it’s not surprising to see that cluttercore is a very bold aesthetic. It doesn’t just incorporate vibrant colors, fluffy textures, and whimsical patterns separately but mixes them all together to create an eclectic look. Keeping a sense of organization can be difficult for anyone who attempts to decorate using this aesthetic. The challenging part is finding the exact vibe that would make your room feel lived-in with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. This stunningly bold bedroom represents a nice example of cluttercore elements showcasing the main strengths of this creative aesthetic.

7. Ambient Lighting

Cluttercore Bedroom With Ambient Lighting

An abundance of lighting fixtures is often necessary for the cluttercore aesthetic to emphasize your collection of meaningful trinkets. Instead of tucking those odd decor pieces into a drawer somewhere, you should get them into the spotlight where they deserve to get some love. That’s why ambient and focused lights can be strategically used to draw attention to various elements part of your cluttercore aesthetic. Whether you choose light strips, fairy lights, pendant lights, or some other type of illumination source, the idea is to properly enhance your beautiful collection.

8. Vintage Items

Cluttercore Living Room With Vintage Trunk Table

Most cluttercore designs tend to focus on vintage elements to decorate the room. There’s no strict rule saying that you need to include old things and various antiques to get a cluttercore look. The aesthetic can often blend modern elements quite successfully. The reason why vintage things dominate is because of the Victorian visual appeal that strongly resonates with cluttercore fans. That nostalgic vibe can be easily brought into your home with the help of a few well-chosen items such as this repurposed vintage trunk.

9. Handmade Things

Cluttercore Living Room With Handmade Decorations

Cluttercore interior designs can sometimes overlap with aesthetic elements found in cottagecore homes. The two aesthetics have certain things in common and the best example is the use of handmade decorations. Sprinkling crochet projects, pressed flowers, or other handmade elements throughout the room can easily increase the level of coziness. If you have a craft hobby, it’s safe to say that cluttercore could be a suitable aesthetic to use when designing your room. Create little pockets of interest by focusing on stoneware ceramics, woven wicker baskets, or anything that’s handcrafted rather than mass produced.

10. Impressive Bookshelves

Cluttercore Living Room With Bookshelves

Book lovers are particularly attracted to the cluttercore aesthetic. The style encourages adepts to express themselves freely through their collections of items. If you have lots of books, it’s recommended to showcase them all properly using large bookshelves that often extend from floor to ceiling. Although e-reader devices are getting more and more popular nowadays, cluttercore fans haven’t forgotten about the pleasure of using a real book. Collecting and displaying paper books brings a lot of joy and offers great decorative potential when it comes to a cluttercore interior. Just make sure your books are neatly organized.

11. Eclectic Touch

Cluttercore Console Table

If you enjoy the idea of collecting decor pieces that are at least a little whimsical if not straight-up bizarre, cluttercore is probably your ideal aesthetic. This design style allows you to experiment with unique and obscure decorations to bring a powerful eclectic touch to the room. Consider creating a focal point in the room where you bring your favorite decorative items into one place. It could be an animal-shaped plant pot, a neon sign, or some strange sculptural piece that you like. This assortment of things has the power to enhance a sideboard and make it a solid conversation starter.

12. Fusing the New and Old

Cluttercore Living Room With Vintage And Modern Elements

The best part about the cluttercore trend is that it’s an incredibly versatile aesthetic. It not only allows the mix of different elements together but often encourages it. For example, cluttercore rooms look gorgeous when combining vintage decor pieces with modern furnishings. Similar to how bright colors and dazzling patterns create a strong clashing contrast in a maximalist room, cluttercore fuses old and new elements together in multiple layers to obtain a rich contrast style.

13. Thematic Style

Cluttercore Bedroom With Nature Theme

Designing your personal cluttercore bedroom can be more difficult than it seems. The aesthetic gives you great flexibility and freedom to experiment with your favorite decorations and keepsakes. If you’re not sure how to approach cluttercore design, it’s recommended to decide on a more specific theme and then arrange your things accordingly. For example, you can settle on a nature theme where you focus on showing off all those elements that keep you connected to the natural world outside. It could mean hanging various plants, using botanical tapestries or wall prints, and having animal-shaped plushies in a vibrant green color scheme.

14. Boho Inspiration

Cluttercore Bench With Colorful Pillows

The cheerful vibe of bohemian decor seems like a great match for the cluttercore aesthetic. You can borrow many attractive boho elements to complete your cluttercore room look, especially if you focus on exuberant colors and patterns of textiles. Bohemian interiors will usually incorporate neutral color schemes without huge collections of items. Give the style a maximalist spin by channeling your cluttercore energy. A large assortment of embroidered throw pillows can appear stunning in rainbow colors, especially when paired with various hanging decor pieces that match the same carefree vibe.

15. Maximum Coziness

Cluttercore Attic Room With Cozy Textures

Those who prefer minimalism can find cluttercore somewhat stressful and almost oppressive. It may not seem like the first aesthetic that comes to mind when you think of cozy and relaxing interior design. However, feeling comfortable in your cluttercore space is essential to properly pull off this aesthetic. You might be surprised to find out how cozy this design style can become with the right elements. Consider emphasizing the textural beauty of the room with generous amounts of soft textiles such as a fluffy rug and comfy pillows spread everywhere. This attic sanctuary uses layered textures and organized disorder to achieve a peak cluttercore vibe.


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