20 Fancy Bathrooms With Pedestal Sinks

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Once bigger vanities started to become more popular, the traditional trend of pedestal sinks fell significantly out of favor. If you want to design your modern bathroom with a vintage flavor, it’s worth bringing back this fancy style for your sink. It’s safe to say that having a pedestal sink is not the most practical choice but it could be worth it for the aesthetics. The stand that supports the basin occupies a larger footprint compared to standard modern sink designs. There’s also no extra storage space available but you get to enjoy the distinctive character that only a stylish pedestal sink can bring to the bathroom.

Free-standing sinks might be better suited for some types of bathrooms than other options. For example, they can be more easily integrated into oddly-shaped bathrooms as the sleek pedestal can sometimes fit more efficiently in some compact areas. Whether you’re into vintage-inspired decor or wish to make your powder room more visually pleasing, check out the following inspirational ideas based on pedestal sinks. You will be able to beautify any bathroom with a touch of elegance.

1. Chic Compact Bathroom

Chic Compact Bathroom

A classic pedestal sink works like a charm for a compact bathroom. The sleek design of the stand creates the illusion of an expanded space compared to regular sinks based on cabinets. It’s a chic look that’s recommended for a transitional bathroom space incorporating both modern and vintage elements.

2. Round Pedestal Sink

Round Pedestal Sink

With a minimalist look and a distinctive shape, this round pedestal sink can easily stand out in any bathroom. It can be considered a modern reinterpretation of the vintage pedestal design. The streamlined style makes this sink ideal for elegant bathrooms with simple furnishings. Thanks to the high-gloss appearance and contrasting navy blue wall, the pedestal sink makes quite the bold statement.

3. Traditional Charm

Traditional Charm Pedestal Sink

When you’re considering a pedestal sink for your bathroom, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with a traditional look. This charming bathroom makes use of a pedestal sink with a sleek profile and elegant molding to create a subtle textural effect. It forms a gorgeous pairing with the clean lines of the wood paneling.

4. Symmetrical Beauty

Symmetrical Beauty Pedestal Sink

Why restrict yourself to a single pedestal sink when you have the available space to add a second one? This bathroom takes inspiration from the modern farmhouse design style and makes use of symmetry to emphasize the elegance of pedestal sinks. Both of them feature floating shelves and ornate mirrors while the large central window contributes to the overall breezy atmosphere of the bathroom.

5. Large Style

Large Pedestal Sink

One of the main disadvantages of a pedestal sink is the lack of storage space. A good compromise is to opt for a model featuring a large basin that also works as a spacious vanity to provide some additional space for bathroom essentials. The best part is that you can also enjoy a unique look if you prefer a more imposing pedestal sink style.

6. Awkward Space

Pedestal Sink in an Awkward Space

If you’re dealing with awkward bathroom space limitations, this could give you the perfect opportunity to try a fancy pedestal sink. This powder room has a more unusual layout that would have made it very difficult to install a regular cabinet-style sink. The slim profile of the stand is a great addition to this awkwardly-shaped bathroom.

7. Retro Inspiration

Retro Inspiration Pedestal Sink

Although pedestal sinks work well in modern bathroom designs, they’re optimally suited for more traditional aesthetics. This bathroom space makes use of multiple elements of retro inspiration. The visual effect of the charming blue patterns on the wall is elegantly enhanced by the addition of a stylish pedestal sink.

8. Column Aesthetic

Column Aesthetic Pedestal Sink

Reminiscent of antic greek architecture, this pedestal sink makes a stunning statement in this bathroom. It’s compact and chic with its glossy finish and sleek construction. The attention is easily drawn to molding details and the beautiful curves of the sink. There’s no need to add too many decor pieces in the bathroom when you have such a standout pedestal sink.

9. Bold Wallpaper

Pedestal Sink With Bold Wallpaper

If you want to decorate the entire bathroom with bold wallpaper, it’s better to opt for a pedestal sink. It doesn’t make the bathroom feel cramped while allowing the wallpaper to draw attention more prominently. A simple white pedestal sink represents a great choice to complement a statement-making wallpaper.

