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Solved: 8 Easy Ways to Clean Grout

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Whether you wish to give your bathroom a fresh makeover or simply want to keep the tile clean, it often comes down to cleaning the grout. The material has sponge-like characteristics so it captures a lot of grime and spills making it hard to clean. Maintaining a shiny grout will take some consistent effort, especially when you consider how grout gets dirty very fast.

A reliable strategy is needed if you want to clean grout effectively from any room in the house. There could be slight differences when it comes to the cleaning process for the bathroom or the kitchen but the tile and walls can be kept in top shape using similar techniques without requiring specialized tools. You can safely clean the stained grout using typical household items. Tougher jobs may require commercial products and more dedicated manual labor. Don’t worry though, we’ll explore some methods for cleaning grout without manual scrubbing.

We’ll start by going from the mildest grout-cleaning solutions to the most powerful methods.

1. Baking Soda and Warm Water

A simple mixture that can be made by any DIY homeowner, this idea works wonders for turning dirty grouts into sparkling ones. The trick requires combining baking soda with warm water until a nice paste is formed. You can then use that paste to scrub the grout clean with the help of a cleaning brush.

To boost the effectiveness of this method, it’s recommended to use an electric toothbrush while putting in less effort. If you’re not afraid of some intense manual labor, you can at least get your hands on a more efficient scrubber tool. This special brush designed for grout cleaning can be found on Amazon and offers excellent cleaning results.

2. Vinegar and Warm Water

More difficult dirt could require the acidic potency of another cleaning solution. Create a mixture of vinegar and warm water that’s highly effective at cleaning the grout and restoring it to a shiny white look. Lots of cleaning chores around the home can benefit from this kind of DIY solution that’s surprisingly reliable.

It’s recommended to put equal parts of vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle for the easy application on tile grout. Make sure you let the vinegar solution do its magic before you start scrubbing away the dirt. Enhancing the cleaning power can be done by using the previous baking soda method together with this one. Just spray the vinegar mix on the grout covered with the baking soda paste and let the mix work before starting to scrub.

3. Bleach

Some particularly stubborn stains can’t be removed that easily with conventional DIY methods. In that case, it’s recommended to take out the bleach. Due to the increased toxicity of bleach, you need to be careful to maintain a properly ventilated space. The grout can be cleaned properly if you use bleach directly on your scrubbing brush but it works even better when mixed with baking soda to create a more practical consistency.

4. Grout Cleaner

When it seems that DIY product can’t deal with really stubborn stains and grime, perhaps it’s time to try out a specialized grout cleaner. The market offers some decent products out there but not all of them can meet your expectations. If you’re looking for excellent value for the money, check out the Black Diamond Ultimate grout cleaner. It boasts a commercial-grade formulation to restore the clean appearance of the dirtiest grout.

5. How to Clean Grout Without Scrubbing

While finding the right mixture or cleaning solution to handle a dirty grout isn’t particularly hard, the actual scrubbing work is what makes grout cleaning an annoying chore. If you’re looking for some methods to clean grout with no tiring scrubbing work involved, your best bet is to get an automatic tool. Here are some of the most efficient options to clean grout without manual scrubbing:

5.1 Power Scrubber

For an easy cleaning job with no manual labor, consider getting a power scrubber tool like this one from Rubbermaid that will take away some of the hassles from the scrubbing work. It’s versatile enough to be successfully applied for a wide range of cleaning jobs while the head has optimal grout-cleaning abilities. This automatic tool is capable of scrubbing almost twice as fast compared to manual labor making it a convenient addition to your essential cleaning supplies.

5.2 Drill Brush

Alternatively, instead of a dedicated powered tool, you could get a drill brush set that’s inexpensive and practical for cleaning all kinds of dirty surfaces. It’s easy to use if you already have a power drill available. Just connect the tile grout scrubber attachment and you can tackle the cleaning work effortlessly. Take a look at the original Drill Brush Power Scrubber set for bathroom surfaces that will make manual grout scrubbing a distant memory.

6. How to Clean Tile Grout

Tile grout in the bathroom can be particularly difficult to clean compared to other rooms in your home. One easy trick that you should consider to simplify this chore is to let hot water run for a few minutes to create a steamy environment. This should be ideally done after you apply your favorite grout cleaning solution to the tiled floor and shower walls. Some extra patience is required to allow the steam to dislodge soap scum residues and make it a breeze to clean the grout.

7. How to Kill Mold on Grout

The problem of mold spores represents another common issue that you can expect when cleaning the grout in a moist environment such as the bathroom. Bleach is an effective mold killer but it loses cleaning power when facing a porous surface like grout. In that case, you need a specialized product that’s designed to remove mold and mildew stains. Our favorite mold cleaner is made by StoneTech and can be found on Amazon. It’s optimized to clean bathroom surfaces such as stone, tile, and grout in a safe manner.

8. Preventing Dirty Grouts

Now that your grout lines are sparkling clean, it’s time to consider some solid prevention methods to make it harder for grime and mold to ruin the look of the tile or floor grouts. The trick is to keep all kinds of potential contaminants from infiltrating the porous material. To that end, it’s recommended to opt for a grout sealing solution that creates a protective surface against future staining.

Using a sealer for your grout lines could be a smart decision when it comes to overall bathroom maintenance. The best part is that you don’t normally have to seal the grouts too often. About once or twice a year should keep the worst dirt and grime at bay. Maintaining the appearance of your grouts clean and bright starts with choosing the right product. One excellent professional-grade grout sealer comes from Aqua-X and offers excellent coverage and reliable durability.

Ensuring that your bathroom isn’t hot and humid can get you a long way to prevent mold growth in the tile grout. Always make sure that this room is properly ventilated, especially after taking showers or steamy baths.

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