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The 27 Best Bullet Journal Ideas

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1. Take Advantage of Bullet Journals

Anyone who likes staying organized needs to have a bullet journal. This is a practical and stylish solution to plan your daily schedule more effectively. In a world dominated by digital devices, it feels refreshing to go back to a more traditional way of organizing things. Bullet journals allow you to keep track of various aspects of your life and improve your mental and physical health. It’s a wonderful way to meet your financial goals, plan your meals or gain good habits. And these are just the tip of the iceberg as the potential of bullet journals is limitless.

Bullet Journal Next to Laptop

The best aspect about bullet journaling is that you can simply tailor yours to meet your particular needs. This is a highly flexible tool that has great potential to make you more productive and less stressed. Some of the most popular bullet journal ideas are also very much focused on excellent penmanship and eye-catching designs. Even if you’re not artistically inclined, you can still take some inspiration from the following creative bullet journal ideas. You can place your own spin on the following layouts or try to use them as close to their original intention.

2. Track Your Habits

Habit Tracking Bullet Journal

Tracking your habits represents a sure way to improve your life considering the focus on avoiding bad habits while sticking to good ones. A bullet journal can be a smart solution for this purpose given the enhanced visual impact. You can make a simple habit tracker like this minimalist one shown here, or you might opt for a more artsy and complex layout.

Regardless of your choice, building healthy habits is done easier when you use a bullet journal. This is very useful tool that gives you a rewarding experience every time you fill in a box. You will feel closer to meet your specific goals and the visuals can act as a powerful motivator.

3. Reach Your Savings Goals

Savings Goals Bullet Journal

If you have a hard time organizing your savings, you need to create a nice bullet journal layout to stay on top of things. Knowing at a glance the progress on your savings is incredibly helpful and motivating. In case you’re planning for an expensive trip or a costly home improvement project, this kind of bullet journal idea will allow you to save the required funds.

4. Remember Anniversaries

Anniversary Remembering Bullet Journal

When you have a lot of friends and acquaintances, it becomes very hard to remember all of their anniversaries. Here’s another great bullet journal idea to make sure you will never forget birthdays. Keep a nice list of all the important dates so you will always be prepared in advance for someone’s birthday.

Nowadays most people will rely on Facebook to remind them about anniversaries but we still think the old-school method is more attractive and fun to use. You can also keep track of the birthdays of people that don’t have a Facebook account.

5. Keep Track of Your Moods

Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

If your mood is changing quite often and you wish to learn to acknowledge the fact, one of the most effective methods is to create a mood tracker. This is can be done in a more aesthetically pleasing manner if you use a creative bullet journal layout with colorful and inventive designs.

Tracking your moods is beneficial as it will enable you to figure out some patterns. Perhaps you can come up with a solution for a particular problem such as anxiety. Emotions are a part of life so it’s best to understand them and embrace them by maintaining a lovely mood chart.

6. Lose Weight with a Chart

Weight Loss Bullet Journal

Getting rid of that extra weight can be a challenging task for many people. Regardless of your weight loss strategy, one frequent problem you will encounter is the lack of quick progress. Losing weight takes a lot of effort and time so to avoid becoming demotivated, consider this bullet journal idea to track your progress.

With the help of a weight loss chart like this one, you will be able to see more clearly your starting point and all the intermediate steps you need to go through until the weight goal is reached. This could be a great method to motivate you and stay on track.

7. Plan Your Meals

Meal Planner Bullet Journal

There are lots of reasons to plan your meals. You won’t just save time and money as you will be more prepared for your next cooking session, but you will most likely eat much better. This bullet journal idea could be closely related to the weight loss chart as planning meals enables you to stick to your caloric restrictions and specific dietary needs.

Meal planning in this manner saves some money in the long run as it reduces the chances of impulse buying at the grocery market. The process of planning for meals depends on your personal preferences. Whether you’re a student or stay-at-home parent, you can definitely take advantage of this solid bullet journal idea.

8. Have All Your Favorite Quotes in One Place

Book Quotes Bullet Journal

Quotes that hold a special meaning for you should be always remembered and treasured. Keep them all in one place with the help of an ingenious bullet journal layout. Maybe you have a collection of favorite quotes from an author or simply wish to organize lots of motivational quotes.

Sometimes when you’re feeling down you can appreciate these quotes even more. You can start the day right with the help of an inspirational saying that powers your will to transform ambitious goals into reality. Don’t forget to play with colors to make the quotes stand out even more.

