10 Genius Ways to Keep Your Carpet Looking New

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Without proper maintenance, it’s safe to say that your carpets won’t last very long. Compared to wood or tile flooring, your carpet is much more vulnerable to damage. Keeping the carpet looking new can pose a challenge for even the most fastidious homeowner. Your carpets are constantly assaulted by dust and debris while the low resistance to stains can wear them out very fast. Whether you just bought a brand new carpet or wish to extend the lifespan of an older one as much as possible, check out the following maintenance solutions. With the help of these damage-control tips, you should be able to keep the carpets in your home clean and fresh for longer.

1. Never Wear Shoes Indoors

It goes without saying for some but it’s absolutely essential to remove your outdoor shoes when you step inside the home. All that accumulated dirt from outside can make its way into the carpet and turn it old and dingy looking. It can be a difficult habit to control but it will pay off when it comes to keeping the carpeted floors looking new.

Wearing shoes indoors can also affect the carpet in other ways. The hard, abrasive texture of shoes can easily damage the surface of the carpet as opposed to bare feet. It’s generally a great tip for maintaining a cleaner home overall, free of any contaminants brought from outdoors. That doormat at the home’s entrance it’s definitely not sufficient to filter out the dirt and debris from the soles.

2. Vacuum More Frequently

It’s easy to postpone the chore of vacuuming but this simple cleaning task holds the secret for keeping your carpet brand new. The key is to vacuum more frequently such as twice a week to prevent dirt from setting in the surface of the carpet. There’s no perfect rule to apply when it comes to vacuuming the carpet because it depends on foot traffic. The main point to remember is that busier areas require vacuuming more often.

3. Clean Spills Quickly

Spills and messes can happen quite frequently but you can avoid more serious damage by cleaning up any stains quickly. It doesn’t matter what kind of spill you’re dealing with. Proper timing is essential to maintain your carpet looking new for longer. While people will typically try to clean up a big carpet mess immediately, they might overlook smaller spills.

Another important aspect is your cleaning technique. Carpet stains can become more stubborn if you’re scrubbing aggressively. Instead, it’s recommended to dab the spill carefully to avoid pushing the contaminants deeper into the threads. Use a dry rag for this purpose and consider using a special carpet stain remover for maximum effectiveness.

4. Trim The Snags

Given enough time, most carpets will start forming snags. Accidentally pulling from them will have serious damaging effects on the carpet. This is why you need to pay attention to the look of the carpet and trim its snags. A pair of scissors is all that’s required for this simple yet effective job to maintain a carpet for longer.

5. Add an Extra Layer

If you’re worried about damaging a particularly expensive carpet, there’s an easy solution to try to minimize potential spills and overall wear. A basic decorative area rug can be useful to add as an extra layer on your existing carpet. You also gain the opportunity to make some visual changes and improve the style of the entire room.

The added layer will help to avoid the bulk of premature wear and the rug can be strategically placed when it’s needed to cover a worn spot. This method is particularly handy to apply for high-traffic zones where excessive wear is a problem for your carpet. A good example is having carpeted stairs. They can be better protected by adding a stylish runner rug like this luxurious model from Amazon.

6. Try a More Specialized Vacuum

Some vacuum cleaners are better than others when it comes to dealing with specific tasks. If you have pets, for example, it will be much easier to clean your carpets by choosing the correct vacuuming tool for the job. There are some general-purpose vacuum cleaners out there but for certain jobs you’re better off by getting a specialized machine. Depending on the type of cleaning challenges faced by your carpet, it’s also recommended to make an investment in a more powerful vacuum cleaner. Here’s an advanced vacuum option on Amazon.

7. Rearrange The Furniture

Here’s a simple way to consider for keeping your carpet looking new. You might not be aware that furniture pieces sitting directly on the carpet can put some damaging pressure on it over time. If you wish to avoid unsightly weight marks and minimize carpet damage overall, it’s a good idea to rearrange the furniture from time to time. This comes with the added benefit of letting you experience a refreshing change of the room.

8. Keep The Carpet Out of Direct Sunlight

Carpets can be damaged by intense UV rays, particularly during the summer. It’s one important reason why carpets start to fade in certain areas and fail to maintain their brand new look. If the carpet is close to the window, the best solution is to install curtains or blinds to keep that strong sunlight away. Alternatively, window tints can also bring a protective effect by blocking the UV rays.

9. Apply Stain Resistant Products

Some extra durable carpets have been treated with a stain resistant product but it will lose its effectiveness over time. Depending on the foot traffic and other factors, even well protected carpets will eventually become more vulnerable to damage without good maintenance. It’s recommended to apply stain resistant products or specially-formulated carpet protectors to keep long term damage to a minimum. This reliable carpet protector on Amazon works great for this purpose.

10. Consider Professional Cleaning

Even the most diligent homeowners out there will discover that carpets are incredibly hard to maintain sparkling clean just as they were upon purchase. When all your maintenance effort seems to not be enough, it’s probably a good idea to consider a professional cleaning solution. Thanks to deep steam cleaning from a specialized service, you will be able to enjoy a much cleaner carpet without all the stubborn embedded dirt or tough stains. A regular professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended.


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