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10 Common Plants That Are Safe for Pets

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When we want to liven up our places and surround ourselves with joy, we often opt for adorable, smart pets and bright plants. Unfortunately, these two are not always compatible. On the one hand, the inquisitive nature of pets makes them willing to explore all types of foliage and greenery. On the other hand, plants often have the most dangerous protective mechanism: toxicity. If you want to make sure you have a healthy pet and also beautiful plants, check out these 10 common plants that are safe for pets.

1. Boston Fern

The Boston fern can liven up your home without being a threat to your little friend. This plant thrives in humid areas without direct light. Take notice that not all types of fern are safe for pets. However, the Boston fern does not harm your pets, although they might be tempted to chew on the brightly colored leaves.

2. Spider Plant

This rich-looking plant, known as the spider plant, should be on your list if you want to decorate your home. Its leaves resemble long spider legs, and it is easy to grow and maintain. If you are a novice or you do not have much time to care for your plants, it can be the best pet-friendly addition to your home.

3. Christmas Cactus

You can swap the toxic Poinsettia with this pet-friendly Christmas cactus during the festive season. It usually blooms around Thanksgiving and has brightly colored pink or red flowers. Make sure you place it in indirect sunlight and water it regularly. You can also use cuttings to root it, it thrives in low-light settings, and it is entirely safe for your pets.

4. Camellia

Camellia has a rose-like appearance with delicate, beautiful petals. It is an evergreen shrub that you can plant in your garden, while flowers will liven up your landscape during spring or fall, depending on the variety. The plant and flower are entirely harmless, so you can also decorate your home with freshly cut blooms.

5. Prayer plant

An exotic addition to any household, this plant has mesmerizing patterned leaves. Its name, the prayer plant, is inspired by the fact that the leaves go upward during the night, resembling a pair of hands when praying. This beautiful plant thrives in low-light settings and does not harm your pets.

6. Zebra Plant

The zebra plant comes with interesting horizontal stripes that remind us of this gracious animal. It is a unique succulent that enjoys bright light, little water, and relatively warm weather. Along with other varieties of haworthias, the zebra plant is a safe addition to your home if you have pets.

7. Venus Fly Trap

The Venus fly trap is a carnivorous plant with a beautiful, distinctive look. It loves humidity and strong, natural light. Although it is harmless for your pets, you should keep in mind that it is lethal to small insects, including gnats (flies and mosquitos).

8. African Violet (Saintpaulia)

With a slightly fluffy appearance, the African violet comes in vivid colors, including deep purple, pink, white, and even blue, among others. Cats and dogs are completely safe around this beautiful plant, and it is low-maintenance, too.

9. Echeveria

If you have an open, airy area in your home, echeveria would love to delight you with its unique appearance. It has a fleshy, plump structure that enjoys little water, plenty of light, and relatively low maintenance.

10. Cast Iron Plant

If you are a novice gardener, you should definitely try this pet-friendly plant. Its name is derived from the fact that it is virtually indestructible. It does not mind irregular watering, low light, or drastic temperature variations. It is safe for your pets, although they might find the leaves quite appealing.

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