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35 Gorgeous Small Bathroom Ideas

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Small bathrooms are more common than you might think. Sometimes, the lack of natural light or poor design choices can make the room even tinier than it actually is. Fortunately, there are numerous tricks and tips to help you make the best of the space you have. When making the correct choices, your bathroom turns brighter and more welcoming. Let’s check out these inspiring 35 small bathroom ideas!

1. Choosing the Right Shower

The shower is the centerpiece in your bathroom, especially if the room is quite small. If you choose a colored shower, this will divide the room and make it seem even tinier. Opting for a glass shower is a good decision as it will make the room seem larger.

2. White/Green Combo

This excellent idea combines the glass shower with a beautiful color combination. The dominant color is white – and we all know that light colors are the best choice for small rooms.

3. Wet Room

Wet rooms are bathrooms which are completely waterproofed with an open showering area. This saves space as you do not need to install a bulky shower. However, it might be quite expensive, but it will free up your floor.

4. Choosing a Bathtub

If you are not a fan of showers, you can still incorporate a bathtub. The key is to go for a minimalist style; for instance, the model above has white as a dominant color and there are only two colors added to the design: black, and brown.

5. Stylish Space

Just because your space is limited is not reason why you should keep it plain. You can make the best out of your snug bathroom while adding a bit of personality. This design uses plenty of green plants to add a splash of color, while the streamlined shelf helps you organize all of your bathroom items.

6. Bespoke Pieces

In these cases, opting for bespoke furniture and other bathroom elements can be a lifesaver. In this situation, the owner decided to go for a vanity with rounded corners. The suspended furniture also frees up the floor and creates the impression of an aired space.

7. Vintage Style

The combination of black and white is timeless since it is a vintage style that creates a cozy ambient. The small tiles decorate only half of the walls’ height in order to avoid crowding the space.

8. Lighting Is Key

This bathroom style combines an oversized lighting fixture with a lively color. The result is an excellent contrast that brings personality to this bathroom without taking too much space.

9. Integrated Design

If you choose the glass shower, you may want to consider unbroken wall design. The same pattern extended around the whole room offers greater depth, even to space-restricted bathrooms. Choosing a separate tile color for the shown might have the effect of splitting the small room in two even smaller areas.

10. Snow White

Going for a predominantly white bathroom has more perks than you can realize. Firstly, it adds light and makes it seem brighter; another benefit is that it has a fresh, clean look that you cannot achieve with other colors.

11. Minimalism

Regardless of the available space, you can also opt for a modern, contemporary home. This bathroom has a suspended toilet and sink, while the mirror has a modern aspect with built-in LEDs.

12. Saving Space

If your bathroom is small, you can save the space and opt for creating an additional shelf instead of buying a bulky cabinet or other furniture. It is narrow but spacious enough while adding a touch of creativity.

13. Living Moss

If you love nature, this design can be your next budget-conscious project. The small bathroom has a fresh look; the moss is perfectly complemented by the wood-colored floor. Moss walls can be both artificial and natural, although the natural moss needs extra care periodically.

14. Mirrors

If you want to make your small bathroom appear larger, mirrors are essentials. As you can see, this bathroom uses mirror-plated cabinets that add light and storage without cramming the space. The design is carefully balanced with matte black tiles.

15. Dual-Colored Designs

When dealing with small spaces, simplicity is often the key. This black/white design is simple, intuitive, and extremely elegant. The statement flooring adds a welcome sophistication.

16. Enjoy the View

If your home is located in a beautiful area, there is no reason why you should not benefit from it. Adding a narrow window will open up the room and make it seem larger than it is.

17. Choosing the Right Floor

This windowless bathroom seems quite spacious due to its transparent shower and two mirrors. The patterned floor appears large and open due to the built-in cabinets.

18. Creative Design

In some cases, you can even choose artistic tiles to decorate your bathroom. However, make sure that you only cover a small part of the walls and you keep it quite basic in terms of color. Avoid further decoration if you choose such beautiful accents.

19. Choose Curved Elements

Curved sinks, showers, and other bathroom elements can brighten up your small space, even though it might seem unlikely. The owner decided to go for irregular shapes for this bathroom while sticking to the basic colors.

20. Bathtub Design

If you prefer modern bathrooms but you do not have enough space, consider a special bathtub paneling. The photo above has a contemporary look without compromising space.

21. Highlight Your Centerpiece

Sometimes, keeping everything simple is not the answer. In this case, the owner decided to turn a regular shower into an exquisite masterpiece by choosing a deep green nuance, combined with muted floor and walls.

22. Flashy Floor

Your petite bathroom might enjoy a flash of color. This design has a 3D pattern that attracts all the attention; make sure you keep everything else as simple as possible.

23. Simple and Efficient

Minimalism is the perfect choice when we have to deal with small rooms. This bathroom is as simple as possible, with no extra décor or effects, but has a breathtaking appeal.

24. Creative Storage

Whether you opt for DIY or pre-made solutions, you can also turn creative when it comes to storage. This excellent idea saves you space and time, and ideal if your sink is wall-mounted.

25. Choose the Right Door

Sliding door is a hot choice when it comes to petite bathrooms. Apart from being space-conscious, they are also trendy! You might want to find a slimmer door though since every inch of space counts when we’re talking about small spaces.

26. Large Mirror

As briefly discussed above, mirrors can extend the space. This small space benefits from a large mirror with rounded corners and two well-placed lighting fixtures to brighten it up.

27. Opulent Marble

The elegant bathroom has an excellent combination of wood and marble. With a sleek and smooth look, the tidy and bright appearance makes it seem larger and warmer.

28. Skylight

If you are ambitious and you’d like to opt for a riskier design, this might be it. Choose a skylight to brighten up your bathroom.

29. Vertical Wall Design

Most designs so far had quite empty walls. With a little planning, you can turn your walls into smart storage solutions, so you do not need to purchase any bulky furniture.

30. Blue Touch

This neat design with a 3D model provides depth and light to this bathroom without overcomplicating it. The adorable blue shade matches perfectly the wooden shade of the furniture.

31. Go Rustic

If you prefer a rustic design, opt for classic red bricks. These are stylish, special, and you might just end up creating the most charming bathroom ever.

32. Glass Shelf

A tiny bathroom can come with more functionality if you simply install a small wall-mounted shelf. You can store your necessities, while the large, round mirror brightens up this petite room.

33. Alcoves

If you want to conceal pipework, this might be exactly what you need. Use this empty space to create shelves for all of your bathroom supplies. In the photo above, these are right next to the bathtub, which makes them easy to access.

34. Soft Pink

This soft pink shade is extremely elegant and feminine. The white brightens up the room, while the pink nuance is exactly what you need to add a luxurious touch.

35. Modern and Compact

For people in need of a neat and clean design, this could be the winner. The modern design above is not only smart, but also highly efficient. The toilet area has a special accent and is placed right next to the glass shower; if you have numerous supplies, this ample counter could help you organize each item. Make sure you finish it off with beautiful and stylish lights!

By Stefan Bucur

Stefan is the founder and owner of Rhythm of the Home. He has 6 years of experience in home improvement, interior design, cleaning and organizing.

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