The 7 Best Moroccan Poufs in 2024

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A seating solution that’s both practical and stylish, the Moroccan pouf represents a great alternative to armchairs. It doesn’t take a lot of space while providing you with many opportunities for improving or matching the aesthetics in the room. Classic Moroccan poufs are usually available in leather brown or tan colors that show off an oriental vibe together with their characteristic patterned look. You can also include a more modern ottoman style in vibrant shades of blue, green, red, and more.

Aside from appearance, choosing the best Moroccan pouf for the money needs to take into account some other aspects such as material quality. Budget-friendly options are typically available in PU leather but you can spend a little extra and purchase the more durable poufs crafted using natural leather. Another important aspect that needs to be decided refers to whether the pouf arrives stuffed or unstuffed. It’s usually more convenient to get a pre-stuffed Moroccan pouf but you may not be fully happy with the amount of filling. It’s often better to adjust the filling yourself so getting an unstuffed pouf can be very practical despite the extra expense. Take a look at the best Moroccan poufs currently on the market.

Best Natural Leather Moroccan Pouf

1. Marrakesh Gallery Unstuffed Moroccan Pouf

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If you want to enjoy the attractive and durable qualities of a Moroccan pouf made from authentic leather, check out the Marrakesh Gallery unstuffed model. It’s available in a vast range of colors such as light blue, green, pink, and different shades of brown. Each ottoman is handcrafted to ensure the best level of construction quality. The main highlight of the pouf’s design is the elegant embroidery that’s found right on the top of the furniture piece.

The beauty of the embroidery is accentuated by the stylish patterns of the pouf. Together with the textural feel of the natural leather, the ottoman gives off a traditional vibe that feels at home in any room decorated in a Moroccan style. Something worth keeping in mind about this round pouf is that it arrives unstuffed. It lets you pair it with your favorite type of filling that meets your comfort needs. In terms of maintenance, this Moroccan pouf won’t disappoint considering the premium materials that show off increased long-term durability.

Best Faux Leather Moroccan Pouf

2. Moderner Faux Leather Unstuffed Moroccan Pouf

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The Moderner Moroccan pouf represents a solid investment if you’re looking for an affordable unstuffed model. This stylish ottoman is made from faux leather but offers a very durable round design in a desert tan color. It can be considered an ideal choice for mid-century decor styles or bohemian interiors. The pouf isn’t just reliable as a beautiful accent in the room but it can cover some solid functional needs as well.

When fully stuffed, the Moroccan pouf has a compact and practical footprint. The PU leather used in its construction is reasonably sturdy and enables the furniture piece to maintain its shape even after heavy use. While the pouf works best as a simple cushion, you can also make use of it in more innovative ways. It’s recommended for resting your feet or even as a side table in some situations. The classic and stylish design makes it a fitting choice for any room in the house including the living room or bedroom.

Best Stuffed Moroccan Pouf

3. Mina Poufs Stuffed Moroccan Pouf

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Anyone who wants a Moroccan pouf that’s already stuffed for added convenience should check out this ottoman from Mina Poufs. It comes with many color options for bringing in some color diversity into your home. You can choose from a selection of more neutral shades of brown, tan, white, and black, or try a vibrant color such as red, orange, pink, or blue to make it stand out against other decor pieces.

The Moroccan pouf is pre-stuffed so it can be used immediately. The top of the ottoman is crafted using genuine leather so this is a fairly durable seating solution. Aside from the traditional stitched patterns, the pouf can beautify any area with its elegant embroidery. The bottom of the piece features a zipper so you can take out the cover for cleaning. All in all, this is a fashionable pouf for any homeowner that wishes to accent their home in Moroccan style.

4. Riseon PU Leather Unstuffed Moroccan Pouf

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With a simple yet well-designed PU leather construction, the Riseon unstuffed Moroccan pouf is highly recommended if you’re on a budget. It features a classic round shape that makes it ideal as a footstool. There’s no huge selection of colors available for this model but you can take your pick between brown, green, pink, and blue. For stuffing, it’s recommended to opt for cotton fibers but polyester works just as well.

Although it lacks intricate embroidery, there are some distinctive patterns used in the creation of this pouf. The design of the stitching gives it a more authentic Moroccan vibe while the overall shape makes it a versatile choice functionality-wise. Stuffing is added conveniently through the bottom of the pouf where you’ll find a dedicated zipper. Cleaning the faux leather ottoman is a breeze if you use a typical cleaning solution intended for leather products.

5. nuLOOM Stuffed Moroccan Pouf

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nuLOOM is a highly appreciated manufacturer of furniture pieces such as Moroccan poufs. Take a look at this stuffed model that relies on 100% natural leather for its durable construction. It lacks color options considering how it’s intended for homeowners that prefer a traditional brown aesthetic that fits nicely in any decor setting. This doesn’t mean the pouf has a bland look because it’s embellished with contrasting stitching patterns and embroidery at the top.

Whether your room has a minimalistic neutral look or shows off many colorful and distinctive elements, it’s safe to say that you can easily integrate this elegant Moroccan pouf. It has great potential for elevating the style of any interior place when used as a decorative accent. The pouf is also recommended in terms of functionality because it acts as a footstool or provides an extra seating option. The standard size of the filled pouf ensures decent comfort while allowing for increased overall portability.

6. ArtOuarzazate Stuffed Square Moroccan Pouf

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If you prefer a square Moroccan pouf, there are many attractive options on the market to try. Here’s a solid example from ArtOuarzazate. This model arrives in a stylish selection of natural leather colors while also offering the option to purchase it unstuffed or pre-filled to meet your needs more conveniently. While this is a fairly expensive Moroccan pouf, the higher cost seems justified when observing the high-quality craftsmanship.

Whether you prefer a tan color or a distressed light brown, this ottoman exudes elegance and should match a wide range of room aesthetics. The square pouf lacks intricate details but the premium natural materials together with the quality stitching speak for themselves. It’s fully encased in sturdy leather, including the bottom which is usually made from basic fabric on cheaper models. This is also among the most durable options you can get for a Morrocan pouf so it’s completely worth the money.

7. Kenzella Wares Natural Leather Moroccan Pouf

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Reasonably priced and sturdy, the Kenzella Wares Moroccan pouf shouldn’t be missed. It’s a handmade ottoman crafted using real leather that arrives unstuffed. It allows you to fill it with your favorite choice of filling by using the zipper at the bottom. The Moroccan pouf makes use of natural goatskin leather in its construction and features a characteristic rusty brown color that works like a charm in any room design.

The Moroccan pouf has a classic round shape which makes it ideal for different purposes around the home. Its size feels very well suited to use the pouf as a footstool but it can be practical as regular seating for low coffee tables. Alternatively, you can also store blankets or pillows inside of it so the pouf can also work as a convenient storage solution. Similar to other natural leather poufs on the market, you can expect a slightly unpleasant smell initially but it will go away after some time.