12 Things You Shouldn’t Store Under Your Bed

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When we want to save space, under-the-bed storage seems like a great idea. However, there are certain items that should not be placed in this hard-to-access space – both for safety and our convenience. If you want to know what you shouldn’t store under your bed, keep reading!

1. Bedsheets and Blankets

Although it seems like a great idea, you should avoid storing bed sheets, blankets, and linen under the bed. This is because they will be hard to access – and the same goes for towels. However, you may want to keep them if you have extra items that you don’t need all the time, such as linens and blankets for your guest bedroom.

2. Items You Don’t Need

Storing items that you will forget about is not really a good idea, either. This is especially relevant if you will need these items at unexpected times, such as summer hats. If you place these items underneath the bed and other items and clutter that you forget about, you won’t have these items when you need them the most. It’s also recommended to label boxes and containers for easy retrieval.

3. Documents

Did you know that the bedroom is the first room a burglar will search for valuable belongings? It is never a good idea to store your valuables underneath the bedroom. If you have kids, they might also find your important documents, such as your birth certificate, passport, or even tax forms.

4. Bulky Items

Although the space under the bed may be sufficient, it’s best to keep your bulky fabrics in a vacuum-sealed bag. This way, you can use the area underneath the bed to store other items, and you will get the most out of it.

5. Frequently Used Items

You should not store your clothes or daily clothing underneath your bed. It makes it difficult to choose the item you need, and it is extremely uncomfortable to reach under it every time you need to get changes. Instead, keep these frequently used items in a wardrobe or drawers for maximum convenience.

6. Breakable or Fragile Items

Glass or breakable and fragile items should not be stored under the bed. You have limited access to them, and you will likely damage them by mistake due to the limited access. Make sure you stay safe and keep these items on a high shelf or in a cupboard in your kitchen. If you don’t use these items, you could also keep them in your garage.

7. Heavy Items

You should not place heavy items underneath your bed. Firstly, it will be challenging to take them out when you need them, and you may hurt yourself while trying to pull them out. Additionally, you can easily scratch the floor while doing so, so it’s best to keep heavy items in another area.

8. Hard-to-Use Containers

If you have your items neatly organized in storage containers, make sure you choose models with wheels. This way, you can easily take them out at any time, so you won’t scratch the floor or hurt your back. You should also keep them labeled for easy retrieval of your items.

9. Uncovered Clothes or Bedsheets

Finally, if you want to storage blankets, linens, bedsheets, or clothes, keep them in airtight containers. This will keep them clean and protected from dust, clothing moths, and mites, among others.

10. Clutter

This area may seem like the perfect place for all the items you have and don’t really need or use. It’s a common mistake to store there everything we don’t need – from birthday gift cards to some seasonal decorations. Avoid cluttering this space by removing unwanted items that you don’t use.

11. Memories

Feng Shui philosophy states that we should never store photos, souvenirs, or other items that carry a symbolic meaning as they will turn the energy into a negative way. These items are believed to affect the quality of your sleep.

12. Items You Need Frequently

If you share your home with other people, it may make sense not to store necessities under the bed. For instance, do not place your blanket or bedsheets in a heavy container underneath the bed. Otherwise, you will disrupt others’ sleep as you hunt for an extra warm blanket or a midnight bedding change.

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