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20 Beautiful Fence Planter Ideas

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Both traditional and modern fence designs can be elegantly decorated with the help of gorgeous flower planters. This is an excellent idea to improve the look of your fence while integrating it into your garden more effectively. Instead of thinking of the fence as having a simple functional purpose, you can also make the most out of its decorative potential. The fence protecting your property can be transformed into a stylish backdrop for colorful flowers and various eye-catching plants.

The best part about using fence planters is that you can decorate the yard without taking up too much extra space. You can often make use of the vertical space available and incorporate creative designs to turn the neglected fence into a stunning feature. Whether you prefer DIY solutions or convenient store-bought options, these are some of the most beautiful fence planter ideas to consider. Check them out down below to find some inspiration.

1. Slim Wooden Box

Slim White Wooden Fence Planter Box

Sleek and attractive, this simple wooden box can work as a charming planter for your fence. It’s ideally suited for plants with shallow roots. The planting box will also work beautifully to showcase the cascading vines of climbing plants. Picking a planter material that matches the look of the fence can be considered a smart decision to maintain visual cohesiveness.

2. Shelf Planters

Multiple Shelf Planter on a Wood Fence

Not everyone has the time or wants to go through the effort of building boxes to store plants on the fence. Another practical idea is to create simple shelf planters where the potted plants can be displayed. Put the shelves at various heights and different locations to create a stylish arrangement. To avoid a clashing look, it’s recommended to select plant pots with similar designs and color schemes.

3. Crate Shelves

DIY Style Crate Fence Planter

Instead of building planter shelves from scratch, why not upcycle some existing items such as crates? This fence planter idea can be considered both fun and practical. Turn those old wooden crates into gorgeous shelf displays to put your small potted flowers. You just need to mount them on the fence wall and decide on the best arrangement that suits your preferences.

4. Hanging Baskets

Basket Fence Planters With Colorful Flowers

The fence is a great location for hanging baskets that contain some of your favorite colorful flowers. Even the most plain-looking fencing design can be instantly enlivened with the help of multiple hanging baskets. Keep in mind that this location is only suitable for sun-loving plants. Those that are at risk of getting burned from excess sunlight should be hung on the porch, the patio, or somewhere else.

5. Farmhouse Charm

Farmhouse Inspired Metal Buckets Used as Fence Planters

Using metal buckets as fence planters can be considered an ingenious way to add some farmhouse charm to the yard. If the basic metal design of the bucket feels a little too rustic for your style, consider painting the planters in bright tones to add a pop of color to the fence. Pick the right color combinations by matching the look of the bucket with the type of flowers that you wish to display.

6. Modern Design

Modern Open Shelf Fence Planters

Modern fences are just as easy to decorate as more traditional models. You simply need to select the right kind of planter style. Consider using slim, rectangular planter designs that look attractive but without standing out too much on large, modern fences. Instead of many brightly-colored flowers, modern fences look better if you stick to herbs or greenery options that showcase foliage texture rather than colorful blooms.

7. Seamless Integration

Wood Fence Planter With Two Rows of Different Plants

Another modern fence planter solution involves the seamless integration of wooden boxes to create a stylish green landscape directly on the fence. With the help of smart vertical storage solutions, you should mount different types of plants to create the best look possible. For example, trailing plants can look stunning sitting right under a row of succulents mounted above.

8. Fruit Planters

Fence Planter With a Long Row of Strawberries

If you mainly plan to set up fence planters to enjoy fresh herbs or tasty fruits, it’s best to stick to a more utilitarian approach. Basic wooden boxes work perfectly for this purpose. Berries or other small fruits work like a charm in a fence planter display. Take a look at this stylish row of strawberries that can easily enliven any rustic wooden fence.

9. Herb Pockets

DIY Style Fence Planters Using Upcycled Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to their intended purpose. However, DIY enthusiasts have come up with a creative idea to utilize them. These practical organizers can also be repurposed to act as fence planters. The small size of each compartment can be used effectively to grow a variety of herbs or some ornamental plants. Just fill the shoe organizer with potting soil and dedicate its pouches for any desired plants.

