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The 10 Best Carpet Colors in 2022

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Carpets are one of the most important decorations in our homes. Old models or inappropriate colors can change our entire décor, so we should always pay attention to what type of carpets we choose. If you need help to choose the best carpet color for your home, you should check out the following sections!

1. Turquoise

If you live next to the sea, on a sunny beach, or you simply love the seaside, turquoise decorations around your home are a must. This nuance is a modern, timeless choice full of charm. It is a great option for your carpet because it is a real beauty statement, but it can get stained quite easily. This carpet color is ideal for living rooms. We recommend this carpet from Amazon.

2. Mustard Yellow

If your home has neutral, colder colors, such as white and grey, you can opt for a bold carpet. This mustard yellow has a unique appearance and even highlights your furniture design. This color is extremely stylish, while the lighter color adds warmth. You could add a mustard yellow carpet to your dining room or living room for a splash of color. If your home’s decor style allows for brighter yellow shades you can give this carpet a try.

3. Dusty Pink

Dusty pink is not as powerful as other pink shades, so it makes for a great choice if you do not want a strong attention-grabber. Similar to other light colors, this carpet can be easily stained, but it turns into a true fashion statement when paired with wood, gold, white, or even grey. Even better, this color is timeless, but it should only be paired with modern-style interior décor. This warm color is ideal for your bedroom.

4. Neutral Options

This carpet is a beige/grey combination that offers a unique, neutral color. It is best due to its versatility because you can pair it with essentially every style. It is also ideal if you want to highlight your other decorations or furniture rather than focusing on your floor. Also, it can be quite easy to clean and maintain, so it’s a great choice for foyers, living rooms or patios.

5. Black

The best option for a modern house, black is a neutral choice, so it can be paired with numerous other colors. As it is a bold statement, you should avoid adding black carpets in small, crowded rooms. Rather, opt for a black carpet if you have plenty of space and natural light. Black carpets can be paired beautifully with a powerful red, yellow, or even blue, apart from white.

6. Grey

Grey complements wooden elements and offers a cooler, more contemporary vibe. It is a neutral color that goes well with nearly any arrangement. If you choose a grey color with a blue tint, it may be best to opt for other cool colors to surround it. Depending on how dark the nuance is, a grey carpet may also hide dirt and dust.

The Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt

7. Dark Brown

If you want a versatile, low-maintenance, and beautiful color, dark brown or brown are the top choices. Apart from adding a slightly rustic vibe to your home, brown works with nearly every color, so it is one of the most versatile choices. And the cherry on top? It hides dirt better than any other color.

Here’s a fantastic dark brown carpet we recommend.

8. Sage Green

Green is not a very popular carpet choice, but it is actually the best one if you love an earthy, nature-like look. If your home has a rustic or country vibe, sage green carpets can be an excellent addition. You may pair sage green carpets with white, pink, blue, or even cream and yellow.

9. Navy Blue

Another favorite for coastal houses, navy blue may be quite dramatic or nautical, depending on the rest of your home design. This bold choice is suitable for cool colors, and it is great for hiding stains. Some people should avoid placing this carpet in the dining room as blue is associated with a suppressed appetite.

10. Red

Red is a bold choice, especially when you opt for an elegant home design. Compared to the blue carpet above, red is believed to increase your appetite, make you feel welcome, and nurture passion. If you want to create an intimate atmosphere, this carpet color is exactly what you need.

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