25 Beautiful DIY Window Box Ideas

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1. Crafting Your Own Window Box

With the help of a DIY window box, you will be able to make a solid makeover for the exterior of your house. The advantage of this kind of project is that you won’t be restricted to a particular design as you can build the window box as simple or complex as you want. You can also adapt it to fit the architectural style of the house for a more harmonious look. Whether you plan on adding annuals, perennials, or succulents, these practical window boxes are able to highlight the natural beauty of your favorite plants.

It’s not very difficult to craft your own window box. As opposed to other DIY projects out there, this one only requires some basic tools and skills. When it comes to materials, you will also be glad to know that you can often purchase pre-cut parts from home improvement stores. This allows you to save a lot of time and finish your project in no time. Once you’ve built and installed your DIY window box, it’s simply a matter of adding potting soil and deciding on the right kind of flowers.

If you wish to improve your home’s aesthetics by adding a window box, check out these inventive DIY ideas. You can save a lot of money by using repurposed or upcycled materials and you can get some great inspiration to help you build the best window box for the style of your house.

2. Long Window Box

Crafting a stylish-looking window box won’t require lots of materials or complicated designs. This long and white model shown here has been built using a few pieces purchased from Lowe’s that have been cut to match the window. The window box has been painted in a white shade to act as a nice accent for the windows of this elegant home. Here’s the DIY tutorial if you want to craft a similar window box.

3. Inexpensive Window Box

Some window box ideas can be more expensive than others. This project allows you to build a nice little spot for your flowers without spending too much. The wood is the costly part of these types of DIY projects, but this window box can be built for less than 20 dollars. Assuming you have some basic tools, you can tackle the work needed to craft this window box. Take a look at this link to learn exactly how.

4. Rustic Style

If the windows of your homes are designed in a rustic style, it makes sense to try to build window boxes with a similar look. Here we have a poplar board window box that’s built with a simple yet effective design. It complements the style of the batten shutters very nicely.

While they look complicated to build, these window boxes are surprisingly simple to make. The only difficult aspect is to find the right materials as you will need poplar boards and a trim piece. If you feel inspired by this rustic style window box, check out all the details of this DIY project.

5. Cedar Window Box

Those beautiful flowers that you want to show off at your window will look more impressive when placed in a stylish cedar box. Making your own custom planters is definitely possible if you’re willing to gather the materials and supplies. Pay attention to the step-by-step guide for this DIY project and make sure you adjust the size of the window boxes to match your windows.

6. Durable Window Box

Not all window boxes are built in the same way. Most of them are only designed to hold a modest weight and to have a low-key look. If you’re looking to craft a more durable window box, this DIY project would be more up your alley. While the style has some classic vibes, this sturdy planter box has a reliable weight limit of 160 pounds.

The enhanced durability comes mostly from the two corbels that support this window box. There are also a few sturdy lag bolts for a firm attachment to the house. Considering the lovely appearance of this durable window box, you can safely count on it to blend nicely with the overall look of your home. Make sure you add your favorite flowers to turn this window box into a memorable focal point.

7. Window Box for Succulents

Indoor gardeners who like the natural beauty of succulents will probably appreciate this DIY project where you learn to craft a window box using wood from shipping pallets. This means you can build these stylish planters for cheap if you have some shipping pallets lying around.

The material works wonderfully to craft a container for your succulent plants given how it’s perfectly sized for the job. If you also add some locally harvested pebbles, you can obtain a superb look that will draw the attention of everyone to your window.

8. Modern Window Box

So far we’ve seen many window box designed with a rustic touch. Those who’d like some modern flair for their window boxes should check out this black floating model that seems perfect for a modern house or a garden shed.

It adds plenty of color and texture to enhance the design of the minimalist window. The splash of color mostly comes from your choice of flowers, but the black style of the planter box offers a pleasant contrast against the white of the six-paned window.

9. Picket Fence Window Box

This is one window box design that stands out from the crowd. It tries to simulate the look of a traditional picket fence making it a suitable planter for a wide range of home styles. Once the flowers you add will start growing and cascading down the window box, the overall look will be much more impressive.

There aren’t lots of materials needed to build a picket fence window box. You should find it affordable to craft one for multiple windows of your home. Take a closer look at the instructions for this DIY project to craft a custom window box with this kind of vibe.

10. Lattice Window Box

If simple window boxes don’t have enough personality for your tastes, this model comes with a grid of lattice that’s incredibly attractive. As a bonus, the wood strips used are also highly functional given their enhanced durability as they’re built of weather-resistant PVC. This window box adds some beautiful charm to any home. It pairs very well with the turquoise shutters.

11. Wood Pallet Window Box

In case you discover an old pallet around your house and don’t know what to do with it, perhaps you can use it to build a window box. The wood of the pallet can be reused successfully in lots of DIY projects and it’s sure to enhance the look of any window.

The final look of this window box can add some rustic character to a plain looking house. Once you follow the tutorial for this project, you only need to decide on what kind of flowers to include for the best visual effect.

