8 Things You Should Never Put in Your Washing Machine

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There are lots of items that should be avoided when it comes to cleaning with the washing machine. We’ve become used to the convenience of this hardworking appliance but you can’t rely on it to wash everything. It’s quite obvious that you shouldn’t put things like smartphones and wallets in the washer, but it’s not always clear when it comes to other things. This is where this article comes in handy.

We’ll explore some common things that don’t belong in the washing machine. Some objects are simply too delicate and the end result is likely to be unpleasant if you put them in the washer. Reading the tag on the clothes represents an important aspect to consider when you’re unsure about the washing process. More advanced washing machines can offer multiple settings to assist you with delicates but you need to be careful with the following items that should never be put in the washer.

1. Embellished or Embroidered Items

Some clothing articles come with various embellished details that will likely deteriorate when placed in the washer. There are lots of embellished items out there to consider. Think of anything that has special elements glued- or sewn-on. Beaded or sequined items are particularly delicate so it’s best to hand wash them. If that’s too difficult, consider making a trip to the dry cleaner. Clothes with intricate embroideries can also suffer serious damage from the washing machine.

2. Running Sneakers

Putting conventional sneakers in the washing machine should pose no issues in most cases. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said when it comes to running sneakers. It depends on the specific model, but athletic sneakers are vulnerable to the usual processes of the washing machine. They can suffer from a shrinking effect if you throw them in the washer carelessly. If you want to keep your running sneakers clean, you will need to find other washing methods.

3. Suits

Even the most delicate cycle of your washing machine will be way too harsh on the quality fabrics of suits. It’s safe to say that you don’t need to wear your suit all the time. These clothing items come with a large price tag and they’re fitting for special occasions. Your high-quality suit deserves a proper cleaning treatment at the dry cleaner. It will cost more but it’s a small price to pay to protect your investment. The most you can do at home is de-wrinkling with the help of a steamer.

4. Pet Hair-Covered Items

If you live with pets, you’re probably familiar with the problem of hair shedding. Whether it’s your new pants or your favorite jacket, make sure you avoid throwing the item in the washer if it’s covered in hair from your cat or dog. It takes some extra effort but it’s essential to get rid of the hair first by using a lint roller. Hair can accumulate in the various crevices of the washing machine and spread to other laundry loads. There’s also the issue of clogging pipes if you frequently wash pet hair-covered items.

5. Swimsuits

This one might sound strange as swimsuits are designed to be used in the water. The problem comes from high water temperatures and the mechanical action of the washer. Swimsuits are very delicate items, particularly when it comes to women’s pieces that have straps and fragile structures. You can also expose the swimsuits to other damaging risks from snagging when you add other items with zippers or hooks. Handwashing is the recommended option to keep your swimsuits in the best shape.

6. Memory Foam Pillows

While some items made from foam are fully machine-washable, you need to pay attention to most pillows and pads. Unless allowed from the care label, memory foam pillows can’t be cleaned in the washing machine without ruining them. The mechanical movement is to blame as these delicate items can’t handle the spinning process. Even if you choose the most delicate cycle possible, there’s a high risk you’ll end up with a soggy mess once the washing finishes. Handwashing is the way to go for memory foam pillows.

7. Coins and Keys

Nobody wants to have random items ending up in the washing machine. You need to pay extra attention to coins and keys that can be forgotten accidentally in the dirty laundry. There’s always a chance that these metallic items can get loose from the pockets and cause havoc inside the washer. Without proper sorting beforehand, any coins and keys placed in the washer can damage the drain pump or block the water. Make a habit of checking the pockets of jeans and pants for any coins or keys.

8. Ties

Some people might find it surprising but ties are often made from delicate materials such as silk. They have an inner structure that’s prone to damage when placed in the washer. This means you should avoid putting neckties in the washing machine, especially when you consider that many of these items come with considerable price tags. If you’ve spilled some coffee or stained the tie in some way, it’s best to control your impulse to throw it in the washing machine. You need to go through a pre-treatment process and visit the dry cleaner for a thorough clean.


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