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Solved: How to Clean Leather Furniture?

Leather Furniture

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Although leather has a great reputation in terms of durability, it still needs proper maintenance to keep the material in top shape. If you’re not happy with the look of your leather furniture, you need to learn the best cleaning methods. It might seem difficult to clean leather upholstery, but the material is surprisingly low-maintenance compared to others. Check out our helpful step-by-step guide that teaches you the best way to clean leather couches, chairs, and other furniture pieces.

1. Gather the Materials

Leather items are fairly easy to clean with the help of common household items. You will need a vacuum cleaner, clean cloths, and a cleaning solution. Rags can be made from either cotton or microfiber. Make sure you pick a cleaning solution that’s safe for leather. Warm soapy water or a vinegar solution mixed with equal parts water should do the trick.

2. Vacuum the Furniture

Vacuuming Leather Couch

Getting rid of all dust and debris from the furniture piece is essential before you can start cleaning the leather upholstery properly. Pick a brush attachment for your vacuum to clean the surface of the sofa more effectively. Make sure you reach between the cushions and along the seams of the furniture piece.

3. Target the Stains

Cleaning Leather Couch

Now that your leather sofa or chair is properly vacuumed, it’s time to focus on the stains. Take the cloth and soak it in the vinegar cleaning solution to start wiping down the surface of the furniture. Make sure the rag is damp and not soaking wet. Don’t forget to rinse the surface with the help of a clean cloth afterward.

Mild soapy water or the vinegar cleaning solution should be sufficient for removing minor stains. If you want to target tougher stains that have been set in the material, it’s recommended to get a more heavy-duty cleaner but only after exhausting milder options first.

Grease stains are more easily removed with the help of baking soda that absorbs them. If you’re dealing with ink stains, additional materials could be required. Try rubbing alcohol gently added with a cotton swab. No matter what kind of cleaning solution you use, avoid adding too much liquid that could saturate and discolor the material.

4. Apply Leather Conditioner

Leather Conditioner

Give the leather furniture enough time to dry after dealing with all the stains. The cleaning process is completed when you apply a leather conditioner. This product is necessary to provide a protective coating to the leather upholstery and maintain the material in good shape for longer. The added shine is a nice bonus to make the leather furniture piece more attractive. Try this high-quality leather conditioner from Amazon.

Maintenance Tips:

After you’re done cleaning the leather furniture, it’s worth checking out some of our helpful tips to maintain the clean look for longer.

  • Keep leather items away from high temperatures

Due to being vulnerable to heat, it’s not a good idea to keep your leather furniture near the fireplace or in direct sunlight.

  • Don’t allow pets on the furniture

This is pretty self-explanatory considering how pets can ruin the look of furniture and make it wear down faster. If you still wish to cuddle with your dog or cat on the couch, the solution is easy. Purchase a reliable cover that will also protect the furniture from accidental spills.

  • Clean stains as quickly as possible

Don’t leave that leather furniture stain to sit for too long because you’ll have a tougher time eliminating it. Even minor spills can become very challenging to remove unless they’re addressed as quickly as possible.

  • Stick to a monthly cleaning routine

How often should leather furniture be cleaned? There’s no universal rule but it’s generally recommended to do it once a month. If you maintain a solid cleaning routine, you’ll manage to keep the leather furniture in excellent condition with minimal effort.

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