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5 Things You Need to Know About IKEA Shipping

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IKEA has managed to create a solid reputation in the world of furniture and home accessories. The company aimed to maintain budget-friendly prices without sacrificing construction quality while keeping a consistently great Scandinavian style. Both regular shoppers and interior design enthusiasts agree that IKEA is one of the best furniture stores to consider whenever you wish to remodel your home.

Not everyone who loves IKEA may enjoy wasting time wandering through the maze-like stores of the Swedish company. There are lots of online shoppers nowadays who find it much more convenient to purchase stylish and practical IKEA products from the comfort of their homes. Once you browse all the sections of interest on the official website and add items to the shopping basket, it’s time to figure out how IKEA handles the shipping process.

It’s safe to say that IKEA doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to handling the task of delivering items to its customers. This is because IKEA’s business model has been primarily based on the idea of customers grabbing boxes of furniture directly from the store and then assembling the items at home themselves. It used to be quite difficult in the past to have IKEA ship its products to your door but nowadays things have improved significantly.

Here’s all you need to know about IKEA shipping to make ordering your favorite furniture easier than ever.

1. Delivery Options

IKEA Packages

Not everything you see on the website may be available for delivery to your home. IKEA can send the majority of your orders without problems but there are exceptions such as seasonal or limited edition items. There are two main ways to handle the delivery process. You can either get IKEA to deliver the items right to your door or choose Click & Collect which lets you pick up the items yourself by visiting the IKEA store.

2. Small Packages Can be Shipped More Affordably

As you’d probably expect, IKEA can deliver small packages that contain home accessories for a reduced fee compared to shipping large furniture pieces. Your order has to include small, lightweight items like textiles, hangers, or kitchen utensils to qualify for the smaller fee. This means you can shop on IKEA quite comfortably without worrying about expensive shipping costs if you just need simple home accessories. It can be a good solution to avoid a trip to the physical store.

3. Heavy Packages are Costly

Heavy IKEA Packaging

It’s not surprising to find out that IKEA delivers large items at a much higher cost. All that extra weight incurs additional costs to process the delivery. Expect additional costs depending on far you’re located from a distribution center. While the large fee seems discouraging, it could still be worth ordering online to your door because you can ship multiple heavy IKEA products together while paying the same flat rate. If you don’t own a truck or the distance is too large to make the trip to the store, it’s certainly a good idea to buy multiple pieces of furniture and accessories from IKEA in this way.

4. The Delivery Process is Fairly Smooth

Whether you have lots of small items or various bulky pieces, IKEA works together with common delivery services to handle the process. There’s a bit of coordination involved when it comes to particularly heavy items. You can specify to IKEA whether you want some furniture items directly delivered to a room in the house but the standard delivery fee will also be higher. IKEA provides you with a future delivery date so make sure you will be available at home during that time.

5. You can Use an Assembly Specialist

Assembly Specialist IKEA

The IKEA shipping service will typically only deliver furniture items in parts that have to be assembled by the customer. While some people enjoy this aspect, others may not have the time to deal with the assembly work or simply find it too challenging. There is a way to get rid of the hassles associated with the assembly process by hiring an independent specialist to assist you.

Thanks to IKEA’s partnership with TaskRabbit, you can essentially save a lot of time by paying someone to handle the assembly process. This can be incredibly convenient to avoid wrangling with countless parts and complicated instructions. Additionally, the TaskRabbit service platform lets you choose for the independent tasker to pick up the items from the store if you wish to save some extra time.


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