8 Amazing Leaf Decor Ideas

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If you wish to bring the beauty of autumn inside your home, one of the easiest ways is to try decorating with leaves. Depending on the type of leaf used, you can also give your interior décor a different twist. For example, tropical leaves can look amazing in rooms where you want to create a livelier atmosphere with a splash of colorful green.

This article will give you some great inspirational ideas to decorate with leaves of all kinds. We’ll mostly focus on autumn leaves because they have the most impressive effect with their different hues and cozy vibes. Whether through wall art, textiles, or imposing centerpieces, leaves have great décor potential to beautify any home.

1. Mason Jars

A simple way to make mason jars more interesting in the autumn season is by decorating them with rusty-looking leaves. This is a simple enough craft that even kids can successfully pull it off. Mason jars are inexpensive and you can use either real leaves or fake ones. We recommend going for faux leaves as they’re easier to apply to the jars. Anyone with a bit of decoupage experience should be able to easily handle this DIY project.

2. Leaf Banner

With the help of a leaf banner, you can add a touch of whimsy to various places in your home, such as the fireplace mantel. While creating this project doesn’t take advanced DIY skills, it’s still important to follow the tutorial so the final result doesn’t end up looking too childish. This particular leaf banner is made using silk leaves although you can also use real ones that have been carefully preserved. Book pages have been integrated to add some elegance to the project.

3. Glamorous Display

One effective method to make your fall display more glamorous involves the use of gold spray paint. Check out the glitzy look of this dining table enhanced by the hanging leaves décor piece. It brings a perfect gold touch to suit the overall vibe of the table. This is simply an example, as you can hang spray-painted fall leaves anywhere it’s needed. Their glamorous effect can make the atmosphere more enchanting and refined at the same time.

4. Autumn Wreath

By combining different-colored autumn leaves, you can create a brilliant wreath that can attract all the attention no matter the placement. It might seem complicated to find the right leaves and to carefully preserve them to craft this kind of project. A lot of effort can be skipped if you choose to use store-bought preserved leaves. From maple and oak to hickory or dogwood leaves, there are many possibilities to create a unique fall display that will enchant any visitors.

5. Tall Branches in a Vase

Sometimes the simplest décor ideas can be the most effective. For this easy project, all you need to do is gather the right branches of fall leaves in a stylish vase that can truly elevate their look in the room. It’s a good idea to go for an autumn-themed vase, but choosing a transparent model can highlight the beauty of the branches more clearly. Go for a set of such vases to infuse the living room with a concentrated dose of cozy fall atmosphere.

6. Tropical Textiles

Fans of cheerful décor will appreciate the potential of tropical textiles to create a more colorful atmosphere that will brighten your mood. Take a look at the playful banana leaf prints found on the bedspread and pillow in this stylish bedroom. Paired with the brightly-colored curtains, the tropical leaf textiles seem like the ideal additions for maintaining a great summer mood. This is a good example, but you can also add tropical leaves on rugs, shower curtains, and other textiles to achieve a similar visual effect.

7. Leaf Printed Wallpaper

Big tropical leaves are perfect to decorate the wall in any room of your house. For an unexpected effect, go for a bathroom wallpaper and create an interesting contrast. The black bathtub and checkered pattern on the floor mix well with the bright and cheerful look of the banana leaf wallpaper. This kind of decoration will definitely breathe new life in this area. It’s particularly recommended for fans of maximalist interior design.

8. Leaf Artwork

Another way to decorate the wall with leaves requires you to pick a solid artwork. Even a simple print like this one showing off a palm leaf can do wonders for the style of any room. It has a minimalist vibe that can be an ideal match for Scandinavian-style furnishings. Whether you choose the dining room or the living room, this kind of tropical artwork will definitely make any space look cooler. It’s all about selecting your favorite leaf styles.


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