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The word “barndominium” refers to a combination of a barn and a condominium. The trend of restoring storage barns to livable homes has made the concept of barndominium quite popular in recent times. It’s no longer a requirement to find an old barn and transform it. People want to build from scratch a home in a barn style. It’s a unique home construction that may not appeal to everyone but if you’re into custom homes, barndominiums are highly recommended.

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to designing a barndominium. The use of traditionally durable materials and flexible floor plans make it more achievable to obtain your dream house featuring an artistic barn style. Whether you have a barn that you plan to renovate or simply wish to build a distinctive home with traditional flair, check out the following barndominium ideas. These designs should hopefully provide a solid dose of inspiration to kickstart your project.

1. Rustic Barndominium

One of the simplest and easiest barndominium designs, the rustic style is ideal for those who prefer an old-time vibe. Lots of details contribute to a successful rustic design such as the use of an outside porch and wooden furniture. It’s recommended to make the interior of the barndominium brighter by integrating a dormer feature with lots of windows. A dark wooden staircase could be an essential element to consider for a rustic barndominium.

2. Contrasting Textures

A more modern take for a barndominium’s exterior, blending distinctive textures could have a solid contrasting effect. The metal siding on the frame of this barndominium works particularly well with the cedar-stained pine wood. The utilitarian black paint is elegantly warmed by the natural color of the wood to create a beautiful barndominium. It’s an interesting idea if you want your home to stand out.

3. Large Kitchen

The interior design of a barndominium is just as important as its exterior. If you’re planning for this kind of home, it’s important to carefully consider the look of the kitchen. Thanks to the flexible possibilities offered by a barndominium, you can try a custom style by expanding the kitchen with a long island featuring matching bar stools. Create a cohesive look by matching the color of the countertops with the wood tones of the exposed beams.

4. Farmhouse Style

Barns will typically remind you of farms. It makes sense to replicate a similar aesthetic when it comes to transforming them into homes. Take a look at this farmhouse barndominium that gives off a very welcoming feeling through its bright white paint. The interior makes use of raw wood accents for creating an authentic country-style atmosphere. It’s best to match this kind of farmhouse exterior with a large garden outside the barndominium.

5. Covered Balcony

Barndominiums can give you a lot of freedom when it comes to exterior design. It’s an ideal project for bringing to life some unique ideas that are otherwise not possible for traditional home styles. The covered balcony shown here represents a great example in that sense. It can inspire you to create a similar relaxation area personalized according to your preferences. You can watch the surroundings of the home comfortably from the balcony while staying safely protected from the elements.

6. Silo Barndominium

Another unique concept that can prove inspirational, this barndominium integrates a renovated silo to create a one-of-a-kind house. It feels like a strange addition at first but the silo can serve a dedicated purpose in the home. In this example, it works nicely as a more intimate dining space. To prevent the look of the barndominium from appearing too utilitarian, you can try focusing on more ornate woodwork and giving a homely feel to the area through a vibrant garden.

7. European Aesthetics

If you like the appeal of a high-class barndominium, it’s a good idea to check out European aesthetics for inspiration. The outside of this kind of barndominium is typically designed with multiple levels. It maintains a traditional look but the European influence can become more obvious when noticing some luxurious interior details. Inside this barndominium, you will find a spacious area with elegant furniture and many decorative accents to create high-class visual appeal.

8. Charming Family Room

A well-designed barndominium interior should feel like it has a personality of its own. If you’re into open floor plans, barndominiums are highly recommended for creating charming family rooms. The traditional furnishings and careful zoning of the space contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. This living room takes full advantage of large windows and the tall ceiling for enhancing the sense of openness while the white painted exposed beams brighten up the space.

9. Compact Barndominium

Not all barndominium designs need to focus on large multi-level buildings. Some budget-friendly ideas work better if you prefer compact barndominiums. This simple and modern look can be a hit among many people who enjoy a custom look with a minimal footprint. There are still plenty of methods to enhance the appearance through bold colors and unique accents while making your barndominium as cozy as possible.

10. Screened-In Porch

Porches are highly recommended additions for barndominiums, especially if you live in a warmer climate. There’s nothing like the cool breeze experienced on a summer night to create a relaxing atmosphere. Mosquitoes and other annoying insects can ruin the fun quickly so that’s why making a screened-in porch can be a smart idea. You can use some quality materials to give a stylish appearance to the whole barndominium without compromising on functionality.

11. Cozy Bedroom

The large space available when designing the interior of a barndominium can come in handy for trying out unique ideas. For example, the bedroom can be elegantly separated through a barn door but without sealing it off completely from the rest of the house. It feels like a cozy area because the exposed beams can be more easily noticed while at the same time the bedroom appears to be more connected to the whole structure of the house.

12. Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted ceilings are strongly recommended for infusing the barndominium with some modern design appeal. This feature draws attention quite effectively so you can capitalize on this by opting for attractive materials for your vaulted ceilings. Instead of ordinary materials, consider taking an innovative approach by incorporating reclaimed corrugated metal siding. It’s an unexpected visual effect when taking into account the rustic style of the material.


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