20 Eye-Catching Ways to Decorate with Coral

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1. Decorating with Coral

Perfectly balancing hues of pink and orange, coral is a color with huge potential to revitalize the look of a room. It has been popularized in design magazines and has gained a lot of appreciation in the world of interior design. Living coral has been selected as Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year so if you want to jump on the coral trend, now’s probably the best time to do it.

This vibrant color can be used in various ways to enhance the décor with its bold beauty. Whether as an accent or a full makeover, coral can be easily integrated into a color scheme. Shades of coral have the capacity to bring some summer vibes into your home. This color has some solid versatility potential as sometimes it takes your mind to salmon hues and other times to rust or pink tones.

Warmth and coziness are just some of the attributes inspired by coral. If you’re looking to bring in a touch of this shade for your room’s décor, take a look at the following ways that you can try to successfully incorporate coral into your interior design vision. You can restrict yourself to a few touches or go bold with a complete makeover. Regardless of your choice, coral shades will make any room stand out from the crowd.

2. Coral Furniture

One of the simplest methods to incorporate a new color into your home décor relies on the use of furniture pieces. If you choose a large piece like a sofa you will probably make a bold statement, particularly if the rest of the room is furnished in neutral color tones.

A coral sofa or a pair of chairs can add some visual interest to your living room. The warm hue of coral is immediately noticeable making any living space more exciting. This is the main advantage of decorating with a large coral element like a furniture piece.

3. Coral Wall

Painting the wall with this vibrant shade is definitely reserved only for those with more daring personalities. Any simple room can gain a wow factor if you choose to paint its walls in coral. Instead of pairing coral elements against neutral backdrops, you basically do the opposite as you add serene accents in a vibrant sea of color. You can also keep a more cohesive theme and add other coral elements for an even more striking effect.

4. Coral Bathroom

Smaller spaces such as the bathroom can take advantage of some pops of color. While other color options usually take priority for this room, we think coral is one impressive solution if you want to try out something new. It’s fun to experiment with a few accents or even try a bolder approach and incorporate some coral on the bathroom’s furniture. Regardless of your choice, coral is sure to create a unique-looking bathroom space.

5. Coral Textiles

A subtler way to introduce some coral into your home is by using colorful textiles. Bring a punch of coral through some pillows or throw blankets. This vivid shade has an eye-catching ability and textiles are also functional accents given their soft nature and cozy effect. The visual impact of coral can seem greater when you include some neutral-toned or light-colored items to blend together with the coral.

6. Coral and Gray

If you’re looking for the right color to temper the brightness of coral, consider gray a very good candidate. The crispness of the coral blanket is tamed by the dominant shade of gray on this sofa. This is a small example, but you can also consider a bigger room makeover and combine coral walls with large gray furniture pieces. The color richness of coral combines with the modern sophistication vibe of gray for a superb contrast.

7. Coral Layering

There are many ways to play with coral to obtain an ideal look. One of our favorite methods is coral layering which involves the use of similar tones of coral to create a harmonious effect that boosts the visual depth and richness of the scene. Coral can be combined with similar shades of pink, red, and orange. The overlapping effect elevates the look of the coral intensifying its lovely characteristics.

8. Coral Accents

Simple accents sometimes work best when you feel like adding a new color into the mix. Instead of choosing more daring elements that can feel too strong for a particular look, consider accentuating with some well-placed coral tones. This is an inspiring look given the combination of glass chairs and neutrals with vibrant pops of color from the tablecloths and lamp shade.

A dash of coral can often be just as able to capture the attention as a full-blown coral-painted space. It’s understandable that not anyone can feel ready to commit to that kind of big change for the look of the room. That’s why coral accents are viable alternatives to enhance the design effectively yet in a subtler manner.

9. Pairing Coral with Neutrals

A neutral color scheme can get boring after a while. If you’re looking to brighten up a room and make it feel livelier, coral elements represent a powerful solution. Even in this case, through simple coral panels, this shade has enough visual strength to add some welcoming warmth in a neutral environment. There’s also no need to go for expensive updates, as even smaller coral elements can have a big impact.

10. Coral for the Bedroom

Your bedroom’s color palette can make use of some energizing vibes and with the help of coral, that’s entirely possible. Even when used as a simple accent color, the effect of coral is immediately noticeable. This modern-styled bedroom seems relatively unremarkable aside from the striking impression created by the large coral headboard. That’s a good example, but you can also incorporate coral here through other pieces such as benches.

11. Coral Vibes in the Kitchen

The delicious quality of coral accents makes them ideal for the kitchen. If you want to make a vivid impression for your guests, decorating this room in coral style seems like a great solution. Coral cabinets in the kitchen can look amazing, but if that’s too much for you, there’s also the option to stick to more subdued touches of coral such as simple kitchen accessories.

12. Metal Touch

Coral works wonderfully when paired with gold accents. A metal touch can really take advantage of the cheerfulness of this color. The resulting contrast can make an item like this metal clock stand out when placed against a coral backdrop.

13. Coral Artwork

If you’re a fan of unique artwork pieces, you should take into account the addition of some coral flair through this method. With the help of art, you can create a more cohesive look when you play with more vibrant color palettes. There are lots of paintings and prints that can add a splash of coral to your living room and satisfy your artistic soul.

Take a look at this large piece of artwork on this living room’s wall. Its joyful colors match the look of the accent pillows, rug patterns, and other wall decorations. A coral artwork can be a stylish element for any modern home.

14. Coral and Blue

Coral and neutral shades work well together, but if you want a more unexpected visual effect, consider a more daring combination. We like how coral mixes with blue given how it pairs with the orange hues of coral so well.

The coral seating in this room looks nice when combined with the light blue wall and other dark blue accents. Both coral and blue shades seem to take your mind to the ocean and this is why this represents a lovely color mix to try in your home.

15. Coral Velvet

When used with the right texture, coral’s elegance can stand out and boost the luxurious feel of the entire room. Velvet represents a good option here as the tactile impression offers a great match for the coral-pink look. The effect of a coral piece of furniture dressed in velvet is more remarkable when the existing decorating scheme matches the opulent style.

16. Coral and Beige

Similar to the combination of coral and gray, beige is another good contender if you like the idea of mixing neutrals with coral shades. One reason why beige looks nice together with coral is due to how it evokes the sand. Take a look at these beige drapes with coral designs. The color blend adds some beachy vibes for the design of a coastal-styled room.

17. Coral Front Door

Coral can decorate your interior elements nicely, but it can create a fresh look for some exterior ones as well. Mid-century modern homes will look very appealing with a coral front door. This is one of the best colorful makeovers you can try for this important part of your home. You’ll be able to brighten up darker surroundings and create a truly memorable impression.

18. Coral Dining Room

Painting your table and chairs in this vibrant shade can create a cheerful impression. A dining room will appear to be glowing thanks to this stylish color. The light blue walls here offer a superb contrast and enhance the overall atmosphere.

19. Coral and Plants

Natural greenery can take advantage of the beautiful aesthetics of coral. Choose a pot or vase of this color if you want to give your plant a stylish home. We like this transparent glass vase from Amazon. Its coral color doesn’t make it stand out as it’s designed to offer a complementary effect to your plant and show off its natural beauty in a subtle manner.

20. Coral Picture Frames

A less expensive option compared to decorating the walls with a coral artwork is to paint some simple frames. This picture offers a great example as the focus stays on the coral frames instead of the artwork itself. The nautical motifs and the overall color scheme make this coral wall of frames a great choice for a beach-styled home.


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