Crochet Cactus Garland

20 Lovely Crochet Cactus Patterns and Ideas

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Instead of having to deal with the hassle of growing a real plant, why not add a decorative touch to your home by using a crocheted cactus? As opposed to a real cactus, a crocheted one doesn’t have thorns. It brings a soft texture to the room and plenty of organic visual appeal without the usual responsibility required for a real plant. Whether you’re into amigurumi crafts or wish to create a memorable gift for a cacti lover, the following patterns can help you unleash your crocheting creativity.

Explore some of the best crochet cactus projects out there to discover the best houseplant idea that matches your needs and preferences.

1. Fence Post Cactus

Fence Post Cactus

Simple to craft and cute to display, the fence post cactus pattern can be a superb crochet pattern to try. As opposed to more basic crocheting projects out there, this one features many rich details that make it stand out. The cactus is realistically designed with a flower at the top and a stylish pot that includes a blushing face. Overall, this is an adorable cactus pattern that shouldn’t be missed by any amigurumi fans.

2. Cactus Pin Cushion

Cactus Pin Cushion

Considering its prickly nature, the cactus can work ideally as a crocheted pin cushion. Check out this pattern that uses worsted weight yarn to create a functional crocheted cactus. Any crafter would love to have this cute cushion to store their pins for all their sewing and crafting needs. There are two versions provided if you prefer a different cactus style. The updated version offers a more stable base.

3. Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus Crochet

If you’re searching for a prickly pear cactus that needs no water, take a look at this crocheted pattern. This cute project is beginner-friendly considering how it only features three sections that need to be combined together through sewing. Keep in mind that this project doesn’t include a crocheted pot. You’ll have to buy a real one that fits the crocheted cactus. The colors of the flowers and fruits can be changed to suit your preferences.

4. Sally the Cactus

Sally the Cactus Crochet

Not all crocheted cacti should look like realistic houseplants. What if you prefer something with a little more character? Sally the cactus could be the right project for you in that case. It’s a fairly basic pattern featuring a classic cactus shape that’s enlivened by the presence of eyes and blushing cheeks. The addition of a face makes this cactus come to life on your desk. You also have the option of keeping the cactus plain and simple if you prefer.

5. Cactus Animals

Cactus Animals

How do you improve a crocheted cactus that’s already very adorably designed? One genius idea is to use cute animals instead of pots as this project demonstrates. Thi cactus pattern is sure to become a hit among children and adults alike. It features a total of six different pots with various animal faces and distinctive cacti shapes. Thanks to being rated as beginner-friendly, this pattern should be a breeze to handle for those who just started their journey in the world of crocheting.

6. Tiny Cactus

Tiny Cactus Crochet

Here’s a great crochet cactus pattern idea if you want something cute and tiny. This little prickly cactus appears very friendly with its smiling face while the diminutive size adds to its overall charm. All the elements are crocheted, the planter included. There’s not a lot of effort required to craft this tiny cactus, but if you’re short on time, there’s always the option to purchase a small pot from the store.

7. Cactus Pillow

Cactus Pillow Crochet

Cactus-shaped things can be fun to crochet. Check out this set of adorable pillows that will be a huge hit among any cactus lovers. They’re designed to be large and soft for comfort during use. The project relies on an economical yarn in fun colors. While this is primarily a functional item, the pattern uses double crocheting techniques to create the specific ridge look of cacti. Another fun detail is the bright red flower crocheted at the top of each cactus pillow.

8. Cacti Garden

Cacti Garden Crochet

Anyone who has the skills to tackle a more advanced crochet pattern should try making this beautiful cacti garden. It takes some considerable effort to tackle each component of this crocheted mini garden, but the final result will be worth it. The pattern offers instructions for making a crocheted bowl that’s used to display the selection of crocheted plants. If you want to have your own cacti garden, give this crocheted project a try.

9. Cactus Beanie for Babies

Cactus Beanie for Babies

Want to craft something with a fun cactus theme for your baby or toddler? Consider making this cute beanie shaped like a cactus. It features soft spines that won’t prick while the colorful design seems perfect for little children. The pattern requires side to side crocheting to result in a vertical ribbed texture that appears more cactus-like. Follow the comprehensive instructions to learn how to make this attractive cactus beanie for your kids.

10. Mexican Cactus

Mexican Cactus Crochet

There are lots of great crochet cactus patterns out there focusing on basic designs. If you want your cactus to have a bit more personality, however, consider trying out this project. This amigurumi is designed with rich details to put a Mexican spin on the typical crocheted cactus look. The main highlight is the stylish sombrero that provides a distinctive character to the cactus. It makes a great combination with the long mustache on the face of the plant.

