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7 Magical Amethyst Home Decor Ideas

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Some people believe that crystals have miraculous powers while others are skeptical of their energy-altering qualities. Regardless of your stance on this matter, we can all agree that natural crystal formations work amazingly as decorative pieces. There are many different types of crystals you can use to enhance your home decor style. Whether organized in small clusters or large geodes, amethyst crystals stand out. A purple variety of quartz, amethyst has been revered since antiquity. It is now considered one of the most popular types of decorative crystals.

As we’ll see in the following home decor ideas, amethyst can be used in a wide variety of subtle or bold decorations. Skilled craftsmen can incorporate this magical-looking crystal into everyday objects making them highly attractive and distinctive. If you’re interested in experimenting with amethyst decorative pieces, we’ll show you some inspirational ideas that will help you obtain the desired look.

1. String Lights

Amethyst String Lights

The natural beauty of amethyst crystals deserves to be properly highlighted with the help of a great lighting solution. Check out these stylish string lights from Amazon that feature unique amethyst stones left in their natural state. The variety of sizes and shapes makes this a very fun way to use amethyst crystals in home decor. You can set them up for special occasions or simply to make your bedroom seem more magical. The incorporated lights will transform the look of the amethyst and give it a fairytale-like vibe.

2. Understated Style

Understated Amethyst Style

Many people love the visual appeal of amethyst crystals and can feel tempted to bring too many pieces into their home decor. This may not be the best approach considering how attractive an understated look can be. Amethyst offers a solid punch of color and texture that can easily overwhelm the space. It’s recommended to make a more subtle statement by displaying just a single amethyst cluster on a console table. Try to integrate the crystal with its surroundings to ensure a balanced look. Here’s a great amethyst cluster you can buy on Amazon.

3. Natural Touch

Natural Amethyst Touch

If you’re into crystal decor, it’s safe to say that you probably love the idea of embracing the natural world in home design. Amethyst geodes look stunning when paired with nature-inspired elements such as fresh flowers or tropical plants. This is always a successful mix to create the vibe of an earthy abode. Simply place the amethyst cluster next to a vase of flowers or your favorite greenery. Keep in mind that a good contrast is often preferable to make the crystal stand out. However, flowers featuring similar tones can maintain better visual balance.

4. Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table Decor With Amethyst

Not sure how to make your coffee table more visually appealing? A chunky amethyst geode could be the right solution. Thanks to the brilliant reflections of the natural crystals, the coffee table can be considered an ideal spot to display an amethyst. Natural light can transform it into a focal point of the table. The amethyst geode is able to enhance the style of other items featured on the table. It goes along very well with coffee table books, for example. You don’t necessarily need a big crystal geode to make a bold statement. Check out this amethyst geode that’s available in different sizes to suit your decorating needs.

5. Amethyst Wand

Amethyst Wand

Not everyone may like the naturally rough style of an amethyst geode. If you prefer a smooth appearance and a well-defined shape, your best bet is getting this kind of amethyst wand. It can be used as a decorative little tower. Those who believe in the crystal’s spiritual powers often use this kind of design to create an energy field. If you want to improve the decor of your home, consider getting an amethyst wand like this beautiful one.

6. Amethyst Candle

Amethyst Candle

By fusing the beautiful purple crystal into its base, this amethyst candle becomes a standout decor piece. It’s carefully filled with clear wax to let you admire the natural appearance of the crystal. Find a good spot for this candle to burn whenever you need a dose of relaxation. Compared to regular candles, the embedded amethyst radiates an enchanting atmosphere. It’s a creative idea to use this natural crystal in your home decor.

7. Amethyst Bookends

Amethyst Bookend

Simple amethyst clusters or geodes can be nicely displayed on a bookshelf together with your collection of books or other small decor pieces. Another great option is to use amethyst bookends that can hold your books in a stable position while adding a sleek decorative touch. It’s a great idea for giving the amethyst a more functional purpose. Try this pair of amethyst geode bookends to get a stylish bookshelf look.

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