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9 Fabulous Craft Room Ideas

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If you’re serious about crafting projects, it’s important to have a dedicated room where you can store all the necessary supplies and tools. With the help of a nicely organized craft room, you can let your creativity flow and enjoy your hobby to the fullest. Creating a new craft room is an excellent idea if you’re looking to transform that old guest room or wish to convert a small home office. Crafters require quite a lot of space to store various supplies but there’s also the issue of decorations.

While crafting rooms are primarily functional areas, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in some effort in the décor department and make the place as stylish as possible. Your crafting activities will be more fun when you have a beautiful space that inspires you and fuels your creativity. If you’ve run out of ideas to decorate and enhance your craft room, check out the following suggestions. From organizational and storage solutions to ideas for beautifying the space, check out these great upgrades for the craft room.

1. Install a Pegboard

Capable of holding an impressive collection of tools and supplies, pegboards are highly recommended additions to any craft room. This element allows you to take advantage of the vertical space in the area so it’s an excellent idea for those short on space. It’s safe to say that pegboards are essential accessories for any serious crafter thanks to their amazing organizational potential. You can store everything more efficiently and grab specific items quickly without wasting time searching through drawers.

Pegboards are also great in terms of decor potential. You can add some embellishments to give your craft zone a new character. For example, you can add some spray paint to the pegboard and match its look to your particular craft room theme. Maybe there’s a certain accent shade that you prefer for your tools which can be extended through the help of the pegboard. Here’s a great pegboard organizer from Amazon to consider.

2. Get a Custom Wrapping Station

While this may be a bit difficult to pull off, having a custom station to cover all your wrapping needs represents a great idea. If you’re the kind of person that has a nice collection of wrapping paper, this station will be a huge help for preparing memorable gifts. It comes with drawers and dedicated roll holders for the wrapping paper. We also like the colorful design that matches the blue theme of the area.

3. Opt For a Large Table

Big projects require adequate space to work comfortably. This is why it’s recommended to add a large table in your craft room. Tiny desks can easily become cluttered and will pose some issues depending on the kind of projects you work on. The downside of large tables or desks is the need for a big enough craft room to accommodate it. If you have the available space, going for an oversized work table is the ideal solution to bring your crafting projects to life.

4. Go For Smart Storage

With the help of adjustable shelving, it will be much easier to finish off your scrapbooking or cross-stitching projects. Having all the supplies properly organized can make the workflow more efficient. Visit your closest home-improvement store to find out which types of adjustable shelving are the most fitting for your craft room design. Having flexible storage solutions will allow you to keep the working area neat and organized.

5. Motivate Yourself Through Decorations

Choose the right accessories to decorate the craft room so you can pull through when projects get a little difficult and you feel the need for a motivation boost. Whether it’s a framed artwork that speaks to you or some other decorative objects, make sure the walls don’t remain bare. This is the craft room so you’re not only allowed but encouraged to bring in a personal touch. Little trinkets with sentimental value can make a big difference when it comes to the atmosphere of the craft room.

6. Make Use of Empty Corners and Unused Areas

The problem of limited space can be a huge obstacle to overcome in your quest for designing a craft room. It might surprise you to discover that unused areas have great potential for this kind of hobby room. Check every empty corner in the house and you can easily find the best place to create a little craft area. Take a look at this stylish craft room built in the attic. You can try a similar approach and make use of that available space in the cellar or under the staircase to build a lovely craft room.

7. Organize Your Fabrics

Anyone who’s into sewing has probably run into the issue of fabric storage space. Many craft projects require different types of fabric. It makes sense to stockpile on fabrics in the craft room. To better organize them, you can rely on vertical space. This hanging storage piece will keep all the colorful fabrics needed organized. It’s a better solution compared to others because it also allows you to check the fabric options immediately at a glance. Having a dedicated fabric space like this represents a charming addition to the craft room.

8. Use Stacking Trays For Scrapbook Paper

When you’re not sure about the best storage method for scrapbook paper, take a close look at an actual crafts store. They often rely on special stacking trays that are very handy to keep the scrapbook organized according to their characteristics such as colors and patterns. As a bonus, this kind of arrangement will also beautify the craft room and won’t take too much storage space. Check out this stylish paper stacking tray from Amazon.

9. Bring a Touch of the Outdoors

While many people would love the idea, it’s not really practical to have an outdoor craft room. Fortunately, you can make the atmosphere in the craft room fresher and livelier by bringing in the outdoors. Plants can add a natural touch to the craft room that will make it more refreshing to work on your projects. You can also focus on more outdoors motifs to give the craft room a nice theme. Floral or tropical patterns can help a lot in that regard.

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