11. Mother’s Day Cactus

Mothers Day Cactus Crochet

Instead of a single cactus in a pot, this crochet pattern lets you create a snuggly pair of mama and baby cacti. If you’re out of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, this cute little project could be an excellent solution. Any indoor plant lover will like it as a stylish decor piece. Assuming you’re a beginner with a bit of crocheting experience, this cactus pattern shouldn’t be very hard to follow. Aside from requiring specific stitches, the project will also involve attaching yarn and sewing its different components.

12. Saint Prickolaus Cactus

Saint Prickolaus Cactus

Although cacti are usually associated with hot deserts, the world of crocheting can provide a multitude of creative designs with more unexpected themes. Aptly named Saint Prickolaus, this project lets you create a large crocheted cactus that’s perfect for Christmas decor. Thanks to its chunky yarn and large size, this is a great cuddling cactus to consider. This giant amigurumi pattern includes thematic details such as the Christmas hat with a matching scarf.

13. Crochet Cactus Coasters

Crochet Cactus Coasters

Most cactus patterns are focused on bringing a decorative touch, but some options can also provide additional functionality. This project is a great example considering how it lets you craft a gorgeous set of crocheted coasters with a cactus look. It’s a different pattern compared to what we’ve seen so far because of the flat design of the coaster. The crocheted pot is a helpful addition to the project thanks to the way it brings a sense of extra depth to the stored coaster inside it.

14. Bobble Cactus Pillow

Bobble Cactus Pillow Crochet

Some crocheted cactus patterns offer a particularly rich and dense texture. It’s the case for this pillow project that incorporates bobble stitches to enhance the textural qualities of the cactus and reach higher levels of realism. Whether as a plushie for children or a decorative throw pillow, this is a fun crocheting pattern to work on. It’s rated for beginners when it comes to necessary crocheting skills while the finished cactus-shaped pillow reaches 14 inches in height.

15. Crochet Cactus Garland

Crochet Cactus Garland

Great for special occasions or just as light-hearted decorations, garlands can be an attractive addition to the room. Crocheted elements can bring a more charming visual effect, especially when you’re using tiny cacti and roses. Check out this easy project that will beautify any wall in your home with a crochet cactus garland. It relies only on simple stitches while the pattern offers incredible versatility to customize it to your liking.

16. Agave and Aloe Pattern

Agave and Aloe Pattern Crochet

With prickly personalities, these adorable cacti can work beautifully as decorations to display or delight the children. Agave and Aloe are two distinctive cacti that are designed to be crafted as a fun pair. Instead of typical planters, each cactus has its own crocheted outfit that matches its particular character. Whether you’re looking to expand your amigurumi collection or simply have a thing for cacti, this is a solid pattern to try.

17. Crochet Cactus Tapestry

Crochet Cactus Tapestry

If you’re looking for a decorative wall hanging, this crochet cactus tapestry could be a superb choice. Although the technique used for crafting this project can appear intimidating at first, it’s safe to say that the straightforward instructions should allow even beginners to make the wall hanging. As long as you’re familiar with chain and single crochet techniques, you can handle this cactus tapestry pattern.

18. Cactus Bunny Crochet

Cactus Bunny Crochet

Fans of amigurumi will probably enjoy making this adorable bunny-shaped cactus pattern. Crocheting this cute cactus requires a few more advanced stitches, but it’s overall quite beginner-friendly. The bunny has to be properly filled with plenty of stuffing to give it a snuggly look. One of the most adorable details of this cactus pattern is the pink flower that looks like an ear ribbon.

19. Mini Cactus Keychain Crochet

Mini Cactus Keychain Crochet

Crocheted keychains are quite trendy right now. If you’re a fan of cactus designs, this pattern represents an excellent choice. It allows you to create a cute little cactus to accompany your keys or simply for other decorative purposes. Make multiple crochet cacti and string them together to create a bunting. Both beginners and experienced crafters should be able to follow the instructions of this pattern. There’s nothing particularly complicated in this project, but you should be familiar with bobble stitches.

20. Harry Potter Cactus Crochet

Harry Potter Cactus Crochet

Any fan of the beloved children’s book series Harry Potter needs to try out this unique pattern. It shows off the boy wizard in the shape of the cactus complete with various crocheted details. Some more advanced crocheting skills are required to work on this pattern, but the provided instructions are very detailed. The pattern lets you add many interesting features to the Harry Potter cactus such as the forehead scar, magic wand, and wizard school scarf.


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