A cozy Small Kitchen With White Appliances and Matching Cabinets

The 6 Best Cabinet Colors for White Appliances

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Many homeowners prefer classic white appliances for their kitchen because the neutral color contributes to a clean and bright atmosphere. White is an extremely versatile color because it’s essentially like a blank canvas that allows other colors to shine. Having so many options makes it quite challenging to decide on the best colors to use for the other elements of the kitchen. If you wish to match the cabinets to your white appliances, it’s important to select the right colors that work ideally with their light neutral aesthetic. Take a look at our best color picks to update the style of kitchen cabinets while matching your white appliances.

1. Blue or Navy Blue

A Blue Kitchen With White Appliances

You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of breezy coastal design to agree that blue makes a stylish pairing with white. If you’re interested in refreshing the appearance of your cabinets, a calming tone of blue works like a charm while beautifully highlighting the crisp white appliances in the kitchen. Select a pastel shade of blue with a gray undertone if you wish to maintain a somewhat neutral vibe. This color fits both rustic and modern design styles without problems.

2. Beige

A Beige Kitchen With White Appliances

White appliances suit traditional kitchen spaces really well. If you want to make your cabinets look cozy next to them, consider opting for a creamy tone of beige. It will result in a beautiful warm effect while creating a cottage-like atmosphere together with the white of the appliances. There’s not a strong contrast to see here because beige is a neutral color that forms a timeless combination with white. Introduce some wooden elements and stainless steel details to tie everything together.

3. Black

A Black Kitchen With White Appliances

Monochrome kitchens can appear amazingly chic despite the lack of color. Black cabinets create a stunning contrast with appliances dressed up in white. Make sure you keep a visual balance by incorporating more white where needed. If you have lots of cabinets, it’s also recommended to integrate white countertops which should prevent the black from looking too overwhelming. Fully committing to this black-and-white aesthetic is highly recommended to create an elegant modern kitchen look.

4. Natural Wood

A Rustic Kitchen With White Appliances and Natural Wood Cabinets

Similar to beige, the natural shade of wood can bring a pleasant warmth to a cooking space that features white appliances. Although there’s a great visual appeal to using dark wood, lighter tones seem to match the neutral style of white more effectively. Oak or pine wood cabinets complement the airy vibe of white very elegantly. Whether you’re planning to renovate a kitchen with a modern Scandinavian design touch or a traditional rustic decor effect, the natural beauty of wood blends flawlessly with your white appliances.

5. Mint Green

A Retro Mint Green Kitchen With White Appliances

Fans of vintage interior design should embrace the distinctive touch of mint green to create a charming kitchen with white appliances. It might seem a little eclectic for some people but this is a gorgeous color combination considering how seamlessly this light shade of green blends together with the coolness of crisp white. Green is a popular color choice for many rustic, farmhouse, or retro-style kitchens. Having white appliances works perfectly in this kind of decor style as they give off an old-fashioned appeal.

6. White

A Bright White Kitchen With White Appliances

If your aim is to design a sleek minimalist kitchen, going for a pure white look seems like a smart choice. It results in a radiant space that’s vividly bright and airy. Painting the cabinets in the same shade as the white appliances might appear like a choice that didn’t take much effort. However, keeping this kind of kitchen clean can be a serious challenge. This kind of ultra-modern white-on-white design benefits a lot from access to natural sunlight which can further enhance its pristine style.


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