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17 Brilliant Closet Island Ideas

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If you’re planning to create a luxurious walk-in closet, it’s safe to say that you need to include an island. This has become a key element when it comes to creating that high-end closet look. It’s not just very attractive to make the island act as a central closet centerpiece but there’s also the matter of added functionality. A closet island allows you to incorporate more practical storage possibilities as well as provide a handy countertop surface.

Balancing functionality and style can be quite difficult when designing your closet island. One important consideration is the size. Some walk-in closets may not be large enough to accommodate a standard island. You need to analyze your space and figure out what would work best for it. Maybe there’s no need for extra storage space and you can use a more compact closet island or improve it with other features that are more useful. Check out the following inspirational ideas for elegant and functional closet islands to help you create the ideal walk-in closet of your dreams.

1. Efficient Storage

Most people looking to add an island in the closet are typically focused on maximizing storage space. Even small details can make a notable difference in terms of improving storage efficiency. For example, consider adding hooks to a basic closet island that can be used for a wide range of accessories. You will be able to grab scarves or handbags more easily while installing the hooks should take minimal effort.

2. Kitchen Island Style

There are few modern kitchen designs nowadays that don’t feature an island. That’s not surprising considering how this element has become extremely desirable. In a similar way, the closet island can borrow some of its functionality. Take a look at this closet island that closely resembles the design of a kitchen island. It makes sense to use this kind of approach if you frequently enjoy your morning coffee while preparing your outfit for the day.

3. Island Dresser

Walk-in closets are considered practical because they’re designed to be separate from the bedroom. This gives the advantage of extra space in the bedroom that can be used for something else instead of clothing storage. The traditional clothes dresser can be removed from your bedroom and set up in the walk-in closet as an island. This kind of choice provides some welcomed flexibility but make sure you meet the space requirements.

4. Elegant Shelves

If you wish to properly establish the role of your closet island as the room’s centerpiece, it’s worth considering some decorative touches to make it stand out. Customize the appearance of the closet island with the help of elegantly curved shelves where you can display various decor pieces. Focus on precious items that reflect your style and bring some of your personality to the area. This is important because you’re using the walk-in closet very frequently.

5. Shoe Storage Closet Island

Anyone who owns a large shoe collection can take advantage of a suitable closet island to store them more effectively. This luxurious closet island makes a great impression with its marble countertop that matches the look of the floor. However, the main highlight is the functionality of the island. It’s equipped with pockets perfectly sized to store all your favorite pairs of shoes.

6. Integrated Bench Closet Island

Assuming you have the available space in your walk-in closet for an expanded island, it could be a smart solution to integrate some comfy seating. This bench is seamlessly incorporated into the large closet island. It’s a nice example of a multi-purpose closet island that lets you store clothes and sit down whenever required. Aside from the spacious bench, the island also features a generously-sized countertop for makeup, accessories, and various other items.

7. Drawer Inserts and Organizers

While clothes and shoes are fairly straightforward to store properly, things get a little more challenging when organizing the accessories. Small items such as jewelry shouldn’t be left randomly on the island’s countertop. Instead, they need to be properly stored with the help of dedicated drawer inserts. A similar approach can be used for other accessories such as lingerie that’s stored more efficiently with dividers or organizers built in the closet island.

8. Rounded Style Closet Island

Most closet island styles rely on a classic rectangular shape. That’s a practical choice but might not suit the aesthetics of everyone. If you want to design a more unique-looking walk-in closet, it’s worth trying out a different shape such as an oval. It could be a welcoming change compared to rigid straight lines. Your rounded closet island will naturally draw more attention while allowing for smoother movement around it.

9. Chandelier Extravagance

If you wish to make a statement with your closet island look, consider details like luxurious lighting. There are few options bolder than a gorgeous chandelier positioned right above the island to bring the focus to the center. This is a solid idea but achievable only if the ceiling of the walk-in closet is high enough to permit the installation of such an extravagant lighting fixture.

10. Writing Desk Closet Island

The closet island doesn’t always need to have a strict purpose. You can make it more functional by integrating a writing desk or vanity. This is quite hard to achieve unless you’re building a custom island for the walk-in closet. Alternatively, you can just find a good matching desk for your existing closet island that will connect seamlessly to produce a similar effect.

11. Simple Seating

Some homeowners struggle with the decision between using a regular closet island or giving up on the extra storage space for more seating. The best kind of compromise is when you’re able to get a multi-purpose closet island featuring an integrated seating area. You don’t necessarily have to build a fancy bench. Just a small seat added to a regular closet island can make a solid difference when putting up shoes.

12. Closet Island With llluminated Drawers

Even if you’re adding plenty of lighting to the walk-in closet, it’s safe to say that some parts will not receive enough. It’s usually the case with the drawers on the kitchen island. If you’re using multiple cabinets and drawers to organize your items, consider LED strips or other specialized drawer lighting types to find stuff more easily. Small accessories, in particular, can benefit from extra illumination to get a clearer view.

13. Smart Separation

If you’re using a shared walk-in closet with a partner, the closet island can be customized for efficient storage. It can be divided with separate storing drawers on each side where a husband and wife can organize their items more conveniently. The best part of this solution is that you can also take advantage of practical seating in the middle of the island. It’s like a loveseat equipped with drawers.

14. Closet Island With Open Shelving

The walk-in closet is a personal space where you can retreat for convenient access to all your treasured clothes and accessories. While the island can appear less cluttered with regular drawers, it’s also recommended to use an open shelving configuration. Aside from being able to display your items more effectively, this setup doesn’t really compromise in terms of organization. Achieving a clutter-free look is possible by using suitable baskets and bins.

15. Double Style Closet Island

Having a spacious walk-in closet gives you a great opportunity to customize the look of the island. The first impulse might be to opt for an extra-large closet island that takes proper advantage of all the available space. If that feels like too much of a bulky addition to the closet, perhaps two smaller islands would work better. Check out these sleek closet islands that form a beautiful combination with the surrounding wardrobes.

16. Glass Top Closet Island

Aside from being a significant aesthetic upgrade, the glass top on a closet island is also able to bring a new layer of functionality. It allows you to see inside the first drawer where you can show off a collection of watches, jewelry, or other accessories. Having a glass top on the island provides a sense of depth that will surely make it the focal point of the walk-in closet.

17. Mirror Addition

Do you feel that your closet seems too small? Consider the ingenious solution of attaching a side mirror to the island. This is a classic trick that creates the illusion of a larger space. It can enhance the elegance of any closet island while also bringing in the additional advantage of being able to check out shoes more conveniently.

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