The Lab Coat Dog Sweater

10 Genius Knitted Dog Sweater Patterns For Your Pup

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If you want to keep your beloved pet warm during the cold season, consider using a knitted sweater specifically designed for dogs. Your furry friends might be reluctant to use it at first, but they’ll quickly appreciate the warmth of a high-quality knitted sweater. Instead of buying this kind of pet wearable item from the store, why not craft it yourself? As long as you have some knitting skills, you only need to gather the materials and use the right sweater pattern.

Here’s a great selection of knitted dog sweater patterns that will make your favorite pet more comfortable than ever. Some designs are particularly adorable to upgrade the style of your little doggy.

1. Rainbow Stripes

Rainbow Stripes Knitted Dog Sweater

With a bright design featuring rainbow colors, this lovely dog jumper can keep your pet warm and comfortable. Assuming you have at least some minimal knitting experience, this is among the easiest patterns to try. The sweater comes with ribbed sleeves and nice edging to remain flat. All in all, this is a beginner-friendly and relaxing knit to try.

2. Juno Pattern

Juno Pattern Dog Sweater

This basic knitted sweater pattern has been created to keep a small dog warm and cozy. It includes a ribbed neck and seems particularly well suited to Jack Russell breeds. By adjusting the sizes in this pattern, you will be able to customize the knitted sweater to match the build of your dog. Despite its simple appearance, the jumper is classy and very comfortable to wear.

3. Jack’s Jacket

Jacks Jacket Dog Sweater

Jack’s Jacket is an attractive sweater pattern that can become a hit among knitting enthusiasts. Your pet can look dashing with this coat which will also protect him from the cold. The all-over colorwork design makes this a very stylish pattern to try. There are different sizes available while the paid pattern includes charts and photographs along with the instructions.

4. Woven Tartan

Woven Tartan Dog Sweater

If you’re looking for a knitted dog sweater pattern that creates a stylish tartan effect, you should try this one. It’s designed with colored stripes and a turtleneck that gives it an impression of extra comfiness. The sweater is knit using bulky yarn while this pattern allows the crafting of three sizes to match the build of your pet. The knitting project is recommended for advanced beginners.

5. Dachshund Dog Sweater

Dachshund Dog Sweater

Are you searching for a great knitting pattern to dress up your dachshund dog? Check out this cozy sweater that will make any morning walk more pleasant for your beloved pet. It features a simple cut with a seamless design. Thanks to its decent level of stretchiness, the dog sweater is very comfortable for dachshund dog breeds.

6. Red Heart Design

Red Heart Design Dog Sweater

With festive colors and a dapper design, the Red Heart pattern could be ideal for keeping your dog warm during the winter holidays. This knit sweater shows off a vibrant selection of red and green. Making full use of this pattern requires some intermediate knitting skills. If you want to create a lovely gift for your dog, this sweater is an excellent choice.

7. Bunny Costume

Bunny Costume Dog Sweater

If you want to try a really unique knitted dog sweater pattern, this bunny costume fits the bill. It takes more advanced skills to complete, but it’s worth the effort considering the fun look. The sweater is designed with bunny ears and a tail to make your dog cuter than ever. This charming sweater isn’t just really distinctive in terms of looks, but also practical to maintain warmth.

8. Button Style Sweater

Button Style Dog Sweater

When the weather outside gets chilly, it’s important to get a protective coat such as a knitted sweater. Here’s a practical pattern to create the pet jumper yourself. It’s a beginner-friendly pattern that allows you to craft a simple sweater fastened with a front button. Whether your dog is recovering from surgery or needs an extra fall layer, this is a highly recommended knit sweater pattern.

9. The Lab Coat

The Lab Coat Dog Sweater

Designed specifically to match the needs of labrador-sized dogs, this project enables pet owners to create a comfy sweater in a stylish pattern. The knitted jumper works as a snuggly winter coat and makes use of chunky yarn. The addition of buttons in the belly area makes the sweater easier to wear by the dog.

10. Harry Potter Themed Dog Sweater

Harry Potter Theme Dog Sweater

Anyone familiar with knit, purl, increasing and decreasing techniques should consider crafting this dog sweater featuring a Harry Potter theme. It takes inspiration from Mrs. Weasley’s hand-knitted jumpers. You can also customize the dog sweater with an embroidered letter for a more attractive look.


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