10. Attic Bathroom

Attic Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Anyone who wants to remodel their attic bathroom should take into account the idea of integrating a set of pedestal sinks. Check out this creative design that makes no compromises in terms of style and functionality. The double pedestal sink look is paired with a practical cabinet set in the middle featuring a quartz countertop to meet all bathroom storage requirements.

11. Mid-Century Modern Vibes

Mid Century Modern Pedestal Sink

Bathrooms that take inspiration from the mid-century modern style can make great use of a pedestal sink. The characteristic profile of this sink offers an excellent opportunity to create a statement wall to highlight its appearance. The cozy lighting and elegant round mirror complement the patterned tile for a sleek mid-century modern vibe.

12. Coastal Design

Coastal Design Pedestal Sink

If you’re looking for a suitable sink design for your coastal-inspired bathroom, not many options can work as well as pedestal sinks. The shape of the sink stands out effectively when your decorations follow a beach theme. Notice the fun fish wallpaper and nautical style of the mirror that finish off this inspirational coastal bathroom design.

13. Contrasting Moodiness

Contrasting Moodiness Pedestal Sink Bathroom

A darker-toned color scheme for the bathroom can bring a moody air to the space. To maintain a good visual balance, consider using crisp white elements that offer a stunning contrast. Together with the freestanding bathtub, the pedestal sink in this elegant blue room creates a successful marriage between contemporary and vintage elements.

14. Tiny Pedestal Sink

Tiny Pedestal Sink

Although it’s a little impractical, this tiny pedestal sink offers a distinctive style to suit many modern minimalist bathrooms. The small body of the sink appears surprisingly dramatic making it resemble an art piece. However, there are some notable functional elements found in this sink. There’s a raised backsplash portion and some small space to keep a tiny soap.

15. Double-Pedestal Style

Double Pedestal Style Sink

Not all freestanding sinks make use of a single pedestal style. There are some designs that incorporate two pedestals for a stylish visual twist to the classic look of this type of sink. This neutral-toned bathroom includes a beautiful pedestal sink whose immaculate white look matches its surroundings very well. The frameless mirror gives the illusion of expanded space.

16. Sleek Gray

Sleek Gray Pedestal SInk

The style of gray tiles seems like a great match for the elegant design of a pedestal sink in this condominium bathroom. The space went through a remodeling process with the focus on creating a timeless look. That’s why elements such as the pedestal sink and recessed-panel cabinets have been included. Another great detail is the tile mosaic floor.

17. Breezy Bathroom

Breezy Bathroom With Pedestal Sink

Inspired by the smooth flow of ocean waves, this breezy bathroom includes a simple but attractive pedestal sink. It’s elegantly decorated with chrome fixtures that coordinate with other elements in the bathroom such as the round mirror. Thanks to the addition of a pendant light, you can bring attention more effectively to the pedestal sink.

18. Sculptural Aesthetic

Sculptural Aesthetic Pedestal Sink

While most pedestal sink designs take you back to an older era, some innovative models can make use of futuristic inspiration. Take a look at this modern acrylic sink that features a sculptural pedestal style which is sure to stand out with its dramatic profile. The clean finish and curvaceous aesthetic should win over many fans of modern bathroom design style.

19. Marble Wainscoting

Marble Wainscoting

Marble won’t go out of style any time soon when it comes to luxurious bathroom designs. If you want to stand out from the crowd and give your bathroom a unique character, consider the use of marble wainscoting. The stylish veining of the natural stone tiles should appear particularly attractive when combined with a traditional pedestal sink.

20. Eclectic Flair

Eclectic Flair Pedestal Sink

If you’ve decided to go for a modern bathroom remodel, try adding some eclectic flair through the use of a stylish pedestal sink. This model manages to incorporate a small vanity that provides enough space for decor pieces while also enhancing the visual appeal. It’s an unexpected look that goes well together with the polished mirror and light sconces on the blue wall.

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