9. Make a List for Movies or TV Shows to Watch

Movie List Bullet Journal

Have you ever noticed how your list of movies and TV shows that you plan to watch seems to grow endlessly? It’s time to organize the list by using a stylish bullet journal layout and catch up on some quality television entertainment. You’ll be able to manage this particular interest more effectively if you choose to incorporate such an idea.

10. Keep a Reading Log

Reading Log Bullet Journal

Another interest that can be more successfully managed by bullet journaling is reading. If you have a fairly ambitious reading goal, it might be difficult to stick to it, particularly as you find yourself buying more and more new books. Maintaining a reading log will be incredibly helpful to give you the motivation needed to reach your goals.

While many people choose to create clean charts with a focus on efficient tracking, others prefer a more artistic approach. This bookcase reading log is our favorite method. It enables you to organize books on categories and see clearly the read books thanks to the splash of color. Just open your bullet journal and you can notice your progress right away.

11. Reflect on what You’re Grateful for

Gratefulness Bullet Journal

Being able to write down what you’re grateful for could be a huge mood booster. Use a simple bullet journal layout that allows you to reflect on the gratitude towards various things in your life. Consider starting your day well by logging the daily gratitude that contributes to perking you up. You will most likely need to experiment with different layout styles until you find the best one to express your gratitude.

12. Complete Tasks

To Do List Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is very useful when it comes to leading a more productive life. That often includes dealing with tasks. A student needs to complete assignments on time. An office worker will have to tackle a wide range of smaller tasks. These are just two situations where a bullet journal layout can help.

Complete tasks more efficiently by noting down your goals clearly without forgetting about integrating your personal sense of style. Maybe include the weather conditions for each day to boost the overall look of the to-do list layout for every section.

13. Create a Monthly or Weekly Log

Monthly Log Bullet Journal

One very popular aspect of bullet journaling is the creation of monthly or weekly logs. This idea focuses on providing as much information as possible for the duration of a particular period of time. It’s nice to have this kind of log that you can check at a glance.

There’s a lot of freedom here in terms of designs and layouts you can try. It’s important to find the right approach that works for you and that enables to express your creativity. This is a nice design idea which includes graphs and elegant vertical days. Get inspired by this weekly log layout and modify it to suit your specific needs better.

14. Keep Up with Utility Bills

Utility Bills Bullet Journal

You can create a bullet journal to deal with any kind of chore, including utility bills. If you’re trying to live a more frugal life, it’s a good idea to monitor spending on energy, water, and so on. It could be useful to discover some patterns which allow you to minimize expenses in the future.

Keeping a monthly log of utility bills spending lets you be prepared when it’s time to spend more as you can make better estimates. The ability to spot trends in your spending is always welcomed as you can find out significant spikes and their causes.

15. Make a Goal Layout

Goals and Rewards Bullet Journal

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on tasks so that’s why you need to come up with some methods to improve your motivation. This is a very attractive bullet journal layout that can help you accomplish your goals. Keep separate categories for different areas of your life such as health or work and include motivating rewards for each goal.

Knowing that you will get a more concrete reward after you put in the effort will certainly help you stay on track and push through the obstacles. You can modify the idea to suit your particular goals and rewards. Trying out this bullet journal idea could be an interesting way to discover what motivates you the most.

16. Go for a Travel Layout

Travel Planner Bullet Journal

Whether you wish to plan your next traveling experience or craft a stylish log for the places you’ve already visited, there’s a bullet journal layout out there that can inspire you. If you’re traveling around the world quite frequently, it’s a must to organize the trip and keep track of your adventures with a bullet journal.

Monitoring your traveling experience is also a great motivator to start your adventures again when it feels like this activity lost its usual excitement. Creating the journal will help because you can check out your experience so far and get back in the mood for traveling.

17. Stick to a Cleaning Routine

Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal

Regardless of your cleaning habits, we can all agree that you need to deal with this chore from time to time. You might as well bring some efficiency to this process by creating a more clearly defined cleaning routine. Even messier homes can be kept spotless without a lot of effort if you choose an organized approach.

Instead of going for big batches of cleaning, you can come up with a structure that involves cleaning a bit less and more often. Bullet journaling allows you to plan your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule and get your house back under control.

18. Keep Track of Your Sleeping Patterns

Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal

Eating well and staying fit are important aspects of a healthy life but it’s also critical to be mindful of your sleeping patterns. Both your mental and physical health is affected by the quality of your sleep. By keeping a sleep cycle log in a bullet journal, you will be able to notice any problems and ensure you’re getting enough sleep.

