Cup of Mulled Wine With Cinnamon Stick Inside

10 Winter Scents That Will Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

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While decorating the home for Christmas is important to get into a festive mood, you should not forget about adding some great winter scents that bring back many pleasant memories. The right smells can help to create an unmistakable Christmas ambiance that will enhance the overall coziness of the home during the winter holidays. If you’re interested in filling the room with the best Christmas-y scents, check out the best aromas and traditional ways to integrate them into your home.

1. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree With Gold and Red Globes

There’s no winter scent that can compare to the delightful fragrance of a Christmas tree. You can’t just use any fir or pine tree to get that characteristic seasonal joy. It’s recommended to opt for varieties grown specifically grown for Christmas such as Balsam or Fraser firs. Fresher trees smell amazing and will instantly fill the room with their delectable aroma that can work as a mood booster. Aside from using the whole tree to take advantage of its natural smell, there’s also the option to add scented sachets with stuffed trimmings in closets or drawers.

2. Sweet Ginger

Star Shaped Gingerbread Cookies

Sweets made with ginger create a superb aromatic fusion that will bring an enchanting Christmas vibe to the room. Whether you make gingerbread cookies or use a scented candle with this fragrance, it’s safe to say that you can transform the atmosphere of the house. Aside from being a mouth-watering winter scent, sweet ginger can also make you feel energized and improve your mood. It’s a great smell to spread throughout the room when it comes to adopting a positive mindset for the new year ahead.

3. Cinnamon

Bundle of Cinnamon Sticks

Some people associate cinnamon with the fall season but others are more easily reminded of the holiday season. Thanks to its natural ability to create a sense of warmth, the smell of cinnamon is a great choice to make the atmosphere in the room cozier. It can truly make the area smell like Christmas with its spicy aroma. Aside from tying cinnamon sticks into festive wreaths, there are other creative ways to integrate the fragrance of this spice. Consider making DIY scented pine cones by spraying them with cinnamon essential oil. Try this concentrated cinnamon room spray.

4. Sage

Sage Leaves

Fresh sage is a must-have addition to any traditional Christmas meal. This aromatic herb is often associated with the winter holidays. You can create a beautiful décor piece with the help of sage while also enjoying a solid fragrant punch. Create an elegant table centerpiece by making a stylish herb arrangement focused on sage accompanied by rosemary, thyme, and bay leaves. Another idea is to make a Christmas wreath fully out of fresh sage leaves. It’s a great example of an aromatic decoration.

5. Pomander Ball

Christmas Pomander Balls

Few combinations can be considered more Christmas-y than oranges and cloves. If you’re looking for a festive way to incorporate this lovely scent mix, consider making aromatic pomander balls. Oranges studded with cloves can enhance the depth of the room’s atmosphere with a delicious flavor. The spicy scent isn’t just pleasant to your olfactory sense, but it’s also relaxing for your sinuses. It can provide some relief to respiratory symptoms for those affected by the flu or cold.

6. Rosemary

Rosemary Used as Christmas Decoration

Lots of herbs experience a surge in popularity during winter holidays. Rosemary is one of them because it smells amazing and it’s very easy to use in DIY décor projects. Bushes of rosemary can be used to bring a Christmas-y vibe to the room wherever they’re placed. If you prefer a more festive look, rosemary sprigs can be tied together with a red ribbon and spread throughout the home to enchant the senses with their lovely aroma. Rosemary provides a few key benefits when it comes to overall well-being as the smell has stimulating properties to reduce mental and physical fatigue.

7. Mulled Wine

Cup of Mulled Wine

Everyone loves a flavorful cup of mulled wine, especially during the Christmas holidays. Add your favorite wine spices such as cinnamon or orange slices to bring out a strong aroma that will penetrate deeply through multiple areas of the home. Making mulled wine is an easy way to instantly make the house smell like Christmas. At the same time, you can also ensure that all friends and family members enjoy a cheerful atmosphere.

8. Peppermint

Mint Surrounded by Christmas Decor

The lovely aroma of peppermint with its characteristic intensity offers great Christmas appeal. Having your room smell like peppermint contributes to better relaxation but can boost your energy in some situations, such as when we engage in holiday season activities. How do you incorporate the wonderful scent of peppermint more effectively in your home? Options include baking peppermint-flavored cookies or crafting a Christmas ornament that includes the spicy herb. Another solid idea is to make use of a peppermint spray based on concentrated essential oil to experience a truly strong peppermint fragrance. This aromatic room spray on Amazon works like a charm.

9. Myrrh

Small Bottle of Myrrh

If you’re looking for a great scent focused on the religious side of Christmas, myrrh represents an excellent choice. This is a natural resin that shows off a subtle yet complex smell with medicinal and woody notes. It’s a traditional fragrance associated with religious ceremonies involving prayer and incense burning. Myrrh has ancient origins but it’s still often used today in modern fragrances with Oriental appeal. It’s typically combined with frankincense to maximize the cooling style of the scent.

10. Christmas Pot

Christmas Pot With Cranberries Orange Slices and Various Spices

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to create a truly authentic Christmas smell in your home. Adding various items from the pantry in a simmer pot could be enough to fill the house with a great mix of winter scents. A stovetop potpourri has amazing potential in terms of bringing out the nostalgia and holiday spirit of Christmas. Essential ingredients include orange slices, cinnamon sticks, fresh cranberries, and various lovely spices like anise, fresh pine, ginger, and cloves. Check out this excellent simmer pot recipe to make your home smell like Christmas.

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