12. Trimmed DIY Window Box

A fun trim can take the look of any window box to a new level. It enables you to put your creativity to good use and incorporate a stylish molding and trim section. This DIY window box project is a nice example given how the colorful blooms growing inside look more spectacular with the help of the planter’s design.

For this fancy looking window box you will need some whitewood common boards and a fine strip of molding to decorate the top. Some basic tools, such as a brad nailer and glue, will be required to attach the trim.

13. Unique Window Box

Here’s a design that breaks the usual conventions. Instead of crafting a container for the plants, the designer here went for a different approach. The result is more like a wood shelf with dedicated holes for placing planters. This is a relatively easy DIY project to try but the effect on the house’s curb appeal is quite profound.

14. Clean Lines Window Box

Straight and clean lines are timeless design elements which can be successfully incorporated in any modern-styled homes. These olive green window boxes act as beautiful containers for your flowers. They can hold potted plants and are designed to handle the drainage needs of the plants. The guide for this DIY project will enable you to adapt the window boxes to fit your particular specifications.

15. Chevron Pattern Window Box

Adding some fun patterns represents a great solution to make a statement when designing a window box. It may take a bit of extra effort to breathe some new life into a plain white box, but the finished look will definitely be worth it. Those who value window boxes with a personality of their own will love this DIY project that can accentuate any window with its sophisticated charm.

16. Wood Shims Flower Box

While these wood shims look pretty ordinary by themselves, when used to build a window box, they can look stunning. When you also add some fresh flowers, their appeal increases tremendously. Check out this DIY window box project if you’re tired of bland store bought planters. The contrast with red shutters creates an unforgettable impression.

17. Vintage Style

There are some interesting DIY projects to try if you wish to add a vintage flavor to a simple window box. Choose a straight baseboard or casing for an elegant trim that makes the flower box stand out. A shallow plastic planter is used to hold the contents of the box. Fans of the Gothic Victorian style will really like this vintage window box idea. A bit of molding can take the design a long way when it comes to making a visual impact.

18. Plank Pine Window Box

Another solid idea that adds farmhouse vibes, this plank pine window box project is simple to build and looks lovely. It can be used for traditional-looking homes, but the flower box can also enhance the style of modern homes. For a contemporary appeal, you can just apply a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant color.

Follow the basic steps to build this plank pine window box by using this guide. Once you get the hang of it, you might even try out some custom designs and incorporate other elements or unique details.

19. Upcycled Drawers

If you can’t find a good use for an old piece of furniture such as a dresser, maybe you can upcycle just some components. This is what the creator of this DIY project had in mind as she took out the drawers and transformed them into beautiful window boxes.

Even if you don’t have an old dresser laying around somewhere, this is still an inspirational idea to consider. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can make for old wood. The look of these drawers has been truly rejuvenated and the visual effect impacts the house in a pleasant way.

20. Aluminum Window Box

Another great window box idea for succulents, this project could be a suitable choice for any modern home. There’s not a lot of effort involved and even budget-conscious people can take advantage of this stylish look.

You will need an aluminum gutter and some extra supplies to craft a new home for your succulent plants. It’s very important to get through the process of drilling some holes for drainage. Take a look at the instructions and helpful tips at this link.

21. Twig Window Box

Repurposing sticks and twigs to include them in your window box project sounds like a very interesting idea. You should definitely try this if you want to go for that log cabin look. Any house in need of some rustic vibes will benefit from this DIY project.

The best part about this idea is that it doesn’t require too much effort compared to other projects where you make everything from scratch. You only need to hot glue twigs to the window box that you already own and that’s it. This is a clever repurposing idea.

22. Wine Crate Window Box

Empty wine crates are usually thrown away, but if you have a wooden one around you can repurpose it for various DIY projects. This window box idea makes use of this kind of crate that’s been whitewashed for a countryside feel. Depending on the size of your window, you might be able to craft two window boxes from a single crate.

23. Colorful Window Box

Instead of sticking to the classic design of simple wood shims for this window box idea, the decorator opted to add some fresh style using craft paint to make a colorful planter. While the window box used is a basic one, the wood shims have been painted and trimmed to accommodate the planter for a uniquely patterned effect. Go through the guide for this DIY project to obtain your own version of this window box.

24. Galvanized Tubes Window Box

Your small herb garden deserves a proper place to grow. Check out this DIY project that takes galvanized tubes and L-brackets to craft some lovely window boxes, perfect to complement a farmhouse aesthetic. Sometimes the simplest ideas are also the most gorgeous ones.

25. Mosaic Tile Window Box

This is a very creative idea to craft a more sophisticated design which can be customized to fit different color schemes. The highlight of this window box planter is the integration of mosaic tile that results in a stunning container for displaying your favorite flowers.

The process to build this window box can be a little bit more complicated. Those who are unfamiliar with tiling will experience some difficulties, but if you follow the instructions carefully, you should be able to recreate the look and add a lot of beauty to your home.


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