Given how there are lots of benefits to obtaining quality sleep, it’s essential to try out some bullet journal layouts that can help. There are lots of fitness trackers or smartphone applications that can monitor sleeping patterns nowadays. Despite that, lots of people prefer the traditional way of a bullet journal as it’s more engaging and visually pleasing.

19. Create a Grocery List

Grocery List Bullet Journal

It’s a very frustrating experience to arrive home after a grocery shopping session and realize you forgot an important item. An organized list is essential to have when you’re buying groceries. This is another aspect of your daily life that can be enhanced if you choose the right bullet journal layout.

We like this master grocery list idea given how it puts items in categories allowing you to organize different things with ease. You can check it at a glance and see if you still need to add a particular item to your cart. Anyone who likes the idea of bringing more order to their lives will probably enjoy this kind of bullet journal layout.

20. Check Things Off the Bucket List

Bucket List Bullet Journal

We all have our dreams and ambitions regarding things we wish to accomplish in our lives. With the help of a bucket list, you can write down your plans and specific activities that you wish to experience during your lifetime. Adding this to your bullet journal is essential.

There’s also the option of creating a seasonal bucket list in case you find it easier to stick to smaller ambitions. For example, you could have a summer bucket list where you can encourage yourself to go stargazing in the wilderness or swim in the ocean. Try to imagine the possibilities without limits and come up with your own items to check off the bucket list.

21. Have Some Self-Care Time

Self Care Bullet Journal

Sometimes you need a little dedicated time just for yourself, especially after a very stressful day. A bullet journal layout focused on self-care could be incredibly useful to fill you up with happy vibes.

Whether you remind yourself to listen to music, meditate, or apply a new face mask, this bullet journal idea is all about nourishing your body and mind. It’s an excellent tool to reduce mental fatigue and improve overall happiness.

22. Make a Packing List

Packing List Bullet Journal

When you’re traveling it’s not enough to plan for the places you wish to visit and things to do. Every adventure requires you to pack lots of essential items, many of them the same regardless of the type of trip you’re taking. This is where a packing list can come in handy.

The packing list is a solid bullet journal idea that prevents unfortunate situations when you forget to include something vital. Separate items into sections and think of all the necessary things needed depending on the journey. You only have to create the list once and then you can reuse it for other adventures.

23. Keep a Fitness Log

Fitness Log Bullet Journal

To be able to reach your fitness goals, you need to have a clear schedule and stick to it. Keep a fitness log in your bullet journal where you can challenge yourself to do a productive workout. It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym or do an exercise routine at home. Tracking your fitness progress is important because it can act as a powerful motivator to keep you going.

24. Craft a Wish List and Gift Ideas

Wishlist Bullet Journal

Here’s a great lifehack that makes clever use of a bullet journal layout. Instead of worrying about making the best gifts for your loved ones, you can collect ideas over time allowing you to be more thoughtful when the person’s birthday comes up. One side of this layout is for possible gifts you can offer while the other is a wish list where you can write down things you’d like to receive.

25. Organize Your Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Projects Bullet Journal

An artsy bullet journal layout is the best way to organize your home improvement ideas in a clear to see manner. Gather your plans for projects according to each room of the house. This lovely drawing takes inspiration from a classic home layout allowing you to check your plans at a glance.

To make it easier to visualize, consider drawing each room with a different color. All the areas of the home can have their separate to-do lists where you include your plans and ideas. For example, the hallway section can have a painted stairs project or a kids playroom might need a furniture upgrade. You could even go the extra mile and place elements in the home’s exterior like a DIY window box.

26. Manage Your Expenses

Expense Tracker Bullet Journal

There are lots of methods you can try to manage your expenses more efficiently. Bullet journaling provides you with a flexible assortment of options. Make your budget tracking experience simpler or more detailed to be adapted to your specific needs. Whether you plan to save money for something or just wish to have a healthy financial situation, it’s always a good idea to keep track of your expenses.

A stylish bullet journal layout can make this activity more fun and interesting. Instead of seeing it as a chore, the act of logging in your regular expenses and maintaining a well-balanced ledger becomes very satisfying. It’s best to separate your expenses in monthly sections and create different categories for convenient visualization.

27. Get Some Thoughts Out

Personal Bullet Journal

Journaling is just one of the many ways you can take advantage of bullet journals. Getting some thoughts out on paper can feel great, particularly when you’ve had a bad day and need a release. It can become a healthy habit to write daily or whenever you feel the need to let out your stream of consciousness.

To get the most out of this idea we recommend sticking to a writing routine. Pour your thoughts out first thing in the morning and think of the journal as your personal log. Similar to the journaling layout you could try a memories log where you only write down meaningful events with the corresponding dates for later remembering.


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