10. Painted Fence

Blue Painted Fence Featuring Matching Fence Planters

Most gardeners who want to decorate the fence with some beautiful planters might not pay too much attention to the design of the fence itself. It’s important to focus on choosing the right planter style and the most aesthetically-pleasing flowers. However, it’s also recommended to take a closer look at your fence. That basic wood look can be greatly transformed with a fresh coat of paint to create a chic backdrop for your displayed plants.

11. Rain Gutter Planter

DIY Style Fence Planter Using an Old Rain Gutter

Why throw away old gutters when they can be repurposed in creative ways? One example is making a shallow fence planter. The metal design contributes to a more rustic visual appeal. The gutter box is pretty slim so it’s only suitable for certain types of plants. Salad greens seem to work like a charm. If you don’t like the idea of using a single long gutter piece, it can be cut into multiple smaller parts that can be rearranged in a custom style.

12. Ladder Planter Box

Ladder Fence Planter

Wood ladders can bring a potent rustic effect to your yard’s atmosphere. They can be used for lots of DIY gardening projects, including as fence planter boxes. Check out this stylish tiered ladder built from cedar wood. It’s highly recommended when combined with other planter ideas to decorate any plain-looking fence wall.

13. Driftwood Style

Driftwood Fence Planter

Looking to add a sense of uniqueness to your fence? Try using a driftwood piece instead of conventional planter boxes. Thanks to its natural weathered texture and interesting shape, the driftwood planter can bring some distinctive character to the fence. It can look even more attractive when finished in the same way as the fence posts.

14. Formal Vibe

Formal Iron Fence With Matching Black Fence Planters

If your fence has a formal look, it’s worth considering some decorative pots packed with colorful flowers to maintain a more casual vibe. This wrought iron fence is a great example. There’s nothing wrong with its elegant style but you can make the atmosphere more relaxed by choosing the right planter containers filled with beautiful flowers and contrasting greenery.

15. Rain Boot Planter

DIY Style Fence Planters Using Upcycled Rubber Boots

Rubber boots can look very quirky when upcycled into DIY fence planters. There’s no need to throw away old rubber boots that no longer fit you well. Just add some potting soil and pick colorful flowers to decorate your simple fence using unique planters. Mounting them on the fence should be quite an easy job. The rubber boot works as a great plant container given its large opening.

16. Concrete Planter Boxes

Concrete Box Fence Planters With Succulents

Here’s a less traditional fence planter idea that combines different materials in a unique way. These concrete planter boxes offer an industrial vibe to match the modern wood fence. It feels like a stylish combination where a variety of greenery can be displayed elegantly. For some extra visual impact, you can keep the concrete planters more distinctly separated from the body of the fence.

17. Tin Can Mini Planters

DIY Style Fence Planters Using Blue Painted Tin Cans

Some gardeners like the idea of using a few large planter boxes to decorate the fence. Others might prefer a different DIY approach that relies on upcycled tin cans. These mini containers are attached to the fence in a scattered style using multiple colorful flowers and bold paint styles. Use them as fun little accents to enhance the beauty of any area of the fence.

18. Metal Flower Pots

Metal Flower Pots Used As Fence Planters

Wrought iron fencing can appear a little sober. If you want to balance out this traditional fence design, it’s recommended to try metal planters where flowers can be displayed quite conveniently. Select plants featuring light-toned blooms to contrast against black-painted fences. Take a look at these fence planters on Amazon if you like this decor idea.

19. Hanging Tire

DIY Style Fence Planeter Using a Car Tire

When it comes to more unusual fence planter ideas, it’s safe to say that hanging a car tire can come to mind. With the right decorative touches, old touches can be transformed into reliable fence planters. They’re a breeze to install and work best when planting small flowers.

20. Floating Potted Plants

Rustic Fence Planter Featuring Decorative Terracotta Pots

Terracotta planters can be secured directly to a fence without any additional storage structures. The result is a stylish look based on floating potted plants. It’s a great idea if you have a neutral white fence that can be customized with a pop of rustic orange from the terracotta planters. Choose pots with ornamental design to further enhance the visual appeal of the fence.

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