White Raised Panel Board and Batten Wall

16 Impressive Board and Batten Wall Ideas

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Sometimes the simplest architectural details can make a really bold statement. Board and batten walls have experienced a notable resurgence in the world of home decor. They’re able to rejuvenate the look of any plain wall with some fresh character. Another advantage is that board and batten walls are not particularly costly to create in your own home. It’s a budget-friendly home design solution that’s suitable for any kind of modern room.

When it comes to choosing the right style for a board and batten wall, there are lots of options to consider. Maybe you simply wish to create an accent wall designed in this way or a complete living room makeover. You can keep things simple and traditional or introduce some dazzling patterns or colors for a modern touch. If you’re looking to try the board and batten wall trend for your home, check out the following inspirational design ideas.

1. Chic Minimalism

White Vertical Board and Batten Wall

Even if you’re into minimalism, having blank white walls in your bedroom can appear a little too dull. If you wish to infuse the wall with some extra personality, perhaps opting for a board and batten design would be a great decision. It results in a minimally chic look that works very well to enhance the sense of space in the area. The vertical visual interest of the board and batten wall makes any type of minimalist bedroom more attractive.

2. Colorful Elegance

Teal Board and Batten Wall

If you want to make the living room appear more elegant and refined, it’s highly recommended to use vibrant jewel tones such as teal blue and emerald green. The vividness of the board and batten wall here makes the entire place feel more alive while the texture increases the depth of the room. Colorful board and batten walls can look a bit eccentric but it’s a solid design style to consider for many modern aesthetics.

3. Triangle Pattern

Triangular Board and Batten Wall

Fun patterns have great potential in terms of giving the space a more distinctive personality. It might take some careful planning but it’s worth the effort to incorporate patterns for your board and batten wall style. Check out this triangular wall treatment that easily enhances the room without the need for flashy colors. The elegant geometric style together with the beautiful texture of the wall should be more than enough for making a creative board and batten project.

4. Shiplap Batten and Board Walls

Shiplap Style Board and Batten Wall

The stylish texture of a shiplap board and batten wall can add some visual charm to any room interior. The beauty of this wall won’t draw attention too much as the architectural feature seems elegantly integrated with the rest of the elements in the space. Board and batten walls are highly recommended for creating a subtle enhancement in a neutral-toned living room. They work very well together with the layered fireplace and the symmetrical artworks.

5. Cozy Breakfast Nook

Pale Blue Board and Batten Wall

While you can take advantage of the ability of color to visually separate different areas in the room, the effect is more eye-catching when you’re using a board and batten wall. The soft blue color creates a pleasant mix together with the added depth of the board and batten design. The result is a cozy breakfast nook that’s more distinctly separated from the rest of the kitchen in an open-space layout.

6. 3D Bathroom Wall Effect

Dark Green Board and Batten Wall

Board and batten walls are great to use in many different rooms of the home, including the bathroom. It’s a solid stylistic choice in a compact bathroom where the 3D depth-enhancement visual of the plaid boards makes the space more expansive. The dark green paint is a bold choice for this kind of area but it seems to match well the sense of elegance added by the texture of the wall.

7. Board and Batten Stairway

Staircase Board and Batten Wall

The area underneath the stairway can often be quite awkward to work with. If you want to give this wall a fresh appearance, consider using the board and batten style. It’s not an expensive makeover while the visual effect is significant. The extra texture provides some welcomed depth to the stairway. If the wall still doesn’t look that stylish to you, perhaps adding some floating shelves can provide more decor possibilities.

8. Farmhouse Aesthetic

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With Board and Batten Wall

If you enjoy the appearance of farmhouse decor style, board and batten walls can fit perfectly. It’s all about combining the walls with some great rustic elements such as a barn door. This bedroom looks very charming with its blend of traditional farmhouse features. There’s a uniform visual effect that’s pleasing to the eye thanks to the vertical patterns of the wall and the door. Clean lines contrast very nicely with the geometric patterns on the bedspread.

9. Relaxing Nursery

Board and Batten Wall in Nursery

When it comes to designing the nursery, it’s a good idea to focus on neutral tones to create a relaxing ambiance. There’s not a lot of room left for flashy patterns or bold motifs. That’s why board and batten walls can be successfully incorporated here. They play nicely together with a color palette based on shades of white, cream, and taupe. The board and batten style of the wall makes a distinctive statement in this nursery room.

10. Victorian Vibes

Pastel Blue Board and Batten Wall

A modern bathroom can make great use of board and batten wall if you wish to combine Victorian flair with modern design elements. The way the wall frames the window creates a cozy ambiance. It feels very relaxing to sit in this bathtub while enjoying the view outside. There’s a sense of deep serenity provided by the mix of pastel blue tones here.

11. Board and Batten Accent Wall

Teal Board and Batten Wall With Beige Headboard

Making a bold statement in the bedroom is easy with the help of a board and batten accent wall. Pick an elegant tone of navy blue that contrasts beautifully against a neutral cream color scheme. The visual effect is particularly impressive considering the appearance of the bed’s headboard against the deep blue wall. The use of matching throw pillows helps to coordinate properly with the color of the board and batten wall.

12. Breezy Beach Style

Board and Batten Wall in Coastal Living Room

Many beach-inspired rooms appear stunning when you’re opting for a board and batten accent panel. The vertical beams on the wall create an eye-catching combination with the horizontal ones on the high ceiling. There’s no need to worry about picking a vibrant color for this wall because a warm white shade can function as the ideal background for some nautical decor pieces or framed artworks.

13. Walnut Wood Elegance

Walnut Wood Board and Batten Wall

If you want to design a sophisticated living room, try using walnut-wood board and batten panels. The walls will appear more majestic than ever, especially if you incorporate art piece panels to grab the attention. One of the most elegant aspects of this room is the harmonious mixing of various geometric motifs. The square coffee table together with the rectangular walnut panels on the wall makes an excellent pairing with their clean lines.

14. Feminine Board and Batten

Pink Board and Batten Wall in Entryway

A blush pink board and batten design for the wall in the entryway can be considered a solid feminine addition. It pairs well with warm neutrals to create an inviting ambiance for guests entering your home. The transition towards the rest of the home is done seamlessly through this charming foyer. The textural focus of the wall panels can be further enhanced with some rustic elements such as the rattan baskets or a rough runner rug.

15. Arched Brilliance

Arched Panel Board and Batten Wall

Most board and batten wall ideas focus on simple geometrical shapes such as rectangles. However, some designs go for a bolder approach by incorporating arched panels to create a unique appearance. This inviting dining room has a lot of character when you take into account the pastel tones used and the depth-enhancing effect created by the arched board and batten wall. Despite being a simple upgrade to the wall, the visual impact is quite significant.

16. Colonial Home Office Design

Board and Batten Wall in Home Office

Anyone who plans on designing a traditional colonial-style home office should consider board and batten walls. This is a great example of integrating this panel style effectively. The half-bottom board and batten wall elevates the space to a new level of sophistication. Together with the other elements in the room and the overall brown-gray color scheme, the wall contributes to giving this home office an air of serious importance.


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