Modern Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets and Large Windows

15 Kitchens With Sage Green Cabinets You Will Love

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Sage green is among the trendiest colors to use for the kitchen. This shade benefits from an impressive rise in popularity, more so than other elegant colors such as navy blue. Many modern kitchens in recent times incorporate the neutral style of sage green with its characteristic calming vibe inspired by nature. Are you looking to incorporate the beauty of sage green through the kitchen cabinets? There’s a surprisingly large spectrum of sage green hues and multiple methods worth trying to bring this color into a cooking space. Check out the most inspiring sage green cabinet ideas for a refreshed kitchen.

1. Muted Elegance

Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets and Black Countertop

A subtle shade of green seems to work best if you plan to maintain a neutral atmosphere in your kitchen. The elegant cabinets make a pleasant contrast together with the pale white walls and metallic accents. The sage green color appears warmer when you combine the cabinets with brassware. You can also create a muted elegance effect by opting for a black countertop and dark handles and knobs for the cabinets.

2. Dark Sage Green

Kitchen With Dark Sage Green Cabinets

Incorporating dark color tones in your neutral kitchen can feel like a bold design approach. That may be the case for some colors but if you choose a dark tone of sage green, the pairing would be much more successful. This is because sage green has some remarkable qualities that make it resemble neutral colors. Using dark sage cabinets could be a solid idea when combined with wood elements that maintain a cohesive tone balance.

3. Modern Rustic Style

Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets and Rustic Ceiling Beams

Sage green cabinets appear stunning regardless of the preferred design style of the kitchen. Many homeowners like the visual appeal of this color for a modern cooking space but others prefer it for a traditional area. What if you can’t decide firmly on a single style and want to create a modern rustic kitchen? The beauty of sage green works very well in this stylish kitchen considering the appeal of the cabinets together with the rustic ceiling beams and modern bar table.

4. White Serenity

Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets and White Walls

While there are various colors that can be used in kitchens with sage green cabinets, it’s safe to say that a white color scheme works best if you want to create a serene space. Almost any sage green tone pairs elegantly with white walls and countertops. Considering the utility of this room, it’s important to maintain calming vibes. White accents mixed with light sage green cabinets manage to provide that kind of visual effect.

5. Stylish Remodel

Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets And Painted Kitchen Island

Painting the kitchen cabinets with a stylish shade of sage green could be a solid way to remodel any cooking space. If you want to maintain a harmonious look throughout the kitchen, it’s recommended to paint other details to highlight the elegant style of sage green. For example, consider painting the area under the kitchen island to create a balanced visual effect. The sage green color won’t look out of place when you paint more elements of the kitchen.

6. Just an Accent

Kitchen With a Single Sage Green Cabinet Accent

Not feeling ready to commit to a full sage green makeover for your kitchen cabinets? Try using the color just as a slight accent by painting one or a few doors. The contrast resulting from adding sage green into the mix will create a unique statement. Painting just a single unit from your kitchen cabinets can seem like an unusual design approach but this is actually a trend that’s rising in popularity.

7. Scandinavian Look

Scandinavian Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets

If you prefer the look of a modern Scandinavian kitchen, you won’t find a more suitable color for the cabinets than sage green. This is a charming tone that manages to maintain a connection to the natural world with its fresh vibe. However, sage green can also bring an air of sophistication to the room when paired with neutral colors. The clean style of this color scheme makes it a prime candidate for a classy Scandinavian kitchen that’s calming and functional.

8. Floor Patterns

Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets and Patterned Floor

The classic look of sage green cabinets can be enhanced with the help of patterns in matching color tones. Check out this modern kitchen where the sage cabinets stand out quite effectively thanks to the added patterned tiles on the floor. The color scheme is properly balanced considering how the floor patterns mirror the style of the main elements of the kitchen. The geometric effect is welcomed in a modern minimalist cooking space to add some extra visual interest.

9. Touches of Nature

Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets and Flowers

Anyone who decided on a sage green kitchen remodel should take the opportunity to incorporate more natural elements throughout the room. The pleasant green shade used for the cabinets makes a solid match with fresh flowers or vibrant houseplants. Even the smallest touches of nature help to bring out the true beauty of the sage green color scheme and improve the sense of relaxation.

10. Matching Backsplash

Kitchen With Sage Green cabinets and Matching Backsplash

Muted sage green color palettes are ideal to use for the kitchen if you want to make this area less stressful and more serene. It’s a great design approach if you wish to make the entire kitchen colorful and distinctive but without sacrificing the functional clean style of a neutral color scheme. If you’ve decided to use sage green for the cabinets, it could be a great idea to complete the kitchen style with a matching backsplash.

11. Upper VS Lower Cabinetry

Kitchen With Lower Sage Green Cabinets and Upper White Cabinets

It can feel a little overwhelming to the eye if you choose to make all the cabinets in the kitchen sage green. Consider experimenting only with the upper or lower cabinetry for this kind of colorful makeover. This allows you to see how the style of the kitchen changes gradually. There’s not a great risk of altering the entire vibe of the area too suddenly. This neutral-white kitchen offers just bottom cabinets in sage green while the upper ones remain pure white.

12. Country Kitchen Style

Country Style Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets

Country kitchen designs can look very charming but they’re usually not particularly colorful. If you’re aiming for a different style, consider integrating a pale sage green for the cabinets. This is a great aesthetic that injects a nice dose of color without distracting from the classic country-style look of the cooking space. Sage green is light and clean, feeling right at home together with rustic elements and wood accents.

13. Sage Green Kitchen Island

Sage Green Kitchen Island

The cabinets of your kitchen island can create a more attractive contrast with black seating when you use a delicate shade of sage green. The result is a touch of drama in this modern space that allows the kitchen island to become the focal point of the area. Keep the surrounding elements neutral if you want to make the sage green pop out beautifully against them.

14. Decorated Cabinets

Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets and Wreath Decoration

While sage green cabinets look very stylish by themselves, you can take their visual appeal to a new level with the help of some inspired decorative touches. An elegant wreath represents a solid example. It establishes a great connection to nature that’s also reflected in the sage green aesthetic. The wreath contributes to the overall serenity of the kitchen as it seems to be the ideal accent for the matte sage green cabinets.

15. Open Shelving

Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets and Open Shelves

Sage green functions as a great replacement for many classic neutral tones. In this kitchen, the bottom sage cabinets are combined with stylish open shelves that provide great opportunities for storage and display of kitchen essentials or decor pieces. You might consider painting the shelves in a matching green tone but the crisp white style helps to maintain an airy vibe.


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