You’ll Fall in Love With These 10 Dormer Windows

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Dormer windows have a charming beauty from the outside as well as the inside. Many homeowners want to include this kind of roof projection element when building a new home or as part of the remodeling plans. Dormer windows aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also have a functional role. This design feature works amazingly well to create a spacious loft conversion.

Whether your house has some height restrictions or there are other limitations in place that prevent further expansion, dormer windows can be ideal to bring extra light into the attic. The window is designed to sit in a special framed structure mounted on the main roof. Dormer window styles are popular for any type of house featuring a sloped roof. They can be more common for some design trends such as colonial or cottage-style architecture.


The word “dormer” originates from the French “dormir” that refers to the verb “to sleep”. These windows were used in 16th century Britain to introduce a great dose of natural light into the attic. This was a welcomed feature at that time considering how the attic was regularly used for sleep accommodations.

The concept of a dormer window is actually older because it’s based on the 12th-century architectural feature named “lucarne”. This refers to a characteristic roofed projection found on Gothic buildings such as the old cathedrals in Europe that were designed in this style. Lucarnes were added for improving airflow on tall spires.

Although there are now many modern designs of dormer windows available, the basic concept of this architectural feature hasn’t changed that much. It’s still just as useful for residential homes to bring more natural light inside. The functional aspect is less relevant nowadays, however, because homeowners are more focused on stylish aesthetics when selecting a dormer window.

Types of Dormer Windows

If you have an interest in dormer windows, it’s worth checking out the most popular types used in recent times. Perhaps you’ll figure out more easily which style complements the design of your house more effectively.

  • Shed Dormer

Able to extend both the height and width of your living space, shed dormers can be considered popular choices for this type of window feature. The name of this style comes from the very slight pitch that almost seems horizontal.

  • Eyebrow Dormer

The elegantly curved wave of an eyebrow dormer makes the window stand out on any house design. This is a highly appreciated style because it closely resembles the look of an eye. The curved roof gives the impression of an eyebrow.

  • Gabled Dormer

Probably the most common type of dormer window available, gabled styles can sometimes be called dog-house dormers because of shared shape characteristics. It mainly gets its name because it has a triangular section (a gable) underneath the roofline. The simple pitch and the two-plane configuration make the gabled dormer a classic choice.

  • Wall Dormer

Wall dormers use similar styles to others but the front dormer extends the exterior wall underneath. The face of this type of dormer is essentially coplanar to the wall below.

  • Blind Dormer

Compared to other dormer windows, blind or false dormers are just external features to enhance the look of the house. It doesn’t expand the internal space or allow for more natural light. When seen from the outside, blind dormers appear to be virtually the same as functional dormer windows.

Anyone who plans on using a dormer window design for their home should check out the following ideas to get inspired. Whether you prefer gabled, shed, wall, or some other dormer style, these creative tricks allow you to make better use of the dormer space.

1. Reading Nook

Book lovers everywhere would be delighted to enjoy their hobby using a relaxing dormer window space. An unused area in the attic can be easily transformed into a reading nook by installing a beautiful dormer window. It can feel extra cozy compared to regular windows around the house. Aside from a comfortable seating area, bookworms should consider adding some bookshelves for keeping all their favorite reading material easily within reach.

2. Vanity

The primary purpose of a dormer window is to bring a healthy dose of sunlight into your home. This provides you with many excellent opportunities for transforming the new space. A great example is setting up a vanity area where you can take advantage of natural light to apply your makeup and ensure an optimal finish. Even if you don’t have a regular makeup routine that demands a dedicated vanity, it’s still worth setting up this kind of place to prepare yourself for the day while seeing the natural world outside.

3. Bench

Whether you wish to relax after a long day or want to upgrade the room’s seating options, dormer window areas can be made more functional with the help of a bench. This is a stylish solution for bringing in some extra seating without a large footprint. The bench fits neatly in the limited area of the dormer while cozy pillows ensure optimal comfort. Pick some colorful and patterned throw pillows to infuse the area with a more distinctive personality.

4. Small Home Office

If you work from home or plan to do it, dormer window spaces should be worth considering for setting up your desk or craft station. It’s a solid solution if you can fit all your supplies and work equipment in this small area. The abundance of natural light and distinctive vibe of this area can contribute to increased productivity and positively influence your creativity. It’s a more unexpected area to use for a small home office.

5. Shower Zone

An attic bathroom can be the right solution for many people with an unused dormer window area. Check out this stylish shower that allows you to enjoy a pleasant outdoor view and proper natural illumination to make your mornings more energizing. This is a great example that showcases the strengths of a dormer window. It can work amazingly well for some kinds of projects such as this one where it blends functionality with aesthetics so effectively.

6. Sleeping Alcove

Feeling like a small corner of a fantasy world, this captivating sleeping alcove is sure to become the favorite spot of a little kid. There’s plenty of space in this area to include a generous bed complete with a pull-out for sleepovers. The curtains that frame the dormer window bring out a truly enchanting atmosphere. An awkward nook of the home can easily become a memorable place for the delight of children.

7. Storage Space

Running low on storage space? The area underneath the dormer window might be overlooked but it has great potential to squeeze out some extra shelves and drawers. This dormer window idea is recommended for homeowners who wish to transform this spot into a functional zone. Make use of your creativity and incorporate space-saving hooks and shelving to take advantage of all the vertical storage space. This is a solid area for organizing your shoe collection or storing some bathroom essentials such as towels.

8. Cute Dresser

If you like the idea of boosting storage space through the help of dormer window areas but don’t want to install shelves or hooks, there are other solutions worth trying. One notable example is to install a built-in dresser. It doesn’t occupy that much space considering this design style while offering a decent storage capacity to save room in the bedroom. If you manage to find a dresser that fits perfectly in the area underneath the dormer window, the results would be fabulous.

9. Shoe Closet

Shoes and purses seem to be very difficult to store, especially when you end up with a considerably large collection of items. Consider this built-in storage idea that makes use of the unused dormer window area to create a functional shoe closet. It has been designed with careful attention to details such as proper drawer lining to maintain the shelves clean or matching colors for the closet’s hardware. You can also organize your purse collection in the same way to mix and match with the right pair of shoes.

10. Bedroom

Wide dormer window designs can allow for more complex projects such as installing a full bed. Using a healthy dose of creativity, you can build a large enough sleeping space to create a children’s bedroom. If there’s enough space for an adult-sized bed, it’s possible to make this area into a guest bedroom. Then you just need to dress up the room with the right decor elements to receive guests in style.


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