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12 Beautiful Homes With Green Marble

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When you think of marble, you’re probably going to imagine the classic white look of this natural stone. Although white marble is quite common, it’s important to note that impurities in the rock can lead to the formation of different colors. If minerals such as iron and magnesium are present in larger amounts, it’s likely that limestone can be transformed into green marble. When used in home decor, this material provides luxurious appeal with an unexpected twist considering its vibrant green color.

If you’re interested in using green marble throughout your home, check out the following inspirational ideas to learn how to decorate with this elegant material.

1. Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash With Green Marble

The kitchen is a great area to visually enhance with the help of premium materials such as marble. For a more sophisticated look, it’s recommended to opt for a green marble backsplash instead of typical neutral-toned tiles. You don’t need to transform the entire kitchen with a green makeover to pull off this marble backsplash design. However, it’s a good idea to maintain cohesion by using green marble for other elements in the space such as the countertops.

2. Luxurious Retreat

Green Marble Bathroom With Luxurious Inserts

If you want to make a bold statement in your bathroom, green marble seems like a great choice. It can give off royalty vibes when paired with gold accents. Vintage details like the clawfoot design of the bathtub and the sculptural appeal of the pedestal sink complete the luxurious aesthetic of this space. The floral wallpaper on the adjacent wall contributes to the overall Victorian inspiration of the bathroom.

3. Ultra-Modern Vibe

Ultra Modern Bathroom With Green Marble

Elegant green marble patterns take center stage in this ultra-modern powder room. The sink is simply a large block of marble that’s sparsely decorated because the characteristic veining of marble steals the show. This is a great example of green marble decor for minimalist spaces. Pick a more faded green style that’s focused on gorgeous patterns to elevate any modern bathroom design. The huge floor-to-ceiling window view contributes to the beauty of the green marble by providing a solid dose of natural light.

4. Coffee Table

Green Marble Coffee Table in Living Room

Not everyone has the budget for a grand makeover based on green marble. A more affordable solution is to get your hands on a simple accent piece that will easily make any living room more attractive. A green marble coffee table offers a sophisticated touch to this modern room. The emerald green tone feels like a fresh contribution to the neutral color scheme of the space. Overall, the green marble provides the right elegant accent to match the comfort of this living room.

5. Subtle Design

Subtle Green Marble Strip

Green marble evokes a sense of bold luxury that might feel a little overpowering to some homeowners. You can tone down the visual impact by selecting a lighter green shade for your marble elements. This countertop offers a solid example of a more subtle design style to restrain the intensity of green marble. The atmosphere gives off particularly calm and serene vibes thanks to the dominance of a neutral cream shade. The countertop veining of the marble is elegantly combined with geometric floor patterns in a similar color.

6. Marble and Wood

Marble and Wood Kitchen

Although marble is often seen in modern designs, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be a great fit for more traditional spaces. Green marble countertops can be paired with dark brown wood cabinets for a surprisingly attractive kitchen design. The earthy appeal of wood balances out the sleek style of green marble. It’s recommended to opt for a darker wood shade like a rich brown to craft an elegant traditional look.

7. Stylish Fireplace

Stylish Fireplaces With Green Marble

If you feel that your fireplace lacks a more distinctive personality, consider a green marble makeover. It can elevate traditional white fireplaces to match the contemporary aesthetic of the rest of the room’s decor. The shiny surface of the marble looks particularly stunning when it shows light reflections from outside. To ensure that more attention is drawn to the green marble fireplace, it’s recommended to keep the color palette of the space in a neutral range with contrasting warm tones of beige, cream, and brown.

8. Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring

The exquisite visual appeal of green marble makes the material an ideal pick for the floor in your modern bathroom. While using marble tiles for the walls can seem a little too dramatic, opting for a flooring makeover instead is a better idea to focus on a subtler design. If you choose a less vibrant green tone, the floor’s look can be neatly integrated into a neutral bathroom. The green marble is combined particularly well with black and white elements for an elegant contrasting effect.

9. Waterfall Countertop

Waterfall Countertop

Green marble is fairly uncommon and can be used effectively in bold and unexpected ways. The material is ideal for black kitchens where it can accentuate the dramatic effect of a dark color scheme. Consider featuring a green marble countertop that boasts a waterfall design to make the luxurious effect of the colored stone stand out. The dark green aesthetic forms a luxurious combination with black kitchen cabinets while gold hardware adds a touch of glam.

10. Refined Statement

Refined Green Marble Tub and Walls in a Bathroom

Marble is the material of choice for anyone who prefers an ultra-sophisticated bathroom design. To make a particularly refined statement, it’s recommended to try a full green marble makeover. Using the premium material for both an accent wall and the bathtub can be considered an expensive decor idea. However, if you can afford it, the look of the green marble bathroom is simply stunning as it exudes pure luxury. The elegant veining creates a fabulous abstract vibe that suits minimalist spaces.

11. Balanced Style

Green Marble Bathroom

While green marble matches many bold aesthetics successfully, not all interior designers like the idea of attracting attention by making the material the focal point of the room. A more balanced style approach involves using similar color tones as the green marble to create a harmonious look. The light green elements in this bathroom contribute to an impression of visual uniformity. Instead of clashing contrasts, the room seems to elegantly integrate the green marble as part of its core design.

12. Patterned Look

Patterned With Green Marble Shower

Patterns can be used to distract from the intensity of green marble’s luxurious appeal. This shower area incorporates two different marble styles that are elegantly blended together. The green marble portion features its own distinguished section with unique rounded patterns to add some extra visual interest. It offers a brilliant contrast effect with the golden shower fixtures. While this colorful design would typically appear very bold, the neutral gray marble forms a serene backdrop to counter that effect.

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