Modern Bedroom With The Bed in the Corner

Should Your Bed be in The Corner of Your Room?

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Short Answer: Generally no, there are very few cases when placing your bed in the corner makes sense from an interior design and functionality perspective.

If you’re thinking about changing the current layout of the bedroom, there aren’t many options when it comes to placing the bed. Most homeowners and interior designers agree that the bed represents the focal point of the room. Given the size of a standard bedroom, the bed should be placed along the center of a wall. It works ideally if you select the longest wall to ensure that the proportions of the bed are balanced relative to the overall size of the room.

Having a larger bedroom can be a little more challenging in terms of bed placement. Putting the bed in the corner of the room suddenly feels like a viable option, especially if you want to highlight other design elements in the space. This kind of arrangement isn’t very popular for a few reasons. Let’s see why it’s not a good idea to place the bed in the corner of the bedroom outside of some exceptional cases.

1. Lack of Easy Access

Putting the bed in the corner of the room is more of an aesthetic choice that some people can view as a personal preference. However, you need to take into account the loss of functionality caused by this kind of bedroom configuration. Simply put, you will have to sacrifice easy access on one side of the bed when it’s positioned against two walls.

If you sleep in a bed together with your partner, it becomes immediately obvious that one person needs to be on the “wall side”. Entering and exiting the bed becomes a hassle because whoever sits there needs to awkwardly climb over the other person or use the leftover side for access. Even if you sleep alone in the bed, having poor access will still make it inconvenient to change sheets.

2. Unbalanced Visual Style

Assuming that you can position the bed in the corner of the room while leaving enough access space, there are still aesthetic reasons why it’s not recommended. You might find a workaround for the impracticality of a corner bed but pulling off a stylish bedroom with an off-center bed is often quite difficult. Getting used to the idea can take some time as a bed placed in the corner gives off an unbalanced vibe if you don’t have a big bedroom.

If your bedroom is generously sized, you might be able to create a fairly unique look with the bed positioned in the corner. Keep in mind, however, that the bed will no longer be seen as the focal point of the room. If that makes the space feel off, it’s recommended to place more decor elements on the side that features the bed. Consider bolder additions like a ceiling canopy or an intricate area rug that can draw the eye towards it.

In conclusion, most interior decorators agree that beds shouldn’t be placed in the corner of the room unless you’re willing to deal with the drawbacks. The lack of symmetry and impractical access should be usually enough to detract most homeowners from choosing this kind of bedroom layout. That being said, some people have their personal aesthetic preferences and figured out how to design the space around a bed placed in the corner. If it looks attractive and feels cozy to you, then by all means go ahead and opt for this placement style.


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